Common Ways

“New quality or old patterns of behavior? Manufacturers and suppliers as a shared destiny.”/ 4. FACTON Congress at the 13.10.2011 in Bensberg near Cologne / distinguished speakers from OEMs and suppliers of Potsdam, August 11, 2011 the search for new ways of cooperation between OEMs and suppliers is at the heart of this year’s FACTON Congress on cost management in the automotive industry. Under the heading “new quality or old patterns of behavior? -Manufacturers and suppliers as a community of destiny”will meet representatives of the supplier and manufacturer to the fourth edition of the event on October 13, 2011 at Schloss Bensberg. Well-known representatives from manufacturers and suppliers, which will illuminate the difficult relationship to each other are on the list of speakers. These include among others Prof. Bernd Gottschalk, Managing Director of AutoValue GmbH and former VDA President, Alexander Koesling, pre-and purchase part of planning at the Daimler AG, Mercedes car group and Hans Jurgen Kracht, CEO of WOCO group. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information.

Although the automotive industry looks the end joint with relief Crisis, allow no relief but the current decline in international financial markets and the fragile economy. The automotive industry has to the rising risk of a recession seriously wonder whether she has learned from the recent crisis and is now better equipped: because the balance of power within the industry is still controversial. Suppliers as well as manufacturers have requested a back together at FACTON Congress last year. Now we want to check to what extent actions have followed the requirements”, says Alexander M. Swoboda FACTON Managing Director. Instead of leaving purified from the crisis, the industry complains about a return to old patterns of behaviour. This means that manufacturers increase the cost pressure, while the suppliers are struggling to secure their desired margins.” Professor Gottschalk illuminates the development of manufacturer supplier relationship in the rear and views.

Teaching Issues

Have you ever thought about why people, from enthusiasm to study any subject or course after a while they want him to quit? Why is reading a book, and before reaching the end of the page, people can not remember what has been written on this page? Why some people can not apply in my life that have studied at university or at work? Why do so many students do not hesitate to assert that "hate school"? If you are faced with at least one of these situations, you know the problems of education. In our modern world, the problem of illiteracy society is one of the major problems in the world. Hear other arguments on the topic with Pete Cashmore. Lack of qualified personnel causes considerable problems in economy. People can not get a job due to lack of knowledge and inability to assimilate. Errors and problems at work arise because of the incompetence of the people, and can lead to large financial losses. Parents can invest in the education of their children everything they have, and still not get the desired result.

All these problems have been carefully researched study by the American scientist and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. In the 60 years of 20 century, he developed a technology that allows to learn any subject. It's called technology education and is not a memorization technique, or "memorization" of the object. Technology training includes methods to cope with any problem learning that can occur in humans. It aims to ensure that any person could fully understand absolutely any subject and to apply learned in life. You can get acquainted with this technology on course "Guide to Basic Training", or enroll your child in the course "Learn to learn ', designed specifically for children, with lots of illustrations. An experienced instructor will see to it that the course was learned completely.


One day the majority of us will go to break up itself. We will feel homesicknesses of all the colloquies plays it are, the discoveries that we made; of the dreams that we had, of as many laughs and moments that we share. Homesicknesses even of the moments of tear, the anguish, the eves of ends of week, ends of year, at last of the lived fellowship. I always thought that the friendships continued forever. Today I do not have plus as much certainty of this.

Perhaps soon each one goes pra its side, follows its life, continues in them to find who knows in e-mails changed. We can telephoning in them to talk some bobagens There the days go to pass, months, years, until this contact to become each time more rare. We go losing in them in the time. One day our children summer those photographs and will ask: ' ' Who is these people? ' ' We will say that they were our friends and this goes to ache in such a way! They had been my friends, was with them that I lived the best years of my life! Then the day is necessary to cultivate the friendship day EWALD KOCH

Fashionable Bags

Shoulder bags – men also appreciate you shoulder bags should be just for women? Is no longer so. Both men have already discovered this practical Companion. No fact is that men also have now realized that the space in a pocket for lipstick and mirrors not only is intended but no question of sex. It is quite clear that a shoulder bag for men a small little must look different, as a model for the woman. Nothing is wrong, the manufacturers have prepared already, to design great models for the man.

Shoulder bags are thus ideally suited for men. These are usually very simple and convince by their size. Thus, these bags appear even more durable and stable than ordinary women’s bags. I like modern men, casual to wear bags over his shoulder. For one, it looks very masculine, on the other hand, a great shoulder bag can also a catcher, what a man surely just like a woman. Now one certainly wonders what then actually carry men in the shoulder bag so. Keys and wallet is like so far also place in your pocket. Errands need to men as well as women.

But men also like to carry their notebook with them. Grooves that would shoulder bag as sports bag, when they go to the gym or go for a swim. Just like the women, the men find enough possibilities, what you can carry in the bag. Commuters from the business sector, have found a perfect companion in the different bags. Find all the documents that are needed for the Office, also one has free hands while waiting for the train. You have to worry all the time about that as in the past, somewhere keeping the Briefcase.

Relaxation From The Computer

How can you release stress with the help of the Internet? Our life in the Internet age is always fast-paced. We are inundated by information and requirements of all kinds, and a lot of it comes directly from the network. Whether Facebook, iPhone, Twitter, or YouTube, offering virtual grows in the immense, and seems at first glance just as rapid diffusion and consumption can be thought. It spends more and more time reading, surfing, or networking, and loses it in the virtual jungle. Where does that leave the quiet, calm, and comfortable side of human? The page, which reveals itself only in the slowness, and threatening to drown in the constant flood of information? She has nothing more to look for in this Internet world, and we have to throw the computer out of the window to rediscover it? I no think it is this slowness on the Internet, only to be discovered, and is easily overlooked.

“The other day I found a video on YouTube entitled the sound of rain.” Since ten minutes there long the sound of a thunderstorm, and looks at a photo of raindrops on a puddle. The video was released in June 2008, and has been seen 2.5 million times since. These are over 3600 views per day. “Or: the video Amazon rainforest”. Da listens to half an hour only jungle sounds and considered the rain forest. Here, there are even more than 3.1 million calls, since the video was released in 2007. There are after all, the slowness in the Internet.

And obviously lots of people who are interested to explore. It really obvious, is to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet for the relaxation. Because one of the advantages of this is precisely the speed of the network: you can at any time take a 5 minute break and enjoy a short relaxation video. If you, professional reasons, spends all day on the computer, it is so, to take advantage of the strengths of the Internet for such breaks. Or it takes slightly more time after work, and immersed in a virtual vacation. Researchers have found that just the idea of a quiet moment in a harmonious environment has a positive effect on the human organism. Pulse and respiration slow and the blood pressure drops. If so the imagination to do so enough to affect the body, so it is probably not surprising that the sight of a video with an idyllic natural scene has a similar positive effect on the organism. Can be significantly amplified the relaxing effect of such videos by the integration of relaxing music, and the combination with guided meditation. Why just learn the hectic side of the Internet if you can catch also rest and relaxation on the net? At best, you try it out yourself, and watch free relaxation videos some. Dr. Carl Neumann Pro connection Ltd.

Digital Millennial

Students thus received 900 minutes of talk time and 300 text messages a month to use in free time outside of class. Teachers monitored the messages and reprimanded any students whose activity violated the school’s standards. Some critics claim using such communications detracts from the overall time students spend on studies; several states and many school districts have banned cellphones from school premises completely. “Texting, ringing, vibrating,” says a spokeswoman for the American Federation of teachers, “cellphones so far haven’t been on educational tool. They’ve been a distraction.” The cellphone industry, though, Lake a lot of money on the table. Schools now spend hundreds of millions of dollars on computer. To provide on average of one computer for three students to share costs $1,000 a year per machine. But computers and their larger screens offer a range of teaching opportunities while enabling students to write papers and do research online.

Previous attempts to bring cellphones into schools have met with limited success. Recently, 2,500 New York City public school students got to exemption from the city’s overall ban on cellphones and received a free Samsung flip-phone. They earned prepaid minutes for good behavior and scores, and teachers sent them text messages, reminding them of deadlines high test. But the project ran out of money. More info: Steve Wozniak. The grade for this latest attempt to get cellphones into schools is marked with plusthere and minuses. One teacher who administered the Digital Millennial program said the phones excited her students and inspired them to collaborate and focus on their studies, even outside of school hours. Average-level kids became honours – level kids. But the program so into her time at ate night and on weekends and holidays to monitor and occasionally disconnect phones when students broke the rules. “You have to be willing to put in the time,” she said, “and be very patient with the technology.” Put more of your time into your cyber life and let Spacelocker take the weight off organizing your online profiles, friends, and functions.