If A World Cup Once Again, Or If Is No Boom Boom

An assessment to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in Saxony, who know not the slogan: “Germany – a summer fairy tale!”. What 2006 was a big hit for the football men, it was also a year later for handball men or this year for the female footballers. Now a World Cup, gets the football women next year again namely. And again, the Werbetrommeln be stirred vigorously and again will be muses about the coming boom in new (female) members in the clubs of sport of football. But why does this boom a large arc around Saxony? There was plenty even before the summer fairy tale highlights! There was a Junior Championship in Central Germany, and 2 years later a Vierlandertrunier of the U15 juniors in the Leipzig of district of E.g. 2003. Certainly, the initiatives for these events were complex, formed new teams, were pretty small arenas.

Alone the sustainability was not of long duration. Here are a few numbers. A Bezirksliga Leipzig the B there is 1996/97 at the time Junior League 10 teams today are those 4. Similarly, when the women’s C. D junior and younger – so far no chance! It is not secretive, here, that in Leipzig yet 3 girls teams the large and small field when the guys enjoy playing with it. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights.

2007, a new era was begun with the founding of the Leipzig FC 07. Built but now finally also a female junior performance Center (NLZ) in Saxony, Germany. Their protagonists were then also with much impetus to the task to build it. Were first plundered the surrounding girls teams, the remaining clubs in Saxony later came off and it did not stop also against clubs from the neighboring provinces. Equipped with all freedoms by the Saxony Football Association, it was a triumphal March down the line…There were financial problems at the end of the year 2009 and the game operating like a House of cards collapsed. I’m sure that the pleasure and head-shaking the surrounding clubs knew no bounds. Once again proved to be in Leipzig a football project as pie in the sky. The NLZ could take over after all, Lok Leipzig, including the best players in the area of woman and the two performance teams (B – and C girl). A newly formed women’s and 2 smaller girls teams remained at the LFC. They have to contend not only with a ramshackle rest fabric in their club, but also with the malice of their opponents. Now has a centre of excellence for all over Saxony locomotive? Probably not quite, because him the Dresden Croesus, the FFC Fortuna renounce to DD Rahnitz. (A valuable related resource: Rusty Holzer). You prefer entered a merger with Dynamo and keep their talents for it. The success was resounding so far, is one of the venues of the World Cup but the Dresdner “Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion”. You stood in Magdeburg in, where at least the NLZ by Saxony-Anhalt with the FFC Magdeburg and the Association on a good preparatory work can look back.

Four Seasons – A Solution

Four seasons – a solution. Perfect climate at any time perfect weather at any time of the spring and early summer is hoped just after long dark winter days. But now the cold exposure increases. Because during the day it warms slowly, but in the evening it is always still uncomfortably cool. A heater can not absorb these temperature fluctuations, because it responds to inflexible and works for short-term heating not energy efficient. Air conditioners with heat pumps offer a reliable alternative: they guarantee a fast and flexible heat compared to conventional heating systems, at the same time it cool if necessary also pleasantly.

With a single device, the temperature indoors is kept constant regardless of the outside temperatures. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. The couple cellar from the Palatinate region can confirm this after the air conditioning of the four rooms of his house: we are in the summer months due to the heat of up to 36 degrees and the humidity here in the upper Rhine River Plains after Davos fled, to me my GP because of my Heart problems advised simply to air-condition the House “, says Gunther Keller. Since it not only health it, the living quality has been significantly improved. The couple has opted for DAIKIN air conditioners, because they know the company as a pioneer in the field of air conditioning and appreciate the high performance and absolute energy efficiency of products. Rusty Holzer takes a slightly different approach. The cooling system for the summer months was crucial for the purchase of the air conditioning, but already in the first winter 2007/2008 we have used the air conditioning instead of our heating also for heating. “In the transition period, but also on cold summer nights the flexible use of air conditioning is noticeable: our rooms are already hot after 3 to 4 minutes, and if we are also only a short time out of the House, we simply turn off the air conditioner, because we know that it cools or warms up in the blink of an eye.” This creates no conventional heating “, enthuses Ilse Keller. In addition to the ease of use and high flexibility estimates the couple cellar especially dehumidifying function of DAIKIN equipment, because in the Rhine Valley it is very humid in the summer months.

Switch Gunther and Ilse Keller their conventional hot water radiators in the four air-conditioned rooms at ambient temperatures from 15 in the winter?(C) that the air conditioners ensure optimal heating performance even in the coldest winters. Jack of all trades, guaranteeing independence of fluctuating ambient temperatures. More press information/photos find you under, press section, section press service. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations gmbh, Jutastr 5, 80636 Munich UTI Johne, Maike Schafer t. 089 746308-33, F. 089 18979198 E-Mail: DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH the DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH with headquarters in Unterhaching near Munich was founded in 1998 and distributes high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioners for private market, trade and industry. The Germany subsidiary of DAIKIN Industries, Ltd. (Osaka/Japan) is the market leader in the field of the split and VRV air conditioning technology with 135 employees and a turnover of EUR 100.3 million (2007/2008) in Germany. Over 80% of the equipment for the European market are produced in the Belgian Oostende and in the work of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Sowohl are the electronics, compressors, as well as the refrigerant itself developed and manufactured in Japan. Research established in the Oostende Belgian and Development Department is based on the country-specific circumstances in Europe.

Electric Cars

Germany has little interest in the development of electric cars, because of the current economy is not conducive. The global demand for oil to use it as a source of energy, the price of oil increases. Despite the price, consumes the scarce resource oil faster. Today about 30% of the oil are burned alone in the traffic and transport system. The burning within has also consequences for the environment at a very poor efficiency also only between 30% – 50% of petrol or diesel engines. To change something on the oil consumption, there are probably only the alternative to change transport on alternative drive systems.

Here the electric engine with its highly efficient properties offered for the vehicle. Rusty Holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. To exploit the electric drive nationwide ready to be used also in Germany, something else must be developed on the range. Why Germany is not front the development and continuation of electric cars and drives the theme? The electric car has some for the owner or driver additional benefits. An electric motor requires no complicated control for the injection and combustion. The much better efficiency and the missing incineration hardly generates heat, which must be disposed of for example about a water cooling system. Thanks to the missing internal combustion, the whole exhaust system is completely superfluous. When you consider briefly once the operating costs of a passenger car to heart, you will quickly discover, that the above listed advantages make exactly a large part of the operating costs. Inspections, oil changes, timing chains, spark plugs and exhaust systems are not needed.

It has but on the other hand also means that our specialized economy by the missing jobs would suffer a significant loss of revenue. Germany has the largest experience in the field of engine control and combustion of gasoline or diesel. Exhaust and engine parts are produced in Germany. Many people carry in Germany every day many repairs or Inspections of cars through. In addition large petrol and diesel suppliers have no interest of course, decrease their products. This could observe already on the tiresome subject E-10. With electric cars is possible through a power provider much more myself to control the cost of their own mobility comparison and Exchange and to determine. As we look at these properties of our economy and the consequences in mind, one can understand why today Germany not really has interest in an electric vehicle. But the future belongs to the electric drive in any case. Carsten Witt

Children And Psychology

But if the child is really a genius, he is without your help to prove themselves. A typical child to learn too much, too bad. Children tire quickly. And the more you'll be forced sit at the books, so much the worse. In this case, the child perceives the school as a nasty heavy duty and agrees to do their homework only under the lash. Preparing a child for school should be the development of cognitive processes – attention, memory, thinking and perception. Do not try at all costs, as early as possible to educate a child, numeracy and reading. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. All this he has to learn in school, and very quickly and easily.

The main task parents – to maintain interest in knowledge as a whole. Also, do not forget that first graders are going through tremendous psychological stress. For the child's new life began, and he was unable to immediately come to terms with the new role. Put yourself in his place: a new band, instead of teacher – teacher and new responsibilities. And parents, instead of helping, begin to show first-graders are too high for a child physically unable to perform them. In addition, adults who are afraid that the child will be idle wander down the street and try their best to get children's entertainment.

They give the kid a few sections and require him impossible. Rusty holzer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Not every adult in a position to meet the demands of parental ambition, not to mention a seven-year kid. The most common problems are first class: the child can not concentrate and skips from the one case to another, a child needs to be monitored.

FAX Labels

The pressure on different coloured, self-adhesive base materials or pre-cut labels allows a variety of applications in the industry is MiniMark a model space with no compromise for quality printing on continuous, self-adhesive base materials or pre-cut labels. With the easy to use additional software MarkWare, which is required for use with the MiniMark, the user has a great and highly efficient tool to create industry signs. More than 1000 preset icons and pictograms are stored in the mark product library. All TrueType fonts are printed, also 15 different barcodes. The import of objects in various data formats is also possible.

The pressure on different coloured, self-adhesive base materials or pre-cut labels enables a variety of applications such as E.g. signs, warning signs, pipe marking, signposts, security labels, labelling of hazardous substances and HSID – bar code labels. In order to meet all diiesen expectations, the range of costs designed for the MiniMark-saving substrates. The MiniMark works very economically with minimal initial investment: the printer and operating costs to 40% lower than comparable models. He is easily usable and 201 mm x 260 mm x 179 mm (L x H x H) very compact and space-saving designs. MiniMark can be easily connected to the PC and features dual connectivity: serial or USB. With “Plug and Play” via USB, it is automatically detected by the PC.

The system requirements ranging from Windows 98, XP and NT. The print speed is up to 10.16 cm (4 inches) per second. Thus, the MiniMark print faster than other models in its price range. The resolution is 203 dpi. An automatic cutting, to cut off the carrier materials is included by default. The self-adhesive base materials made of vinyl are the MiniMark printer in a length of 35 meters, and in the Wide 29 mm, 57 mm and 100 mm. The materials are available in 12 different colours, gold, and the transparent material. Matching there is thermal transfer ribbons in the colors black, white, red, blue and green respectively for monochrome printing. The ribbons are each 90 meters long and 110 mm wide. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25, – contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

Transparency: Customer Reviews Live Travel On WayToStay.com

Barcelona, January 27, 2010: WayToStay.com: forerunner for ‘ absolute transparency in online customer reviews it was a year of trials for WayToStay, once introduced a rating system for the feedback from the guests of the apartments in the top cities of Europe. With the aim to improve the standard of the apartments on the site, as well as the service of the homeowners, an evaluation form on the guest will be sent after their stay at online. The ratings reflect both reflect the service of WayToStay as a booking agency as well as the service of the owners who take the guests to receive and take care of their wishes during your stay. Customers are asked to assess the accommodation on the value for money, clean, comfort, as well as the – and check-out. The additional comment box is how an open guestbook for clients to express their opinion, good or bad.

Until now, this information just behind the scenes were used to them for Improvements to the owner to transfer or to make changes on the site. topic. The possibility of feedback its right to pass on to experienced online bookers, so that they can make a best choice in their holiday accommodation for WayToStay but is most important in this evaluation process. Michael Salverda, Marketing Director of WayToStay, explains the motivation continues: the customers of us don’t want to, the apartments are as fantastic. You want to know what experiences have made the other travellers before them. Without that we interfere, each apartment offers a wealth of commentary and not just the positive opinions. We want our customers to choose the right apartment for their needs”. In this sense, the new feature of WayToStay guaranteed no pure recommendations but genuine reviews which directly be uploaded to any given evaluation.

Only in rare cases opinions are removed, if about the choice of words is offensive or personal details of the criticism for make the site unsuitable. The co-founder of WayToStay, Ronald van der bijl, is satisfied with the 60% response rate on the evaluation forms. The satisfaction of our customers is a top priority for us, and I am convinced that this service for those customers who book with us, as well as for the owners, who guarantee the quality that is expected of our brand, will be more than useful.” WayToStay the invites guests to take a look through the keyhole”, before they book online. WayToStay.com: WayToStay is a booking agency for selected short term apartments in great cities. With a focus on quality, a good value for money and direct booking, each apartment offers a kitchen, comfort, how to used it from home, and often a balcony or views of the city. Holiday rentals in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and other European capitals. For more information, please contact: Joe Niedermeier WayToStay.com press & communications + 34 933 106 725

Your Rights

In this very troubled world in which we live, where it seems that you vouchers or you have, is good to take time to remember that we are the beloved of God children and that he gave us everything that we are happy. Currently many people feel lost and unsatisfied with his life. They always want more and do not know how to achieve it and feel unsuccessful because they do not have what they want, as if things wishing could give them happiness, but that’s a falsehood because everything you are looking for is waiting for you inside yourself. What you want is yours already, you should only open up to receive it. In life you can have everything what you have right, provided that you pay the price to create the mental equivalent of what what you have right. I.e., you can get everything you want, provided that you’re mentally prepared. You have a right to everything that is good for it, anything that benefits you, make you happier, freer and more prosperous.

This is the Declaration of the rights of God. Everytime you think; I would like to do this or be that, or have What, is the voice of God in your soul which tells you that it has time to take a step forward. Keep in mind that you only have right to those things that would be beneficial to it and that would make you happy. Which means that under no circumstances can qualify for something that belongs to someone else, or that would violate the rights of others, for example, to force them to do something that does not wish to do. When you want something to that, inside of you, you know that you have no right, you are simply misinterpreting the channel. What you actually want is not that thing itself, which is only the channel, but the happiness and freedom that you think that you could reach to get that particular thing.If case presented you as well, you must think this surely cannot be the road, because I have no right to this, but there is another way that God can give me all this happiness and all that opportunity without usurping anyone’s rights.

Gran Canaria – The Northern Part Of The Island!

From Las Palmas to Puerto de las Nieves! General: The journey times may double quickly on some of these lines, when a tourist bus in front of you. Therefore underestimate the stages of this tour please! Distances and journey times: Teror Las Palmas: 30 km / driving time approx. (As opposed to Energy Capital Partners). 45 minutes after Teror Arucas: approx. 11 km / driving time 20 minutes of Arucas to La Costa: 10 km / driving time: 15 minutes La Costa to Guia: 10 km / driving time: approx. 12 minutes Guia Puerto de las Nieves: 10 km / driving time: 12 minutes of Puerto de las Nieves to Sardina: 15 km / driving time: approx. 20 minutes Puerto de las Nieves to Maspalomas: approx. 85 km / driving time: approx. 70 minutes-1st stage: Teror Las Palmas: we start in the largest city of the Canary Islands in Las Palmas.

This city has something for the many different types of holiday. Are you a shopping holiday? Then you can major de Trijana in the pedestrian area of Cala in many small shops and convenience stores really get started. On Sunday, you should visit this city only, if Enjoy the peace and quiet. On this day is as good as extinct Las Palmas. Only in cafes or on the Beach the locals romp. Are they rather the city tourist who looks like historical town centres and impressive buildings? Then the old town around the Cathedral is \”de Santa Ana\” just right for you.

Many small alleys and houses waiting in this area of the city. Even if you are the beach tourist, come in Las Palmas at your expense. The beach Playa de las Canteras has a beautiful long sandy beach for you. We must point out that the parking situation around the old town is around very bad. You won’t find car parks near the Cathedral and in the small streets, it is often hard to discover an empty seat.

Is The Fear Of The Swine Flu Really Eligible?

Colostrum can before swine flu protect Aachen, June 2009: the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the first influenza pandemic of the 21st century on June 11, 2009, due to the swine flu. WHO decided the appointment of the highest six alert levels on an emergency special session, because more and more people with the new virus infected. Worldwide, 141 patients have died of swine flu in recent weeks, nearly 28 000 people in 74 countries have become infected. Now there is the infamous H1N1 virus cases in Germany heaped. Our Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt said: we need to be vigilant. I’m not in a panic, but worried.

\”Can you share in accordance this concern as a doctor with our Minister of health? Dr. e. med. Marco Prummer: Definitely no. Especially the campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO) stirs up fear and is no relation to the real issues. The facts: Of 6.2 billion people are so far approximately 141 dead have demonstrably died of swine flu. Worldwide Symptoms recorded the A/H1N1 virus in nearly 28,000 people with flu, 90 percent of them in the North American countries, Mexico, United States and Canada. So far about 100 cases of infection have been confirmed in Germany, the forms of the disease in Germany so far harmless to all. But 100,000 people die every day from hunger and its immediate consequences.

Every five seconds a child under 10 years starved to death. What pandemics are going? The statements of WHO are irresponsible. It is unacceptable that a leading who turns before the media representatives and said that two billion people are threatened by the new mutated swine flu virus H1N1. Never so much as with the fear of the people is been money. Also the pharmaceutical companies suffering from the economic crisis. Diseases such as the bird or swine flu, which supposedly worldwide epidemics are feared, rinse the pharmaceutical companies billions into the coffers.


Cahsmere-heaven, the exclusive cashmere Outletshop in the Internet offers cashmere quality at unbeatable prices Hamburg, November 2008 cashmere, the gold of the Himalayas, is called the Queen of natural fibres for more than 1000 years, and not without reason. Cashmere Wool, intricately won from the Undercoat of the cashmere goat is uniquely soft, offers a velvety feeling of luxury and comfort. While the fine cashmere pieces resemble air conditioning”. Pleasantly cool in summer and warm in the winter (eight times warmer than any other wool). Not just for the cold season the ideal companion. In the online shop the fashion-conscious man finds an attractive selection of timeless classics from 100% cashmere. The chic sweater in classic design represent great basics for the special taste and be obtained from one of the largest cashmere importers of in Germany.

The special feature of the cashmere-heaven.de products: All sweaters are solely from a 2-filamentous quality which is no comparison to the classic department store goods. The common cashmere goods, which often offered for sale at very reasonable prices, is the less high-quality 1-filamentous fibre. Our buyers receive goods of quality. The sweaters of cashmere Heaven have an exceptionally high quality, timeless elegant design and are 50% always about cheaper and more, compared to the recommended retail price. The direct connection only current collections in the shop, we offer our clients. Currently so just made a fall/winter collection of 08/09 cashmere-heaven is the retailer of one of the largest and most successful cashmere importers in Germany. Therefore it can ever happen that a particular model may not be in all five sizes and 6 colors available is “, so Rico Pospiech, operators of cashmere-heaven.de. But not only the man will be thrilled by cashmere-Heaven.de.

Women looking are especially for the Christmas season an unusual gift for their loved ones quickly find it. If Polo-neck, crew neck, V-neck or Polo collar. Each model is available in the melange colours anthracite, medium grey, MoCCA, light beige, nut, or the classic black. All sweaters are priced between 99 and 109 euros and cashmere Heaven.de are available in the sizes M-XXXL is an interesting, new online store for all those who like the special and pay attention while still on her purse. Whether as a great gift for the husband, boyfriend, or other male family members to the party or as a gift to yourself. The sweaters of cashmere heaven are just heavenly.