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Research and clinical trials double helix of DNA replication. Innovation continues his rapid progress as the basic research at universities and hospitals, funded partly by contributions from industry, research and the very pharmaceutical companies, makes new discoveries about the tissues and organs of living beings. Currently research in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies focused their interest in finding improved treatments for cancer, central nervous system diseases, viral diseases such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), arthritis and diseases the circulatory system, which are the ills afflicting mainly the developed countries, and ultimately, they generate more profits.Little research is done on prevalent diseases in developing countries (for example, Chagas disease in South America), because the return on investment in these markets is low. The discovery of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) at the beginning of the 1950s made possible the development of new techniques that have resulted in the production of prostaglandins, interferon, new vaccines, blood clotting factor and many other complex biochemical compounds that previously were difficult or impossible to machine. The directors of pharmaceutical companies fully understand the importance of genetic engineering to develop new drugs today and tomorrow. The use of live animals in medical research is the subject of controversy. Although pharmacologists have developed and continue to develop techniques to avoid its use, live animals (mainly rats and mice) remain crucial for many procedures.Medical supervision agencies insist that you have to use two different species to verify their possible toxicity of a new substance before granting permission to begin clinical trials. The first phase of these trials involves the voluntary cooperation of healthy people are given a brief treatment of the new drug. If problems arise, the official body that granted the authorization allows the start of the second phase of trials in which a few specialist advisers try the product with a selected group of patients. Based on their recommendations, the company can request permission to conduct the third phase of testing, of a broader nature. If this last step yields satisfactory results, is seeking approval of the drug. In some cases it is necessary to repeat a similar procedure in countries where it wants to market. Usually tests are carried out in hospitals, where you can organize so-called double-blind trials.Patients were divided into two or three groups, one of them receiving the drug to be proved, the other receives a placebo (an inactive substance) and sometimes a third group received another product that you want to compare the new drug. All three compounds are presented in a way that neither the patient nor the physician can differentiate them. According to some designs, only the hospital pharmacist know which group receives each compound and does not disclose the results until the end of the trial, when doctors have evaluated clinical outcomes. In the case of medicines for animals, similar trials are conducted that are performed by veterinarians. Today most Western governments believe that a requirement for production and distribution of safe and effective drugs that the pharmaceutical industry is to continue in the hands of private enterprise.Another requirement is the establishment of governmental monitoring bodies composed of experts and empowered to grant or refuse licenses to pharmaceutical companies to market their products according to criteria of their quality and patient safety. These monitoring bodies are responsible for preventing abuse or irresponsibility on the part of manufacturers, thereby reducing the chance to appear and health hazards arising from disasters like thalidomide.

Musical Instruments

Met’s collection of musical instruments is almost unique among museums. He has more than 5,000 instruments from all over the world. The collection was started in 1889 with a donation of several hundred instruments by Lucy W. Drexel, but the current focus of the department came through donations in later years by Mary Elizabeth Adams, wife of John Crosby Brown. The instruments have been included in the collection not only for aesthetic reasons, but also reflect technical and social aspects of their cultures of origin. In the collection of modern musical instruments, every continent is represented at virtually every stage of his musical life. Among the items highlighted in this collection include several Stradivari violins, a collection of Asian instruments made of precious metals and the oldest piano, a 1720 model by Bartolomeo Cristofori. The department encourages the use of the instruments perform in concerts and demonstrations by guest musicians.

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Literature and Creation

Literature and Creation – In the field of literature has published the poetry books Against Clay, Something has come, in solidarity with the people of the Sahara, All cities, Passion gray backlit Lounge Alameda, Whom amount of Transit bodies and the novella The boundaries of the destination. Participated in the book and wrote sanroque os Tales Tales of the Civil War yet published. In his youth he founded the literary magazine Albarrac n. He has also participated in numerous concerts and events, receiving, on the other hand, various awards and recognition. 1975. Third prize for poetry “International Year of Women”. Malaga. 1979. He contributed to the poetic sanroque a “Cuestarriba. 1981. He founded the cultural group “Luz de Mayo”. 1987. He founded the literary magazine “Albarrac n. 1989. Poetry recital Andalusia Day. Castellar Hall. 1992. Recital “Young Poets”. Aula de Literatura Jos Gallows. San Roque. 1994. Poetry recital Bucraa twinning. Town Hall San Roque. 1994.Poetry recital solidarity with Rwanda. San Roque 1996. Recital collective “5th Anniversary Aula Jose Gallows”. 1998. Recital collective homage to Garcia Lorca. Center Rafael Alberti. San Roque. 2000. Reading Association of Municipalities of the Campo de Gibraltar. 2008. Poetry Contest First runner Artificer (Loja, Granada).

What I will

What I will write a summary of this article exposing the most important of it without distorting what the author (Luis Felipe Argamunt) we wanted to reflect. I hope you enjoy it and if you like please comment and especially thank Luis Argamunt, one of the many excellent teachers that have our faculty. Luis begins by telling the state because we are experiencing is called CRASH, and not like most who call CRISIS. And puts it as follows: The crisis is basically a time of change a reality organized a structure which, although has a certain predictability, in turn maintains a degree of uncertainty. In simple terms we would say that a crisis is the abandonment of the old without us knowing very well how long and how it’s: good or bad. Crises are not necessarily bad, and often are positive signs of change ahead. CRASH But the term refers to an event even more traumatic, most unexpected and significant and irreversible in its effects. The term “crash” call a bankruptcy, a break. A crash is bad, there just is rescued from the lessons of what not to do. We understand what is happening at this time was predictable. But it does not and is more like a car accident (a crash). Let’s see: we were driving in a risky (and the financial world we mean business), an ever more insane, skating on skates, for the worse on shaky ground, rain and more and more speed. In that context it was unlikely that something bad happened, but it was “politically incorrect” to speak, with stock market indicators by clouds fool anyone want to go through predicting a negative future. Better to close your eyes and pretend to be brave, total …were all above the car, it was not possible that we all went wrong at the same time. And the accident came as reaching all suddenly not wait even though we knew it could happen. The accident happened just around the corner, at the first corner we thought we could get close to the speed we were coming and maintaining control (the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers), although it was raining and we were determined that the road was slippery ( because we were from some major upheavals in the Asian crises of 1997, the companies, 2001, the fall in prices of 2003 that prompted the reduction of interest rates and the existence of increasing flows of funds and poor indicators since late 2007). It happened unexpectedly although we knew that would happen. After the initial impact, the accident continued with spins (Europe, Latin America, Asia), and created a mess of everything that was inside and came loose. Meanwhile, beat passers ignorant of the risks of this infernal machine launched at speed (small investors, SMEs in many countries, developed and undeveloped, and others), and revealed that traffic police were making ( we mean the regulators, the Henry Paulson – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary in the Bush administration – and others), who seeing the risks of that breaking boundaries and going beyond vehicle licensing, those officers, continued to monitor the toll booths for no one entered the highway without paying.