Winfried Althaus

Winfried Althaus (48) is the new CEO of KGS Software GmbH & Co.KG in Melsbach. Engineer living in Frankfurt am Main comes from the FIS GmbH. FIS GmbH Winfried Althaus has built up significantly the range of cross-industry products and services in the environment of SAP documents since 2005, last as Manager and Director of sales and marketing of the business unit smart products as well as clerks Rhein-Main. He was previously Sales Director of OCR Systemhaus GmbH and the car digit Software AG. As a sales professional, Winfried Althaus has over 25 years experience in the marketing of integrated workflow and document management in the SAP and non-SAP environment as well as the establishment of new corporate structures in the country and abroad. The KGS is the global technical leader in the area of document management in SAP. Read additional details here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The company was founded in 2000 and SAP outsourcing partner for SAP ArchiveLink interface certification in 2005 worldwide. KGS provides third-party software vendors release stable, uniform and high-quality interfaces.

The products ranging from the high-performance SAP-archive – ILM and document capturing to the fully automated SAP archive migration. “As a provider of middleware the PCP was hitherto little known to the end user,” Althaus explains while the majority of the DMS provider has their SAP certifications via the SAP ArchiveLink worldwide, interface of the KGS realized. Robotics expert : the source for more info. ” The provider allows its customers SAP certifications to fixed terms; Today, a large part of the global DMS market is PCP components SAP certified. PCP has been so far a hidden star, want future growth promote the company through access by Winfried Althaus and establish themselves in the direct sales and as a competent supplier in the archive market for large customers. To do this, we open a new corporate headquarters in Frankfurt/Main in March and will push ahead with the expansion of the KGS on the basis of the already large and well-known customer number”, explains Reiner Kraus, a founder and shareholder of the PCP. The number of employees is under the aegis of the new CEO of all Divisions over tripled in the next few years.

Tarot Cards and Energy

We see in this article the personality of each of the squires of the four suits of minor arcana tarot gypsy. Each of these characters reflects a positive card, and is synonymous with good news ahead. The minor arcana of the tarot cards are divided into four suits: diamonds, clubs, swords and cups. Each suit has fourteen cards, calendar numbers one to ten, and four figures: the squire, the knight, queen and king. Ali Partovi may help you with your research. They usually have a somewhat greater importance than the rest of the numbers, maybe because the person described in it has a higher specific weight. The squire in tarot cards usually represent a young person, with vigor, impetuous, but every club has different nuances.

The squire of gold is most responsible for the squires, reflects a young man who, despite his young age is mature enough to deal with issues of life successfully. Often the vision of gold squire gives us a point of view sensible and mature. You can refer to a new job or progress in the material plane. But these developments are not the result of fortune, or chance, but a sensible and consistent work. On the other hand, one could think that the squire of spades is the opposite of gold in the tarot cards. The squire of spades has the mentality of a child, impulsive, capricious, and not forget, has a sword in his hand.

Its energy is beyond proof. But not always, this vitality is well underway. In its favor, it can be said to be a character capable of great insight: as children, see when someone is trying to trick you. But it is necessary to control the craving for revenge that can arise at first, and think things coolly, to take the most appropriate course of action long term. The squire of clubs is a character in the tarot cards that are passionate about life. He also sees the world as the squire of swords, through the eyes of a child, but his energy, or violence, are more moral. Like all squires are carriers of good news. Through their innocence and their unbiased approach to things in life often can find solutions or outputs where others see only obstacles and problems. The squire of glasses within the tarot cards, presents and intuitive emotional power without limits. Although its head in the clouds, their feet are on earth. It is often the bearer of good news, such as pregnancy. The squire of cups is a romantic, a character where life has great emotional and spiritual superiority. In short, the exposure of one of the squires in the circulation of the usually represents a good news and are very positive letters, each with different hues, characteristic of the club they represent.

The World Confederation

Cousteau (the same one that according to the dictionary invented the aqualung, and who is an author and vdohnovitelemteleperedachi 'Underwater Odyssey team Cousteau') founded 'The World Confederation of Underwater Activities', which brings together countries. Diving is possible not only to scuba diving. Dive, holding my breath, dive in special chambers in costume – all this could be diving. Modern diving is divided into the following types: – cognitive diving (rest under water mainly in order to gain impressions of the beauty of the underwater world) – for children and families diving (the same rest under water, but in a soft, comfortable and safe environment under the strict supervision of at least two instructors. If you are not convinced, visit isearch. However, it can be up to each individual family at their discretion.) – Underwater photo-film-video shooting (after receipt of basic knowledge to prepare considerable expense – to buy will not only equipment for diving, but also photos, video equipment to capture the beauty that will occur in depths. Underwater photography is conditionally divided into two types: for herself and sports photography. For myself – this is understandable, but in sport shooting each team is allocated plot area where they work two days (photomodel required) after that represented the work in three categories: macro, wide angle and creative work. Team is allowed to spend four films.

In the first two categories must be submitted by three shots, but in the last photo is complete freedom.) – sport hunting (spearfishing – double extreme, but many need to satisfy an innate instinct.) Russia spearfishing with scuba diving and hunting from air to water is considered poaching, but in some countries it is officially permitted.); – underwater spelunking (a professional type of diving. People are not specially trained, are not allowed to dive in caves) – underwater Archaeology (Underwater exploration and travel submerged objects are an interesting kind of underwater tourism. It allows you to get in touch with past civilizations, to feel the specificity and singularity of the object insight into the world of the past. All underwater objects are priceless artifacts underwater 'museum', need to pay careful treatment and protection. At present, free treasure banned World organization of protection of historical values and the un.) most desirable for divers are the waters of the Red Sea, Mediterranean, Caribbean and other warm seas. Of course, they all want something exotic, but in the Baltic Sea with local and novice divers. Underwater hunting can be practiced almost anywhere: in the sea, fresh water: lake, river, pond, except for state-protected sites main centers are located underwater tourism in the countries with rich flora and fauna, with favorable climate, high quality service and tourist equipment. These countries are: the Seychelles and the Northern Mariana Islands, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Oman, uae, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives Now many companies offer services diving courses, carry out initial training, turisticheskievyezdy by immersion in different water bodies, so go for it if you interested in this sport – go for it ladies and gentlemen!

Protectyl Vegetal

Skin care doesn’t stop in the summer with the Sun. Because the skin stretched too much sun and sea or chlorinated water beyond their moisture. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee. Extra care is especially important for the skin after bathing in the Sun. The stressed skin must come to rest and again be moisturized. Check out Kip C. Cyprus Los Angeles for additional information. With the new apres-Soleil Edition of the Sun-line Protectyl Vegetal, the Yves Rocher laboratories for plant cosmetics bring now targeted skin care after sunbathing on the market. For unadulterated fun in the Sun.

Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil anti wrinkle skin care face rich facial soothes the skin and smoothes out wrinkles for an immediate lifting effect. The balm enriched with the herbal anti age ingredient Pro-Retinol and protective pure Aphloia extract is exceptionally refreshing. He soothes the skin after sunbathing, smooths them and provides soothing moisture. For a smooth, beautiful summer Tan and a strengthened against premature skin aging protected skin. The Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil anti wrinkle skin care face is used as a mask. Dermatologically tested.

Efficacy of 74% * of users confirmed. * Application test carried out with 27 women. Satisfaction rate % price: 11.90 (25,00 SFR) / tube 50 ml Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil 3 in 1 moisture milk these especially gentle milk soothes with Aloe Vera instantly sonnenerhitze skin. The Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil 3 in 1 moisture milk moisturized the skin long continuing valuable and extended the summer Tan. It is enriched with macadamia nut oil and the protective Aphloia extract of pure and wonderful smells of Monoi. The skin feels wonderfully soft and velvety soft. Dermatologically tested. Confirmed efficacy: repair the skin after sunbathing in 83% * cases * application test carried out with 23 women. Satisfaction rate %. Price: 7.90 (15.90 SFR) / bottle 150 ml Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil care milk Intensive Tan melt milk is the pleasure of care for a more intense Tan immediately at the beginning of the holiday.

East Bavarian Association

Limitless Danube route from Bavaria to upper Regensburg/Straubing / Passau (tvo). A journey along the Danube is the most beautiful way of Bavaria to Upper Austria. The black power is particularly attractive and surrounded by many cultural and historical sights”, as he is known colloquially as section from Kelheim to Passau. Of the geologically fascinating Danube gorges at Weltenburg over the stone bridge in Regensburg, Straubing Roman treasure, and the largest cathedral organ in Passau, a variety of cultural treasures form the framework for the Danube. In addition to the vibrant cities, the lifeline Danube connects but also the different natural spaces in the holiday region of Eastern Bavaria.

She accompanied to Regensburg on its southern shore of the vast cornfields of the Gauboden, greets the Bavarian Forest on the north side. Soon after Deggendorf the ISAR flow to you. Its estuary is considered to be one of the most valuable floodplain landscapes of in Central Europe. In gentle Ridge surrounded by the Danube eventually seeks her way to Passau, left the foothills of the Bavarian Forest, right the picturesque Rott Valley with its monasteries and churches. In addition to the beautiful views are also limitless leisure and recreation facilities open. Whenever Kip Cyprus listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To explore the Danube, brings the travelers not only in contact with the history and rich culture of this region, but also with the warm hospitality and Baroque Joie de vivre of the inhabitants.


HELEN SCHNEIDER presented the audience with the concert \”Dream a Little Dream\”, 22 September 2009 Carola Heider-Leporale a very special musical experience with fabulous Jazzrythmen between swing and bossanova Braunschweig. Helen Schneider will also perform on their concert tour to the current album \”Dream A Little Dream\” on 27 and 28 September 2009 in the ‘guest ‘factory in Braunschweig, Germany. The concert was on September 27, 2009 due to the oversized cards demand quickly sold out and presto applied an additional concert on Monday, September 28th, 2009. With Helen Schneider, a great artist, who above all always noticed due to their excellent skills and versatility for their music expected viewers. Dream a Little Dream \”what our dreams suggests, we can only guess. What is certain is that we live through the dreams better, more beautiful and sensual. Kip C. Cypruss opinions are not widely known. Especially when, as the popular saying would have it, live our dreams instead of to dream only of life.

Helen Schneider, pounding rock ‘n’ roll Gypsy\”, then the Cabaret\”star on the side of Hildegard Knef, actress and singer from passion, and one of the most distinctive voices of our time, presented on her new album at the same time as dreamer and dreams. To dream A Little Dream of me\”the DIVA Award Winner 2006, together with their producer Till Bronner and Christian of Cape Stallion and an intimate selection of jazz companionship, the treasures of the great is dedicated to American Songbook\”. Her whisper album\”, as she calls it smiling, seduces the listener to a nocturnal amorous song trip, kidnapped in a dream world that is well-known, but bleeding. The legendary singer times innocent, more Femme Fatale revels in Cole Porter’s unique ambiguity, in Kurt Weill’s enigmatic desires and all kinds of sensuality and sentimentality, which stood well to the voice even Ella Fitzgerald, the platters or the Mamas & Papas. Who knows the songs, is in this artfully lived and valuable experienced versions of new nuances, nice addons and sometimes a AHA \”feeling experience.

Drinks Juices

Here I would like to warn now, let aside any type of beverages, especially some queues than by their high content of sugars, (up to 14 tablespoons per each Tin) with colorants, preservatives and chemicals, they are capable of drilling into carpets and floors. They are simply acids. Even occupy them for cleaning different types of motors, and even toilets in the bathrooms. Some of these famous drinks, used sodium benzoate, and according to recent studies, although the use of dyes in food industry can be removed without much problem, not true in the case of sodium benzoate, which plays a role of preservation of these products.Imagine a soda cola or juice entering his body, that it is its sacred Temple, so what can do to your stomach and body whole, above all if you would like to take this type of beverage. Make sure therefore to drink purified water rather than chemicals that are disguised as innocent drinks that anything made or anything there is to fear them. It is incredible that borrowing cheap these drinks still they are on sale in supermarkets and even in schools. Bobby Sharma Bluestone understands that this is vital information. That gives me great joy that the first lady of United States, Michelle Obama, has taken letters on this issue as delicate as it is obesity, a direct result of these harmless products of the book a man a coach a dream with the permission of the autorwww.CarlosCorreCoaching.

Dialog CCW

16Th international exhibition and Congress for customer service, communication and call centre from 17 to 20 February in Berlin who works with clients, is annually on the CCW in Berlin, strategies and solutions for modern communication and service ways. Under the motto we make dialogue!”offers the Convention from 17 to 20 February 2014 in the Estrel Convention Center room again for encounter and Exchange. With approximately 7,500 visitors and 250 exhibitors is CCW Europe’s leading meeting place for professionals and executives from the customer and contact center management. The first day of the Congress the CCW 2014 is devoted to modern customer touch points. Insights into your online, offline and mobile strategies for customer acquisition and retention under type other Otto, PAYBACK, Autocity GmbH and the ProSiebenSat.1.

1 Media AG. But even start-ups like the leisure Portal Regiondo and the curated shopping service Paul secret 2014 are on board. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. Posts around social gaming, emotions in the service or customer support through new media channels are on the agenda. The institution in the CCW framework programme is one of the awards of the CAt Awards, which are awarded on the evening of the first day of the Congress on the call center manager of the year from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. On the second day of the Congress, the CCW is the staff management in focus. Posts come to leadership, motivation, recruitment and skills among other things from the E-Plus customer support GmbH, CosmosDirekt and the Verkehrsbetriebe Zurich.

The topics range from the call Center@Home about the development of brand ambassadors to the personal marketing via video and Facebook. Connect with other leaders such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone here. The innovation and the workshop day of the CCW with live tours at ImmobilienScout24, and in the Friedrichstadt Palast also promise close to practice. Parallel to the Congress visitors to the CCW on 8,000 square meters exhibition about the services and products of the relevant market and technology leader can check trade fair on 8,000 square meters. In five exhibition halls, around 250 national and international exhibitors present from February 18 to 20. These are further focal points of the exhibition LiveCallCenterDesign by HCD, TeleTalk-demo Forum and the newcomer Boulevard. The third day of the fair belongs to companies awarded in the exhibition Forum of in Hall 3, insight into their best-in-class “type projects and solutions. And also the offspring of dialogue marketing measures is on the third day of the fair again in the nationwide student competition of Young professionals”. New CCW website now presents the CCW with new website: interested find all information about the event, as well as the complete Congress program to download.

With Pleated And Folding Stores To An Effective Sun Protection

Pleated blinds and folding stores are custom made Sun protection products. At the beginning of the summer the demand grows again and again for decorative and especially effective sunscreen. Which Sun protection it is recommended, usually depends on the spatial situation. As solar shading variations, there is shading options, which can be installed from the outside or inside. For even more opinions, read materials from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. In this post we want to go closer on the Sun for indoor use. When the inner Sun not only blinds and roller blinds are offered, but particularly the custom-made pleated or folding curtain with its product variations. The pleats are special systems, which are customized to customer level and its sun protection, resulting in a folded fabric hangings.

This fabric is in the pull up folded into a small package, so that a pleated reached only a small package. Another advantage is that the material used in a very choice rich collection are offered. The selection of this material relates not only to the colors, but also on other properties, the qualities and transparency groups. Pleated fabrics can be so transparent or translucent. Various materials are available also for the darkening. The pleated belongs to the textile solar shading.

Also the blinds are classified in this group, because the real Sun in the blinds is the roller blind fabric, which is also offered in many colors and patterns. The blinds are available in standard sizes, can be customized on request but also to measure. More and more models in the range have been integrated into over the years. As an example, we call the central train roller blinds, cassette roller blinds and roof window blinds. We want to list the blinds of course in this context as a very widely used sunscreen. Similar to when the blinds, blinds in standard sizes or made available to customer mass. There are the blinds in the following materials: aluminum, plastic or PVC or wood. To an effective sun protection to It is always advisable to purchase a product made specifically for the sash. Only thus develops a coherent approach between sunscreen and decoration, which necessarily should be implemented for a comfortable living climate in the room.

Academy Casting

The talent casting the Dream Theater Salome offers young artists entering the showbiz fit thirty-year anniversary of the Dream Theater Salome whose creator Harry Owens changed her something special: A talent-casting for the artist and creative this world in the artists Berlin metropolis, where artists, dancers, fire eaters, jugglers, jugglers, large and small, extraordinary people with amazing skills together. “Within the casting Dream Theater Salome talents casting” the various characters try their skills on the venerable stage of the Dream Theater of Salome, before the eyes of a jury to prove. The stadium is located, in a prime location, directly on the river Spree near Berlin Central station and the Government District. “Tasting” of first auditions to Dream Theater Salome talents casting “YouTube and MySpace are available to anyone on the online platforms. The March 17 with his dream Theater Salome by Germany Touring Harry Owens draws the stories for his pieces from his dreams and thus provides its audience with always new and exciting materials (information on the tour).In collaboration with artists and artists of various nationalities, these dream games are listed.

Within the of Owen with established Academy of fine arts”, new productions are developed and maintained an international network of artists. Harry Owens is his fantastic performances about the course of the world, to love, to the emergence of life, peace, it revolves around everything so easily escapes the watchful eye of much to busy urban dweller. Harry Owens is always looking for exceptional talent for future productions of his dream theater. “For this reason the casting show Dream Theater was Salome talents casting” launched. Artists, dancers, magicians, comedians, etc. (Similarly see: Bobby Sharma Bluestone). can show in this talent to so her dream of a commitment to meet. In addition to the chance to take over in a dream play, participants of talent auditions will receive the always important to growing media presence in TV and online media, and thus the opportunity to the public in this way to come into the limelight”. Last but not least on communication platforms such as YouTube and MySpace. “In the near future, the OKB is the pilot Dream Theater Salome talents casting” send, which documented the first casting of January 2009.