The Borders

In this feeling, Gomes standes out: The reason of if including all the family in the treatment of adjustment problems is also based on the fact of that what she occurs in an individual that lives in a family does not elapse only of internal conditions it, but of an intense interchange with the context amplest in which he is inserted. It not only receives the impact from this environment as he acts on it, influencing it. (MINUCHIN apud GOMES, 2003, P.) the borders are the set of rules that determine which will be the participants of each subsystem of the family, are the borders that protect the distinction of the system and guarantee its particularitity, making possible the efficient functioning of the familiar system. ' ' The borders of a subsystem are the rules that define who participate of each subsystem and as it participates. So that the familiar functioning is adjusted, these borders must be ntidas' '. (MINUCHI apud SHEEP, 2005, P.

4). Still according to it the clear borders, they are responsible for the construction of clarified relations, where the people say ' ' sim' ' or ' ' no' ' objective and in accordance with the appeared demands. Already the diffuse borders are constituted by complex relations and confused papers, are not established of clear form the function of each member, also have an excess of concern and communication between them. In what she says respect the rigid borders, them they are composed for distant relations, and the people do not know themselves very well. TECHNIQUES OF SETTING OF BORDERS construto cognitivo is one technique that can be used to inside establish new borders of a system, or a subsystem. In accordance with Minuchin and Frishman (1990), the therapist can use metaphors, or same direct phrases, that point the necessity of if inside delineating a new border of the subsystem, of form, that makes possible its members to decide the conflicts only between itself.

The French Revolution

The basic rights that guarantee conditions of life, that they are social, technique and ecologically assured, in the measure where this is necessary, in each in case that, for a joy, in terms of equality of chances, of the civil laws, automencionados. If truth is that the Human Rights, established in the Rights Subjective/Natural and Positive/Legalist, are legal and legitimate, it is not little truth that its ecumnico fulfilment lacks of effectiveness and so that this if verifies becomes indispensable the application of sancionatrias rules, coercive for all the ones violate that them. However and in a pedagogical perspective, half among others available, they are outstanding it education and the religion, whose specific characteristics, vocacionadas for the civic and moral formation of man, respectively, can contribute of decisive form so that, inside of some decades, the peace in the world is next to its concretion, if all to understand and to respect the rights of each one, to start for the proper individual In this line of thought, are opportune to reflectir because different the actuais times are e, certainly, in the future, other values will worry the humanity. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. This does not imply to be against the conquests of modernity, that is, against the freedom, the equality and the fraternity; against the human democracy and rights, therefore, it was said has little that the education and the religion can help, decisively, by the way, nowadays, a religious system, with lines of orientation in relation to the reality and a scientific vision of the world, if does not exclude obligatorily, as the religious faith does not exclude the engagement politician. The French Revolution and the announcement of the Declaration of the Rights had been transferred more than two centuries on of the Man and the Citizen. It seems certain that most of the States, as well as most of the Churches, defends, in basic theory, values and principles: the inviolability of the person human being; the inalienable freedom of the human being; the beginning of the equality of all the human beings; the necessity of solidarity between all the men.

Pollution Of Waters

When looking in our return, we come across in them with a complex imensido that we call Nature. Speaking candidly Mikkel Svane told us the story. We, human beings, must very be grateful it for having in the great awarded one with the responsible one for our survival, day after day, the Water. The Water has covered 75% of the planet Land and is essential to the life of the diverse existing beings, as the animals, the bacteria, the plants, among others. However, although the undisputed necessity that we have of it, the human being is main the responsible one for its degradation, therefore, through the pollution which is displayed, its use if becomes improper. The waters of rivers, seas and oceans suffer to constants discharges from come pollutants, mainly, of the bad human use, industries and the draining of the water of rains, that brings toxic and organic substances, harming its useful life and the life of its dependents. The Pollution For Bad Human Use is more common in poor localities, therefore, as it does not have sanitation, it is in the rivers where the population it launches garbage of all species and its excrementos. The Pollution For Industrial Residues involves treated and developed substances chemically, being thus, more difficult the treatment of cleanness and demanding techniques more sophisticated to treat and also to control the set free chorume in the processes. The Pollution For Agricultural Contamination is very common in the regions where the farming one more is used, therefore it is caused by the draining of the used agrotxico, through the water of rain, sending great amount of toxic substances to the rivers. Moreover, this draining takes esterco of the animals of pastures and the seasonings, causing the process of the Eutrofizao that is the increase of the number of nutrients and of decompositoras bacteria that consume the oxygen and diminish its concentration in the water, beyond leaving the muddy water for the seaweed, producing gases that, in bigger amount, become toxic.

Bertha Pappenheim

In the ends of century XIX, Freud already with 30 years of age, if detached as doctor is professor. As specialist in the neurology area, it developed techniques as innovative for its time as, for example, the theory of the mind and the behavior human being and also, as techniques of therapeutical matrix, to help affected people psychically. Peter Asaro shines more light on the discussion. The Gold Book of the Psychoanalysis, organized for Manuel of the Coast Young chicken P. 33, it makes the following commentary how much to the hypnosis that passes in this context to be of interest of Freud: ' ' Disappointed with the used technique at the time? the eletroterapia -, it starts to be interested itself for the hypnosis. One of its colleagues at that time, with who keeps contact is the doctor Joseph Breuer. This deals with then a called patient Bertha Pappenheim, who suffered seriously from would histeria.

In case that Freud gets passionate, becomes that it celebremente known as ' ' case Anna O.' ' , pioneer of the psychoanalysis. In 13 of July of 1883, to Freud he discloses for letter its Martha fianc, fascinado' ' (YOUNG CHICKEN, Org., 2007). From then on it is understood that Freud, starts to formulate its ideas how much the sexual traumas. After its removal how much its Breuer friend, Freud goes to formulate its certainties on fancies and it related them them it experiences of sexual seduction in the infantile phase, from these conceptions that appear its bigger contributions in the field of the Psychoanalysis. In science the Jewish presence is marked mainly by Albert Einstein, creator of the Theory of Relativity. He was without a doubt more celebrates scientist of century XX, also gaining a prize Nobel in physics in the year of 1921. Einstein was born in Germany in the ceio of a Jewish family, with one year of age, its parents if they had established and Monique, with three years presented problems there with speaks, but this did not hinder it to be a young of great talent.


If the areas in expansion if find in more remote points of the territory, relatively distant of the areas metropolitans and the great urban centers, trend will be the formation of other areas that will pass if to consolidate, until reaching the saturation level, evidenced in other regions metropolitans and other great urban centers, starting to provoke those same phenomena that if find generalized by the whole world, and that they are considered ' ' clssicos' ' in the present time. In any way, either through the concentration in consolidated areas, either through the expansion of new areas, the observed trends historically, in the whole world, are of extreme concentration of people and productive activities in reduced spaces, that they are extended to the expenseses of the natural areas (or dedicated dantes to the farming activities, of mineral extration or forest exploration) and in detriment of lesser urban areas, and mainly, in detriment of the joint and integration of these last ones, between itself, and the great urban areas and regions metropolitans, with cited consequentes malaise previously, felt for the citizens. Exactly thus, the execution of the actions of integration and joint enter the urban centers of diverse sizes between itself and between the great urban areas and metropolitans it must be led to the handle with caution, not to configure a process of territorial occupation that produces situations that they provoke what it is seen and felt as that malaise, that the majority of the citizens the sectorial causes attribute. 5. WHAT IT MUST BE MADE? POINT OF VIEW TECHNICIAN 5,1 CONSOLIDATED AREAS consolidated Areas, as the described ones above, demand actions that depend on its respective profiles, to surpass the malaise felt for the citizens as being of sectorial origin, but that it results of processes of occupation and territorial use. 5.1.1? Actions of control and space rationalization These actions are proper for consolidated areas characterized for highly diversified a productive structure, with a propensity for high levels of incomes and with a trend of continued growth of the same ones.

Successful Football Training

With these tips you’ll be footballers successful professional soccer training is no coincidence! In football, many factors play an important role, including successfully to defend. Football player Rene Renno (31, FC Energie Cottbus) reveals today successful defense training tips, that you have to train in football training and which lead to the success. Football training the less you allow opportunities to score, has the greater plan the probability that you will get no goals conceded. The better you implement the 7 security tips in soccer training, the higher is the probability that your team gets no goal. You want to successfully defend and get less GA? Then you should plan your football training exactly. The starting point in soccer practice would be the defense training methods from the easy to the difficult to plan and implement. This point is very important so that you can properly learn the defense training methods and apply successfully. The football player Rene Renno provides today the 8 most important defense tips before, how attacks verteidgen successfully: the 8 most important defense deliver tips that you have to train in football training inner rail outward push as defensive player to post up, that to the outside is the attacker in defence keeping side post, take on speed of opponent the attacker and short distance (about 2 m) to the opponent aufnhemen never frontal to the attacker at any time Angriffsbereit be to the defend, if the opponent plays before the ball which defensive feints insert – time fool, as if it would attack watching, which is the strong base of the opponent record pace, short distance, him outward push, if possible cross his path to run the ball over Rene Renno: football training expert Rene Renno (31) is a football player at FC Energie Cottbus and has a Web page on the topic of football training. In his blog, he passes his entire experience about successful football Trainingsmtehoden. Contact: fussballtraining Rene Renno Wohnparstr. 117 D-03055 Cottbus