Rob Fasting

Ambulatory vital99plus – fasting on La Palma Santa Cruz de La Palma – this tailored, accompanying you in your personal environment fasting concept differs fundamentally from the normal’ fasting fasting group while on vacation. It offers an ideal solution for all, that (be it first or, for the umpteenth time) would fast this but in their usual environment and not during a fasting stay elsewhere. Is the main reason for the decision to the walking fast, that one – for whatever reason no change of location it wants. This applies particularly to people who are professionally very clamped or go through a phase where they are indispensable, but despite (or precisely!) urgently a break or need a break for body and mind. Because you know certainly: If your everyday life is very hectic, spend much time for others and have little for himself, fasting is an experience that you should treat yourself. Her whole Body is detoxified thoroughly, is lighter, slim, portable and powerful at the same time, because he can release finally unwanted contaminated sites, and this not only at the physical level. \”While the tiresome diets more often Rob power and good mood or result in the vicious circle of the yo-yo effect, fasting releases additional energy as body and psyche also holiday\” have immediate employment with the topic of food.

What adjusts after two or three days, is a feeling of lightness, relaxation, renewal and often surprising release of creative energy. Also increases the confidence in their own abilities, because you can literally learn on your own body what vast energy reserves it has. A very soothing experience, especially if you felt previously burnt out and exhausted. Fasting can be such a significant impetus to a more health-oriented lifestyle full of well-being. There is still a pleasant side effect: after about a week shows the scale on average 6 to 8 pounds of less.

Video Contest

Get involved – it is worthwhile in any case! The kilo coach video contest on you tube is opened: kilocoach… Ali Partovi may also support this cause. Ten Starter videos show you ten different people but one don’t want all: 100 x weight loss! “Target this contest is thinking about successful and healthy take off to make”, as the Director of kilo coach Dr. Rosa Aspalter. All those who are fed by countless diets and take off now only be can want, and also justify that! Each participant will receive a free kilo coach subscription for 3 months. Also, all submitted videos take part review to a jury.

A stay at the Spa Hotel Almesberger for 2 people waving the winning video as the top prize. Other prizes include a Nintendo Wii console, an iPod by Cosmos, a sports package from and books donated by the bookstore of Morawa. In the top-class expert jury are: Petra Rust, Institute of Nutritional Sciences University of Vienna; Alex Hayit, Managing Director of Mundo marketing agency for communication, Cologne; Heinrich von GRuNIGEN, President of the Swiss obesity Foundation SAPS, Zurich and Astrid Eishofer, video cable, Vienna. In addition the views, reviews and text comments on you will be included tube in the evaluation. Join is very simple: November 15, 2009 videos as a video response to the kilo coach videos on you tube can be posted.

Karpenko Ebnatstrasse

So the quantum leap in the technical possibilities leads back many but at the end of that time, where they started their search: in the immediate vicinity. Eat local – healthy food from the region are the advantage even on the hand in the trend is on the search for healthy, natural and affordable food and has long been the open secret of many top chefs: back to the roots, slow food and how hot the fashion tags all. Shopping at the weekly market, in the farm shop in the small, fine retail is fun and at the same time guaranteed that come home only fresh food on the table, which were not gassed, screened, flew through the air and sealed in foil. Here you can taste the difference immediately. At the same time does who buys local produce of the season, a contribution to climate protection by falling away, often insane food transport routes.

Local provider search on the net for the careful selection and regional comparison The directory of the Internet sources for goods and services has proven. The industry search for categories such as “Automotive and transport”, “Service – craft” or “Wholesale and commercial need” allows a precise search by postal code or click on the State and the county on an interactive map. The abundance of records along with all contact information, link the site, route planner QR-code for scanning the information on smart – or I-phone make and the Internet service an expert companion through the provider jungle. Who needs a whole list of services at the place for example at upcoming relocation, home construction or renovation, find here quick and reliable regional partner. Commercial information and free basic listing for provider trader and entrepreneur offers a wealth of beneficial information and templates such as for the correct invoicing or help choosing the suitable software for the operation.

Right on the Interested under the heading “Bonus Pack” can order a free basic listing on for your company page, to test the benefits of the comprehensive industry directory of BDP GmbH. Contact: BDP GmbH M. Karpenko Ebnatstrasse 152 8200 Schaffhausen 0049 0180-3211834 description of the company as media companies and innovative service provider offering the BDP GmbH headquartered in Schaffhausen on various services with which we support you in customer acquisition, customer retention and revenue growth. Our professional staff is at the service of our customers every day. We emphasize on customer communication and accessibility. Technical E-mail support is available around the clock, 7 days a week available. Our actions are determined by expertise, straightforward advice and a friendly demeanor.

Allocation Of IT Services

Expert seminar is a key factor for the success of IT projects for government agencies and suppliers optimal IT procurement. For purchases of IT services, public IT project manager and purchasing departments must keep the provisions of public procurement law. This applies to any projects, now the creation of a virtual Town Hall or the software shopping for an elementary school. Typical types of IT performance range of IT project consulting, IT training, the provision of independent content provider services, the development and maintenance of software through the maintenance of hardware and the maintenance of Web pages content to the services associated with data processing. Managing IT services proves to be particularly complex and associated with high investment volumes and therefore with high risks.

In the German public procurement law, there are no separate provisions for granting IT. Consider the rules for freelance services (VOF) and the procurement and contract regulations come basically for services (VOL/A). In addition must the provisions of the documents for tendering and evaluation of IT services (UfAB IV) be observed. For a proper procurement procedures in the area of IT, it always requires a consideration of the case. It is all the more important to be familiar with all the details of the tendering procedure: liability of public procurement legislation and important regulatory aspects peculiarities in the specifications IT selection of the private partner acceptable forms of procedure for the respective projects and additional contract terms for the IT sector opportunities and risks of service providers in the IT procurement this specialist seminar participants benefit from the extensive expertise of the seminar leader. The new 2012 EVB-IT system contract will be presented during the seminar.

Urban Development Code

In different regions it varies. Viacom may not feel the same. So in the Republic of Tuva is limited to 25 years, whereas in the Lipetsk region under 30 years of age. But work on the legal framework – the most important direction in provision of state youth policy and its formation as an industry. Today, in 24 regions of Russia has decreased funding for expenditure "youth policy". In the 12 regions were disbanded independent units, which are engaged in the implementation of youth policies in the field. It is sad that among the latter, and entered the Lipetsk region, which explains the rather modest results in the implementation of major activities of state youth policy in the region. (For reference, 22 regions of Russia have been reconsidering, mainly for the benefit of scale and improve the level of the structure.) We must develop and adopt the draft Federal Law "On Amendments to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation" provides for the construction of housing estates and homes of their software infrastructure for youth according to standards, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. And in the regions to develop and adopt standards in minimum security youth regional and municipal agencies in the community, determining the dimensions available space and numbers of employees, as well as their establishment in accordance with the regulations. Build at the same time – not necessarily in the regions sufficient control of buildings, which could be convert. Thus, one of the priorities in the sphere of youth work is the availability of infrastructure for youth.

Mailingwork Further On Expansion Course

Romy Tomann mailingwork GmbH is repeated as the new Manager for public relations and marketing communication in the boat. Oederan, 8th August 2012 – mailingwork GmbH wins Romy Tomann as new manager of public relations and marketing communication in the boat. With this personal gain, the leading developer and provider of professional software for email marketing plans to expand its presence and to establish the brand mailingwork. mailingwork floats continued success and growing. Since mid-July, hence now Romy Tomann belongs to the team.

The 35-year-old gives new voice to the email marketing specialists to outside and is best suited for this position. After studying the social and linguistic studies she worked independently, in the areas of corporate communications as a consultant and trainer before taking over responsibility for marketing and PR at the StepOver GmbH, a leading German company for handwritten electronic signatures. Jorg Arnold, Managing Director of mailingwork, pleased with the personnel addition and is very satisfied with the development of the company: each employee is a specialist in his field and brings his own individual experience. But similar like in a large Orchestra the harmonious interplay makes unbeatable a team first.” Romy Tomann that the chemistry in the company is right, can only confirm: mailingwork are pros at work, because everyone knows his craft! At the same time, enthusiasm and collegiality are capitalized and you can tell. I of course particularly enjoy working in a such a positive atmosphere. That everyone in the team always has an open ear, arriving ultimately at the customer. Often we are praised for our fast, courteous support.

With mailingwork as an employer, I have made the right choice. “Because as a mother of a little daughter I use also the living family-friendliness in the company.” About mailingwork GmbH: The mailingwork GmbH stands with their same Web-based newsletter software for a professional email marketing solution, which is specifically geared to the needs of marketing professionals. A sophisticated software was mailingwork with the delivery solution and very powerful platform designed to carry out cross-media E-Mail, letter, postcard, SMS – and fax-marketing campaigns. Mailingwork in the German-speaking to one of the leading ASP solutions has established itself within a few years. mailingwork transmitter Alliance is certified by the certified. Through the membership of this and other whitelists and direct relationships with many major ISP, such as, for example, AOL, MSN and Hotmail, that newsletter easily reach their recipients and not be eliminated by spam filter ensures mailingwork. Cutting-edge technology, innovative features and flexible applications reliably support companies in their target group relevant and personalized marketing campaigns. Through the continuous implementation of new functions, mailingwork offers its Customers an always up-to-date software in the rapidly evolving world of marketing. These scores mailingwork with first-class service and support. Worldwide, companies such as Nikon, Hawesko, North Sea, Grohe is mailingwork over 2000 agencies, companies and global players in action, among them. (Romy Tamara)


The Player automatically selects the format when playing the videos, which fits in with the Web browser, the the Visitors of the website uses. Robotics expert can aid you in your search for knowledge. DVDVideoSoft has invested much effort and operated effort, to ensure that the player is in all browsers has the same appearance and offers the same functionality. The possibility to choose the suitable out of several types of player. There is a classical player, a simple player, and a one-button player. All players are available in various colors available.

Even better: The source code of the HTML5 player is available for free. So, developers can customize the player to their claims and maybe even improve it. The “free HTML5 video player and converter” comes with a functional interface, the service of which declares itself by itself. The user needs to select only the video material on the hard disk, mark the required Player version and to specify the color. A mouse click on the “convert” button sets then even the MP4 and OGV videos, the player and a master page with the HTML code.

The HTML code must be inserted in the destination site. “Free HTML5 video player free download and converter”the new software”Free HTML5 video player and converter” (23.9 MB) for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 can be downloaded Studio – free as well as the complete package of all tools – direct from the DVDVideosoft website. Homepage: de free HTML5 video player and Converter: products/dvd/Free-HTML5-Video-Player-And-Converter.htm free Studio: de/free-dvd-video-software.htm Facebook: YouTube channel: watch? v = ySr3_JtEfIA more information on the company: DVDVideoSoft was founded in late 2006 and works as an independent developer of free software for video and audio editing. Currently offered 48 useful applications for Windows. All programs are that they are extremely easy to use despite its strong features. All programs are bundled in free Studio that acts as menu to call up the tools. The tools are available in many languages available, also in German. Currently, more than 350,000 users a day visit the homepage.

Search Engine

In order to begin to include/understand how to implement a plan of affiliates, first it is necessary to understand what is an affiliate. The basic concept of an affiliate is that one that receives a commission by the sale of one of your products. It is in particular, a marketing action online. We put an example concrete so that it is understood. We suppose that you develop software. , Almost you are then all along bottled in developing these programs, reason why you need to activate, or that does somebody it by you, the subject of the sales.

Then you enter a plan of affiliates. From here, certain Web sites will be in charge to promote your products, to deliver the attacks to sell them, and soon cobrarte a commission. Up to here not difference much of simple reventa. The difference is in which the affiliate can have several many products under his gida, not only yours, and to dedicate itself full-time to promote the services and products of others. In many opportunities they are managed to construct quality sites, on the basis of affiliates, that finish being like product stores online specific, or those popular Web sites where one often resorts to unload versions demo of programs and games. By all means, the activity can be taken ahead in any scale, and conceivable shade. For example, a tourism agency can have hotels, or aerial companies like affiliates, or companies of rent of cars. There are certain considerations that must be taken into account.

Certainly, the credibility of the plan of affiliates grows if there is a contextual entailment between the products that are offered. Of another form, if you have too many affiliates, and they do not correspond to each other according to its activity, Google until could penalizarte when considering that in fact you are a farm of connections. The farm of connections is a CATHEDRAL technique considered Optimization- Search Engine black hat, or illegal, and consequently, penalized. Also it must consider that your affiliates speak by you. Then, the reputation of your affiliates also will be your reputation. Also he is advisable that you tell on some digital support that allows you to make a pursuit of the obtained sales, to calculate commissions, to demand payments, etc. Are many examples of software that allow to do this. The ideal is that you offer to your affiliates the necessary tools to him so that they can make specific the sales, that is to say, technical equipment to support the actions of promotion, support pre and post sale, Carried out etc. of rational way and ordinate, a plan of affiliates can become an excellent way to make specific the sales that you are needing, as well as to obtain the promotion and diffusion of your connections in the network of networks.

Softonic Expands Its Headquarters In Barcelona

New floor makes room for staff growth Barcelona, Softonic, the largest software download portal in Europe and Latin America, expanded its headquarters in Barcelona. The soft tonic team has grown by a quarter last year and now consists of over 290 employees. The company opened new premises thus already for the third time in just two years. On more than 6,000 m m, distributed on five floors, are the employees now extensive work and social spaces available. The recreation areas such as table football or video games can be used in which are a highlight. It is not something Viacom would like to discuss. Jose Sanchez, Creative Director of Softonic and is responsible for the planning of new spaces, explains: it comes to make the jobs of the staff pleasant.

The fact that an employee of the company with the development of the design was commissioned, is of great benefit, because the inspiration directly from the environment of the workforce comes.” Since its inception, the company has always Emphasis is placed on the Feelgood factor at work. But not only the work rooms provide a pleasant working atmosphere. Flexible working hours, a health insurance include spouses and children, restaurant tickets and holiday on the birthday are just a selection of the perks that Softonic employee benefit. About Softonic, is the leader in Europe and Latin America and world’s second largest download portal for free software. The company, founded in 1997, has more than 200 employees in offices in Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo. Softonic offers one of the most comprehensive collections of software with shareware, freeware and commercial demo versions. Each programme will be tested by the Softonic team, accurately described and valued accordingly.

Currently, more than 160,000 programs for Windows, Mac and mobile devices are provided. The Softonic website is in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish. Dutch and Japanese. In the year 2012, a testament to the soundness of the company and the trust of its users on a global level the company commemorates its 15th anniver


InterConnect is HP gold preferred partner SMB storage reached InterConnect the highest qualification of Hewlett-Packard, HP gold preferred partner status as well as the specialization In August 2012. The company could thus fulfill the strict criteria of HP and are characterized in numerous customer projects. Wulf Vogel, key account manager at InterConnect stressed the benefits for InterConnect customers: HP defines and validates clear quality standards for its Gold partner. This will ensure comprehensive IT know-how and expert advice on the implementation of complex solutions. The gold status is the result of long-standing, very good collaboration with HP, and our expertise in Server and storage we have demonstrated with our customers.

This qualification must be purchased annually. By the same author: Viacom. Our goal is to maintain the gold status in the future.” InterConnect will benefit from the HP gold partnership not only by personal service of a partner Manager, but also by special training and exclusive access to special HP programs and technologies that benefit the customers. HP gold introduced specializations, customers to facilitate the selection of a partner and to reward companies, which specialize in particular on HP products. Contact: InterConnect GmbH & co. KG on the fan bad 3 76131 Karlsruhe Gabi Dorflinger Tel.: + 49 (0) 721 / 66 56 0 fax: + 49 (0) 721 / 66 56 0 InterConnect GmbH & co. KG InterConnect offers since more than 20 years of holistic and sustainable IT solutions. As a systems integrator in Karlsruhe we are specialized on IT services for mainly medium-sized companies and public sector clients. Our focus are IT services and Web solutions – especially in the fields of IT analysis, conception, management, support and maintenance, Microsoft System environment, network infrastructure and security, custom software development, Internet and intranet solutions and SharePoint.