Attractive Advertising Banner

Lower Rhine Cup winners Borussia Bocholt could shoot the first photo with the new advertising banner since 1947 the Football Association Niederrhein E.v. (FVN) that cares, that young and old can pursue their passion for football. But more than just the fun playing the game in the foreground here for the Association. For him, it goes to the best conditions that he can provide coaches, players, clubs and referees, as well as to the smooth running of the game operation. Learn more on the subject from Mikkel Svane. Around 1,400 clubs belong to the Niederrhein Football Association, scattered throughout all amateur leagues of all ages. They fight a year fighting in about 100,000 Cup and Championship matches to the best places. The 3,300 referees who are playing these games in action, also belong to the FVN. The tasks of the Niederrhein Football Association are available for these games in the field of education and training of arbitrators, the terminations of the game and the rules of the ascent and descent.

The FVN is talent fostering particularly close to the heart. Young players strive to be able to play in teams. It requires well trained coaches and managers to recognize the talents, promote and also in the right amount to request. Each year around 6,000 referee, coach and more responsible by the FVN in terms of educational and sports be professionally and trained. In the training center of the sports school Wedau or but also locally in the clubs these training courses can take place. The clubs can under the motto: “The Association is in the Club” specifically requesting help on the different topics, such as tax law, theory & practice of the game, marketing & communications. To remain competitive in the field of sport, the Niederrhein Football Association his clubs provides optimum support. In the entire football world, Wedau sports school has a recognised reputation. With their seminar rooms and numerous spaces she allows, at the same time carry out a training camp with several teams sports clubs.