The Lunar Calendar

The influence of the moon on the rhythm of life of earthly life is a lesson that accompanies the people since time immemorial. The mysterious charm of the Moon is often also in myths, legends, fairy tales and stories of many peoples. The moon has long been regarded as the seat of the gods, in some cultures even as a God or goddess herself! He received his divine attributes due to the observation that he regularly changed its shape. And of course also in the understanding of the relationships between its various shape forms and what’s happening on the ground. One of the oldest lessons of humanity is the influence of the moon on the tides of the sea, by the way, and this is now scientifically confirmed! As well as the fact that durability and use of wood from the corresponding moon phase is dependent on.

For example the Moon increases, then the juice flow in plants increases. Is the wood to this so-called wrong”like, it contains too much juice, which is then in turn cause for decay and short life span. These and other experiences have been collected over the course of thousands of years, recognized and disclosed. They form the basis for the present-day lunar calendar part of everyday life for many people. Based on the seven pulses of the moon be in the given tips and tricks around growth and various life forms thrive here. Hardly an issue is excluded from the collected, millennia-old knowledge of the lunar calendar in the meantime, be it health, Garden, working life, or love: always you can determine the optimal timing for harmonizing actions or allow by the lunar calendar. Thus, the lunar calendar is a companion that shine not only the shine of your hair or the green of house plants can be more consistent application, but can arrange for inner balance and happy relationships. nagement (FM) Services explained all about the problem. –

Web Directories

If you would like to enter his Web page in a Web – or article directory, you should make sure also that you get a genuine backlink. Many have entries without return enter your Web page or an article with link to your website in Web directories and Web directories. So you have a reference from the Web Directory / Web catalog on your Web site – this means for you in turn 1 point or one link on your Web site for your search engine rankings in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. We call entries in directories, Web directories, search engines and other ways just collect points, because every link counts to your Web page in any form. Please note, however, that a reciprocal link from your website to the Web page or Web Directory, where you have entered your Web page, can be regarded as null link. For this reason we have not our Web page indicated in our registration form for Web page entries, but a different Web page. Not for no reason, we discourage mutual link exchange by one. If you want a genuine backlink for your Web page, you link our Web page specified in the registration form and we link in return to your Web site.

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Good Health

Our dog and scalp hair is something that we must bear in mind when it comes to maintaining good health, it is important that we maintain in perfect condition. On this occasion we will stop in the form of comb to our Golden dogs to get the most out of this action and get healthy hair and a happy dog. We must first and foremost take into account not only brushing is a gesture aimed to remove tangles and dead hair that is something else. We must take into account that it must be all kinds of dogs with special for every type of Hair Combs, as with brushing that will take into account is to know what state our mascot, scalp is, since we will see first-hand if there are flakes, irritation, lumps or any other abnormality in the skin. You should bear in mind the above accessories. Brushing is almost always associated with bath, although this does not have to be the case. It is true that our dog not bathe it every week to avoid causing damage to your scalp, therefore the brushing is one of the best ways that exist to keep the hair of our dog in perfect condition, smooth and free of dirt. In recent months, Elon University has been very successful. That is why a good brushing should in many cases replace a bath and to avoid them.

To brush our dog must place it on a surface, which may well be the floor, table or above our knees if allows it the size of the animal. It is necessary that when it comes to brushing hair we have chosen precisely the proper comb. We must always take care that we not give strain nor do harm, since you must not associate this moment with a stressful situation or torture. To achieve this what seracomenzar we will make brush from the root of the hair and go slowly releasing the knots and tangles that may remain.

Good Sales Letter

Would you like to read a really bad sales letter? Let’s see what you think about this. THE FRUITS OF ALL A D?EACH of I & D you write to tell you about the extraordinary coffeemaker I’ve created. Firstly, I know that it is really extraordinary because I spent years studying coffeemakers of all kinds: percolators, filter, electrical, etc. Then I expanded my field of research to include commercial coffee makers and learned all the secrets of the success of the Java cafe in the most distinguished cafes. Now, seven years M?S late, am ready to share with you the fruits of my research?N. I created the EZ CAFE and, let me say it is, it will make the other coffee to pass into history. Isearch pursues this goal as well.

sta is a modified version of a real sales letter. What does wrong? Because practically the entire title only has to do with the author; It is not aimed at the reader. In case outside little, uses terms specific to the sector (I & D, research and development), offering a specialised tone that may confuse some customers. No information is provided us regarding what they do reference the 10 years of work mentioned above. And either we are given no reason why it should interest us knowing it. The advantages of the product with respect to the client, in the title or the Charter is not mentioned.

As a potential customer, I’m lost. The title is already in itself boring. The letter highlights wrong items and talk incessantly about age employed in development, instead of mentioning the benefits that the customer can leverage. Why should all interest you this? To be effective, a sales letter must be sweeping. You must be able to draw attention with a compelling promise to the reader and then fulfill it. In addition to a compelling title, the sales letter must show a clear and immediate the reader benefit.

King Lear

If there was to ever the historical King Lear, his memory has faded into mythology. Llyr and his sound Manannan ploughs Celtic ocean-gods. Legend remembered Lear a warrior daily pay-Christian king. In the old story, Lear asked his three daughters to whether they loved him. Two claimed you of only extravagantly, while the third said she loved him only to daughter should. Lear disinherited the honest to daughter. The story appears elsewhere in world folklore; there is an Eastern European version in which the honest to daughter says she loves to her to father much she loves salt.

Lear went you live with his first to daughter, bringing hundred followers. She demanded that he reduce his followers you fifty. Lear then went you live with to other to daughter, who reduced to number you twenty-five. Until Lear went back and forth between the daughters he was alone. Then the third to daughter raised an army, defeated the Wedge 02 to other two, and restored him you his kingdom. (The story appears in Holinshed, who adds that Cordelia succeeded to her to father monarch and was deposed by the sounds of to her sisters. He took story, which had happy ending, and gave it sad ending.

He transformed fairy-tale about virtuous and wicked people into something morally ambiguous. He took story of wrongs being righted, and turned it into the story of painful discovery. He included passages, which deal with ideas instead of advancing the plot. Shakespeare has retold the old story a vehicle will be strikingly modern message. Many people to consider King Lear you be his finest work. Whether or not you agree with his vision of godless universe in which our only hope is you be kind you one to another, you will recognize the real beliefs of many (if not most) of your neighbors.


One morning he shared breakfast with a friend who came to my house and we sat down and while we degustabamos a coffee, I was listening to the singing of birds who danced flying from tree to tree, others moved from flower to flower, she suddenly heard a toc toc which I was already familiar: a woodpecker working, I peek into the window and nothing appeared running a hasty squirrelcareful surely looking for eating, was equally relaxing to the sound of a he laughed that it was not, however the sound I couldn’t draw in mind. Was like a melody of relaxation that Orchestra called nature suddenly hear, my friend shouted to me:!Hey! I’m talking about! he said to me, do your you also realize the neighbor noise? That annoyance! Suddenly return from my trip by nature to try to detect the sounds she heard, what she was referring was the neighbor that if it is true was playing strong television, but for some reason there was no detected, since my mind was in a music concert. It was amazing how two people sharing the same terrace were tuned in two things so different, so present, so real, so distant. (As opposed to Samsung). One leads a rhythm on the inside that can be amended with encounters during the day, feel energy, joy, tranquility and you suddenly stumble with someone, you see a TV program or receive a call, or for some reason they fight with you, at that time leave you hear and feel that internal rhythm that we had been singing so far. When we are not alert and this happens continually we no longer feel that melody and us intoning with that of others, which can be good or bad depending on the case, but that is definitely not our melody, the problem is not losing the melody momentarily, but when the time we adapt and we got used to the interference caused by others and forget perceive our melody and us intoning with the rhythm of the others. .

In Vitro (Ghent), Theatre (Cologne) Meets

THE FINAL. The fourth episode GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 ends the International Festival series with a world premiere of Cologne and a Germany premiere from Belgium. The last episode of this year’s GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE series is the creative responsibility of the Cologne Theatre The Work-In-progress version of the new plant 1amkeit2008 “puts the viewer in the middle of the evening bustle of the thousand bar at the Aachener Strasse. Here the woman who talks endlessly to Yes to cry off, the egomaniacal artists, which in its approach is to radically resolve life in art, and an angel-like being, loved by all meet them, the type of player who is never alone in the bed. Magnetically attracted to the music of DJ try to escape the nightly attention and intoxicated on alcohol and the promises of fulfilled common attention to erahnenden the babble of voices.

As already in previous productions, the theatre with the resolution of the theatre plays. Whether the audience leans back with a beer or in the Life intervenes, it decides itself every evening. The grim, nightmare-like figure of Sabari, who comes, if they don’t want to go to bed with the children and them Handevoll sand in the eye throws, they bloody jump out to the head”is a protagonist in de Zandman by in vitro. Based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s eponymous tale of danger, anxiety, failure and death, the Belgian guest ensemble staged the Sandman”as assemblage of images, text, dance, soundscape and live music, repeatedly dissolving the boundaries between reality and fiction – and takes the audience through the tangled brain of a lonely old man. The theatre is one of the four free-trade zones ensembles and is under the artistic direction of Rosi Ulrich. The Repertoire of the ensemble put together contemporary pieces with their own projects, which are always on the lookout to the core of human being in today’s time researching vulnerabilities of human existence. in vitro was 1994 by Jan Dekeyser (lighting designer and architect) and Daphne Kitschen founded (stage and costume designer), who met at Troubleyn/Jan Fabre.

De Zandman’ is their second production and GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE to see for the first time in Germany. the current program as well as detailed information on productions, artists and cards there are: globalize-cologne.html experience with the ensemble and guests of the free trade area of GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE and reserve your tickets at 0221 / 985 45 30 or send an eMail to info(at) The press kit can be requested at presse(at) We are looking forward to you! Nina Speyer press and public relations program to GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE in May 7th & 8th May 2008!Premiere / Work-In-progress! Theatre 1amkeit2008 “20:00, tausend Bar, Aachener str. 57, 50674 Koln 14,-/ 10,-9 & 10 May 2008!Germany premiere! In Vitro de Zandman”20:30, theatre in the Stollwerck,. Dreikonige str. 23, 50678 Koln 14,-/ 10,-

European Championship

Alex Herrera 20 m friendly match in Switzerland which ends with victory for the Red (3-2). Click Andy Florance for additional related pages. Chile was ahead in the first half with goals from island and Vargas. A goal from Iniesta and two of Cesc (the second penalty) said. At the end of the match there was a tangana between two selections. Xavi played 102 matches as a player for the senior team. So we tell the match minute by minute. Spain met up with victory in friendly match to be imposed on Chile after a great comeback led by Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas, who came off the bench in the second part to undo a disadvantage of 0-2 based on good game and goals one of the Albacete and two of catalan, and that could carry out thanks to a rigorous penalty pointed out on Arbeloa, in the time of discount, which resulted in both win (3-2). Display in Switzerland not ceased to be one test, before you tackle a new shock of qualification for the European Championship next Tuesday against Liechtenstein, and a special for Xavi Hernandez encounter, it equaled to Raul Gonzalez in matches with the t-shirt of the senior team (102), both the two players of field with more articles.

But above all an opportunity to put an end to the terrible spate of friendly lost and recovered the number 1 in the FIFA ranking. Del Bosque Javi Martinez compiled for the occasion a patchwork team for casualties in dnsa and Albiol did Pique and Puyol, Arbeloa stood in the left lane and the Red tried to maintain the essence in the center of the field, with Busquets and Xabi Alonso, Xavi. In puntoa, Villa, Silva and rewarded Negredo. He soon returned to prove that any team wants to bite the champion of Europe and the world. Chile, with Vargas as main stylets, and Alexis Sanchez was responsible for ruin the Spanish ball output based on pressure, tactical order and physical capacity.And perhaps Del Bosque should begin to find natural spare parts to the casualties they find in his behind, because Albiol and Javi Martinez did not give the size.

Missing Cooperation

So far was in the jurisprudence, that a joint custody of separated or divorced parents not taken into consideration would be if the parents or one parent not to cooperate would be ready. So far was in the jurisprudence, that a joint custody of separated or divorced parents not taken into consideration would be if the parents or one parent not to cooperate would be ready. Now emerges the realization that pair level may be expected to parents also differences on the (ex-), at the level of the parents and to the children to find the conversation will also when it is hard. Scattered communities, the former partners want often from each other nothing and are ready for any discussion, which could bring about a match. Hurt feelings lead to an all or nothing thinking that often decisions for the children, is trigger for amendments to the regulation of custody.

Important for the decision, whether both parents jointly or one alone Custody receives, are:-continuity: the care and housing to remain as well as the social environment, if possible, the child should be removed by a change of custody, not from his usual rhythms and life or even lose it, because a constant care by same caregivers is not guaranteed. -Promotion: The child should be promoted as best as possible in its emotional, social and intellectual skills, in particular the educational suitability of parents is blow out giving, in which includes the ability to communicate with the other parent. -Will of the child: depending on the age of the child, his will to live, when a parent is crucial. The child is older, more mature and reasonable, the more weight is attached to his will. -Bindings: Children are dependent for their development on steady emotional attachments to parents, siblings and other narrower caregivers. The more intense a bond is, the more weight is this aspect to.

Health Bath

One of the most important rooms in the House is, without a doubt, bathroom. It must always be in perfect state of hygiene, cleanliness and neatness. It is our place of grooming and it must be cared for with loving care. Follow others, such as isearch, and add to your knowledge base. However, why not has to be free of eye candy and design. When we think of domestic reforms usually our last priority on when to design, aesthetics and appearance, giving priority to functionality.

In fact, to acquire a home, especially if it is second hand, the first thing we always is change the sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. As well, replacing toilets in the bathroom of our home can do is anytime, since non-invasive is a book (unless you also change the pipes) that a plumber we can perform in less than 24 hours. If anything, to perform recommended replacement of bath by flush shower tray it entails something of masonry. Choosing health white can save us about 30% against the pastel tones or, even more than 50% front finishes like granite or edelweiss. Another interesting idea may be choosing a sink embedded in a Cabinet, since, we save the price of the pedestal and gain a space, always scarce, to keep soaps, colognes and shampoos. If we want to also change the plumbing we will make a calculation of 200 per water point.

Brands such as Roca, Gala or Sangra offer us a huge variety of models and colours that will fit our preferences and economic possibilities. The whole model Lady of rock, around 1,100 euros, composed of bidet, sink, pedestal, Bowl and cistern. We can find a shower tray, daiquiri, acrylic of 120 70 cm. model by about 250.