Electronic Cigarette

The second generation of electronic cigarette as a result of logical development. A few years ago was the first electronic cigarettes on the market, they had the charm of a ballpoint pen. They were longer, thicker and much heavier than normal tobacco cigarettes. The smoker got rid of often do not feel, to keep a piece of plastic in the mouth. In the beginning, the electronic cigarette consisted of three separate parts: the evaporator, the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge contained a fluid, which contained mostly nicotine. If the electronic cigarette was pulled, the evaporated fluid and the smokers inhaled the resulting vapors.

That was fluid in the cartridge, which basically has the size of a cigarette filter, consumed, had to of smokers the cartridge again repopulate. To do this, he needed the refill fluid, which was kept in separate vials in addition. The procedure required a certain skill and additional tools such as pipettes, syringes or other dosing equipment, the Drop by drop into the cartridge empty fluid to get. The whole not went off mostly without a spill. Because the range of so filled cartridges, measured in trains, was only a quite small, an average smoker had this time-consuming exercise practice several times a day, unless he ran a stock economy.

In the meantime, the modern electronic cigarettes look completely different. They are smaller, lighter and more comfortable to handle. The dimensions are approaching more and more the bulk of a standard tobacco cigarette. Also the design is always away from the plastic image. However, the essence of the second generation of electronic cigarette is the improved technology. The modern electronic cigarette consists only of two individual parts: cartridge with integrated vaporizer and the battery. The cartridge is exhausted, it is replaced just a full. For the new electronic cigarette smoker has the advantage that the procedure of filling up the cartridges not necessary and therefore an handling very comfortable is. The old refillable systems have an appealing market presence. You will disappear most likely not completely from the market, to turn the tobacco cigarette so as the culture itself. But the technology of the future of the electronic cigarette looks different. More information is on the home page of the MioMike eSmokeSytems to read. MioMike was founded in February 2010. The company operates marketing, sales and development of electronic evaporation apparatus. These include electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but also complementary systems such as Chargers and nicotine cartridges. MioMike has successfully registered patents, which are cigars and pipes enter the still under development-new generation of electronic cigarettes, and significantly improve the electronic smoke comfort. MioMike strives to bring the new generation of eRauchkultur as soon as possible in the international market.


HDT trade event on 22-23 June, 2010, and Nov. 16-17 2010 in food concepts for energy-efficient action in cooling technology energy efficiency in processes and systems is a strategic issue: rising energy costs on the one hand and efficiency reserves in processes on the other hand are the starting point for a comprehensive analysis of the overall process of targeted and systematic optimization costs and competitive advantages can be developed. Reason enough for the Haus der Technik in Essen, to offer a training on 22-23 June, 2010 in Essen and 16-17 November 2010, which shows the technical, environmental and economic opportunities and potentials of modern technology of cooling water. The two-day seminar the participants will from practice for practice”report: the current state and the basics needed for energy reviews will be presented. Energy-efficient measures be developed applications.

There are energy-saving systems, use cases from the practice, the holistic approach of Heating – and cooling optimization potential, innovative cooling techniques and compound systems of cooling and heating, measures for heat recovery, environmentally-friendly concepts of water technology, analysis of the processes and networking to the building / energy management as well as cost considerations and Economics in focus. The event is aimed in particular at engineers and technicians from planning, construction and operation as well as planners, manufacturers, operators, and maintenance of cooling water technical equipment that increase the energy efficiency of their plants and components want more information information those interested in the House is the technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-1 (Mrs. Stossun), fax 0201/1803-346 or directly under June date htd/veranstaltungen/W-H040-06-211-0.html Nov date htd/veranstaltungen/W-H040-11-819-0.html Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man


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Zieltraffic Marketing

The online Markteting company Zieltraffic takes over search engine optimization (SEO) of the leading German IT newspaper video chanels on behalf of IDG business media GmbH Munchen COMPUTERWOCHE, November 10, 2008 – agency Zieltraffic taking over online marketing on behalf of IDG business media GmbH the search engine optimization (SEO) of the leading German IT newspaper COMPUTERWOCHE Videochannels. The cooperation aims to increase the awareness and relevance of Videochannels among the target group and to increase traffic significantly. Zieltraffic was commissioned to do this, the implementation of a keyword advertising campaign (www.zieltraffic.de/ ../keyword_advertising_sem). In the IT business Videochannel editorially prepared and realized specially for online purposes videos available are for the users of computerwoche.de. Computerwoche.de offers here e.g. test reports to new IT products, published interviews with opinion leaders in the IT industry or takes position on current issues of the IT industry in moving pictures. Growing demand for Zieltraffic Services the IDG media as one of the world’s largest publishers of trade for the IT industry, has an outstanding product portfolio and has a strong online growth potential.

Zieltraffic is looking forward to this potential through targeted and professional online marketing”says Michael Heep, head of new business of the Zieltraffic AG. “The internationally-based agency is a German market leader in online marketing for the banking and financial services industry and known for their responsible success fee model” (www.zieltraffic.de/ work_solutions/fee model). Zieltraffic services are not only renowned financial institutions such as the post office bank, Debeka or the DKB asked and obtained”Zieltraffic Board Stieber Bernd says. Zieltraffic covers all other forms of online marketing, in addition to the core expertise of performance marketing. Offer no campaign by the bar, we serve each customer in each sector individually. This strategy pays off, despite the a market consolidation the demand remains strong for our services.” Zieltraffic AG Carmen Limbach

Yahoo Answers

When we want to write seemed that the words do not want to go out, we became paralyzed in the keyboard and all the ideas of the days have disappeared suddenly. For that reason I recommend to follow these 8 steps to write in your blog: 1. It creates a file of excel in his computer with the possible subjects that wants to write in his blog. It writes about 10 to 15 subjects, thus whenever you want to write sights the list and you always have something of which to speak. If still it does not have blog, sees these videos on like creating blog. 2. It looks for key words that goes according to the 15 selected subjects.

It chooses minimum those that have 50 or more searches. (Using the tool of Google for key words this will give the number him of searches that becomes on any subject in Internet) 3. It goes to yahoo answers where it can find questions to respond related to the subject of his page or blog. Soon blog writes in his on you are questions. (like using Yahoo Answers to receive traffic Web) 4. It visits blogs related his and soon it writes on subjects that have seen in them. It can to begin a new entrance completely or to comment envelope which read. Thus it begins to occur to know in others blogs.

5. It by hand has a notebook all along, thus whenever arises can soon write it to an idea and when arriving at its computer, to write an entrance in his blog. (Whichever times there are lost ideas no not to write down them) 6. Blog looks for in magazines subjects related to his, soon blog realises an adaptation in his than it read (it can be a summary or some commentary exceeds what read) 7. It looks for an author who can be related to the subjects of his page and speaks on and his last book, of which she speaks, as blog is related to his, a book that has written that it likes in short, are many things that can speak on this author in his blog. 8. It speaks on blog related to his, if it has found good blog and it thinks that it is worth the pain to speak on, hgalo. (you can take advantage of this to contact to the author of blog to interchange connections) With these 8 steps no longer he will be lost at the time of writing in his blog, hgalo continuously and will begin to see the results in its visits and their gains.