New light on the diamond jewelry market, the bellaluce collection bellaluce – new light on the diamond jewelry market. Bellaluce collection shows diamond jewelry in excellent quality and balanced, elegant shapes. The diamonds of bellaluce show in its most beautiful form. To broaden your perception, visit Energy Capital Partners London. Artfully collected in white gold and yellow gold shine high-quality brilliants of bellaluce jewelry collection and capture the beauty of light and of life. Jewelry is a very personal thing. Jewelry mediates between people. He expresses feelings and absorbs emotions. To know more about this subject visit Energy Capital Partners. Often memories are memories associated with it, very special moments in life.

Some trinkets to wear over a long period of time, always or always wearing some. Jewelry, fashion is more resistant than the changing moods. But even with the jewelry, the flavour will vary. Times, white gold is a rather, times large stones and lush chains are required, even narrow ribbon and faint rings. There is a real trend-setter and the outstanding classic. For the upcoming season Trend researchers identified different trends in the jewelry sector: an exciting finish, floral shapes and the colour white. From the collection of bellaluce, Fleur”is an example of this trend. The high gloss polished white gold reflects the light of diamonds and brilliants in a very special light glitter can be.

The designers have inspired by nature, by flowers flowered up and leaves, stars and rays. The partly antique and Oriental forms look modern, yet timeless. Filigree in the execution and harmoniously in the form of bellaluce trinkets seem especially feminine and joyful. bellaluce pieces of jewellery are stylish and timeless. bellaluce is produced by an experienced diamond factory in Idar-Oberstein in Germany.