Antisemitism: An Insult To The Truth

On the occasion of 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, voices are heard again that trivialize the Holocaust. Survivors tell of horror fields. How is it that thousands of them agree in their descriptions? Anti-Semites never stood out for being allies of the truth. They need to shed their venom to hide their blemishes. In the sinister Europe and Roman Catholic Church reached its power after the signing of the Concordat of Worms between Pope Gregory VII and Emperor of the Holy Roman Germanic Empire, Henry IV.

The pope became the ultimate authority on range rulers, priests and faithful. Since then the Vatican is a state within a state, where materialize their business and negotiated behind the Good Lord. It would be enlightening to many people read The Cassock Red Peyrefitte Roger French (b. 1907), the holy mission to meet with the pontiff in this world. The Church never abandoned his anti-Semitism more ancestral. He preferred to fuel hatred the Hebrews, who confront ideas, to those who defined: decide, loan sharks and greedy. Catholicism is a God of Death, which is publicly traded and does business worldwide. There may be a day when the Catholic Church does not open and allow shrimp to absolve those who humiliate and exploit Christians.

For those who make the Jews own the world is good to show them that the list of billionaires, do not include any children of the Lord. In the first two places are the Americans Bill Gates (b. 1955), the owner of Microsoft and the investor Warren Buffet (b. 1930). While the third is the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu (n. 1940.) In Argentina, those who fleece the people and take their little money out of the country are mostly Spanish companies. In my city, Mar del Plata, is a Galician, who appropriated it. And if a business is loose, it must be for him. Not admit any interference and much less competition. We are on the Bicentennial of foundation of this country. May Revolution created the conditions necessary to shake off the Spanish yoke. Two hundred years later, the children of the invaders of yore have returned. He did not even bother to bring snake oil. They brought bags full of broken promises, leaving the ball to the country, after destroying Aerolineas Argentinas, to leave us without the black gold (oil) and scrap the pockets of the people, providing services to poor quality and very expensive: the cell phone and the Internet. We must be fair: they know that foreigners doing business in this country have to pay a toll. And the easily recognized by having rotten smell. AMEN. LIFE IS A PHOTOCOPY. James Saul Rabin — Mar del Plata, Argentina.