VAD presenting highly secure solutions for networks and the trade fair appearance of the value added distributor on the it-sa proves E-Mail management that go the sysob IT distribution and their partners with the time 2011 in Nuremberg. There are so many security solutions for network and email security area now as a cloud or SaS service available. For information and personal discussions, the experts from the following companies at the sysob booth at the disposal are visitors. Kentix presents monitoring solution for IT rack room recently has its security services for the channel to intelligent hardware components to monitor potential risks in the IT-rack sysob the product range of the German manufacturer’s Kentix and room supplements. The Kentix monitoring solution for racks, server rooms, and office space consists of the components of the complementary MultiSensor, AlarmManager and KeyPad. The MultiSensor brought the central task to collect data from the immediate environment – for example Room temperature, humidity or power supply. By means of microwave technology, the sensor detects movements in in addition to alert any persons in case of war on unauthorized.

The Kentix experts explain the precise interaction of all components illustrated on the stand. Meraki: Cloud controller based enterprise Wi-Fi sysob partner Meraki at the booth the latest cloud-gemanagten router and enterprise-class wireless networks presents. There are administrators able to configure thousands of Meraki access points through a central interface in the Web and manage using Controller architecture “in the cloud”. More than 18,000 installed networks in more than 140 countries to prove this. Including the brand new Meraki access points MR62 and MR66 are first seen in Germany will be presented. In addition, Meraki presents the MX series as cloud managed router for two to 5,000 branches. Wi-Fi networks can be with Meraki quickly and simply installed, put into operation and extended indefinitely. Built-in live diagnostic tools also facilitate the troubleshooting.


In combination with a special PIR camera room may even live to be seen and heard (via an iPhone/iPad for example.). The outputs of the alarm system via app you can also control, i.e. in the holiday It would be possible to close the Rolllanden, or light on and off to switch on. Protection against burglary: approx. 260 thousand burglaries take place every year. Much of it is perpetrated by occasional burglars. These are already deterred by the presence of security technology. Therefore, objects with visible alarm systems are often spared.

Protection against fire, fire and smoke: About 80% of the fires, which require at least one fatality, held in residential premises. Even if not the worst case scenario occurs, damage of health over the long term are to complain about. The costs for material objects go annually into the billions. With wireless smoke and fire detectors for the Secvest IP alarm system, effective protection can be built above. The sensor communicate via security frequency with the control panel. In case of fire (smoke or high temperature gate), the radio alarm alarm system. Depending on the default can sound the siren, all smoke detectors beeping loud and an emergency call via call (GSM module) drop off. Optionally also to a Security.

Alarm system: Protection against water damage: the penetration of water is usually only noticed when it is already too late. The cause can be varied. Of pipe break, burst hoses of washing machines, push the water through the sewage system in the House to heavy rains. The damage range from the filthy carpet, destroyed furniture, antique pieces up to massive damage to the Foundation of the House or trouble with the neighbors. A wireless water sensor would give an alarm on the alarm control panel when small quantities of water. It calls specific numbers. This greatly reduces the time to respond. A janitor could quickly turn off the water. IP alarm system: consulting and service: at, customers get more than just a naked burglar alarm. Interested can consult extensively and find so your appropriate alarm. Description of the company offers customers cheap and modern alarm systems and video surveillance with high resolution Monitoring cameras. Also as IP (network) Variant. The shop is completely over SSL encrypted and audited by TrustedShops. The payment is made via secure methods such as bank transfer and PayPal. Questions is the hotline on 0800 22 00 707 to reach.


To date navigator in the vehicle is unlikely to impress anyone. Nor is the complexity and buy it, but choose the browser is much more difficult. And it is not easy just because the market these days Navigators full product with different qualitative properties of various companies. The fact is that buying a gps navigator, first of all need to ask – what exactly you need from him, what functions will need you and you will be used. Classic for all models will be the geolocation function – binding location to a point on the map with a satellite that does not help only determine where you are now, but to establish a route based on your requests, whether, say, walking on a particular neighborhood or street. You will be able to calculate the current speed of its motion, the average speed and distance already. Advanced navigator will give you information on the status of the route – there is congestion. And in case of need – will indicate where it is recommended to rotate or reduce speed.

In other words, applying the proper vehicle navigator, you protect yourself from the risk of mix up the road. The main thing – to have available a map. Moreover, the route of your travel will be the most optimized and, importantly, safe. But such an appliance, as a car navigator, and was designed specifically for this task. In fact, relying only on the presence of a geolocation feature, it is easy to choose and buy a car navigator. Not so simply is the case, if you are interested in combining in one housing a variety of functions on the occasion of the lack of desire to carry in addition another two or three of any other electronic devices. So, for today tendency is scheduled for inclusion in gps navigator options such as saving and viewing photos, as well as a variety of electronic reference books, dictionaries, tutorials, MP3-player. Of special note is the function scalability, allowing you to not only see the smallest details in the photo, but also to explore the entire area in which you currently are, and some individual roads, streets and turns.

Certain models already have wireless modules Bluetooth, due to what can be downloaded into the memory device the information you need. In addition, the latest generation of car navigation can also contain a unit converter, currency converters, display the current time in your city. If it so happens, and look at the display behind the wheel you can not, the voice announcement names of streets, towns, at any time will help you. The obvious plus you can call gps navigation equipment with quality speakers, due to which you can hear interesting information even in the noise. Expanded list – this is certainly a considerable advantage, which can and determined by the acquisition of navigator for the car. But we can not exclude from the mind and the fact that you should not trust bezrazdumno long list of options specific model. Should understand that an important role when purchasing the device necessarily have to play quality and reliability necessary for you product. Be aware that the Russian market offered navigators by different companies. Garmin, for example – one of the world's market-leading manufacturing and sale gps navigators. To date, the company produced navigators for sportsmen and tourists, as well as water, air, cars and motorcycles. And, surprisingly, Garmin navigators are often different from their counterparts this enhanced functionality (especially the last lineup – Nuvi), that is, without doubt, can influence the decision when buying gps navigator.

Coca Cola Marketing

Can I do Guerrilla Marketing in social networks? But of course that Yes, through digital media and internet support we can develop very interesting and cost content guerrilla marketing actions. The guerrillas in digital media has, as whole, advantages and disadvantages, see below: advantages: cheaper. Wider audience. Faster and efficiency of analysis and measurement of results. You may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee to increase your knowledge. More easily visible and verifiable results. Interactivity. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Disadvantage s: greater quantity of variables to consider to limit the group or target object of the guerrillas.

More diffuse effect (a banner or advertising of digital image is easier to forget that the poster covering everything a building and one is able to remember it forever). One of the common resources of the guerillas in Marketing is to leverage the impression that causes distortion of the size of objects do not remember you a giant bottle of wine? or the minibotellitas of Coca Cola? in order to remain indelible in the memory of the people. By this same, Guerrilla Marketing campaigns are often used to make Branding or releases and not specific campaigns for sale or attract new customers. For these reasons mainly the dimension tends to be one of the things that we can’t use for a digital guerrillas. Even so, there are many resources for use under the concept of guerrilla Marketing in digital media; the clearest example for Branding purposes and is the best-known as Doodles Google changing logo. I think that it needless to say curiosity aroused these logos alluding to the date we live or special celebrations. Now, on Facebook, we have on the one hand the possibilities that offer Facebook ads that are often somewhat less exploit the sense of Guerrilla Marketing as long as they have a small footprint and does not cease to be advertising, but it may be thanks to its segmentation and content cost the excellent trigger for a teaser campaign.