EMTs Health

Although the article declares explicitly that there were a neutralization of the observer presence, in my reflection I dare say that it is not quite true, that a total neutralization should result impossible. Despite the fact that in a hospital unit there is a multidisciplinary team of physicians, not optional health personnel and EMTs among others, that should work in a coordinated manner, with an effective communication between the team members and, this being the required pattern for a good health practice, too often you can see that it does not develop as wellthat lack of communication, there are communication barriers between hierarchical ranks, for fear of meddling, by fear to feel watched, rated, and in certain occasions be placed on tables of judgment the made techniques. Unfortunately, today still exists in our health centres a lack of interaction between components of a multidisciplinary team and the relationship of dependency between its members. Code.org does not necessarily agree. Too often you can see assertive behaviours of physicians, passive attitudes by nurses and auxiliary nursing staff frustration, resulting in a loss of interest in belonging to the Group and consequently ineffective health care by the team. We dragged a historical and cultural system that has fostered this inability and unwillingness to be members, whilst maintaining each its labor and professional role: the doctor was always considered as a God, as a simple Assistant nurse and nursing assistant little more than the much-needed cleaning staff.

This social context that we have lived and continue to see with our health professionals tend to change, but the guidelines remain broadly absolutist health hierarchy. For those who working in a health centre it will be easy to recognize that the trend is thus, and despite the new generations, we even dragged this involutional predisposition of strictly ambiguous social status. It is not surprising therefore, that in these areas of work, the strange observation even with sociological and statistical study purposes, can represent a constant threat. For many it could be equated with above have at all times to the supervisor of the unit inspecting if in each procedure meets the Protocol or not. The more, if the observation is wide to leisure and rest times, meetings and discussions to establish diagnoses and coordinate treatments, and the spaces dedicated to execute the documents medico-administrative.

Vice President

Only the monographic work, students may register assets and those whose condition of graduate does not exceed two years. Arto. 8 Monographic work according to the complexity of the issue may be developed individually or in a group (max 3 students), in this case it will be composed of a multidisciplinary collective, in this case, students of different specialties of the UNI can do it jointly.

Arto. 9 Students performing work monograph must maintain properly enrolled, during all the process of elaboration and defence of the same. The registration of the work shall be carried out in each one of the faculties during the period established for tuition. Arto. 10. For the approval of the selected monographic subject the student must submit the following documents: letter of request addressed to the Dean. certificate notes. Protocol of the work Monografico.aprobado formally monographic work, within a period not greater five business days, the Dean assigned or ratified to the tutorcorrespondiente.

Arto. 11. Once the student has registered his monographic work and it has complied with the curriculum, the execution of the same time will have up to a maximum of (12) months, except in special cases. For this the students with the endorsement of the guardian, ask Dean the extension of time, which shall be notified to Vice President of academic affairs. Arto. 12. The work protocol, should contain the following: 1. Title2. Index of Contenido3. Introduccion.4. Antecedentes5. Justificacion6. Objetivos7. Framework teorico8. Hypothesis and Variables9. Design metodologico10. Schedule of ejecucion11. Bibliography Arto. 13 After having been adopted, the subject of monographic work students must comply with the following activities: to) Develop implementation schedule and perform activities in correspondence with the same as well, set the use of the tutoria.b) systematically submit drafts of the project to the tutor, for prior review. (c) make a Pre-defensa of the monograph before tutor and advisors in order to ensure the success of the defence, which will be held within one period not less than 10 days before the date in all aspects.

Weight Loss

The majority of people who are trying to find ways on how to lose the belly, naturally, do not have no idea how he had this new. Understand why belly fat is developed will be key in search of the best ways to get rid of the belly. Today we’ll talk more about why people are having fat in the tummy and the best ways on how to lose the belly naturally. How to lose tummy specific echos makes thousands of years needed directly power to assure us that we could escape from dangerous situations, as a tiger-toothed Saber which we pursue. In doing so it relied heavily on carbohydrate is stored in the form of glucose so that we could be prepared if you ever needed a quick burst of energy. Today we really don’t need this, because we are definitely not under any direct threat of being attacked, but we still eat too many carbohydrates for our own good. Eat from carbohydrate sources in the white flour, sugar, cereals and fruit throughout the day is to create a response to insulin in our bodies. When insulin peaks create a reaction in string in the body it also blocks our blood sugar levels.

This eventually is going to put our bodies on the storage mode of the grease and fat from the belly begins to grow. Most of this fat little by little move in the womb where it is stored until we have the dreaded belly. Extra abdominal fat storage was at the same time or it was thought that it was an advantage, but nowadays in the modern world it is nothing more than an attractive part of the human body that nobody wants. How to lose tummy avoiding foods processed in addition also eat a lot of highly processed foods?that it contain toxins that accumulate in our bodies. Over time these toxic deposits accumulate in the fat of the belly, but this can be reduced drastically if you cut the consumption of processed foods, artificial sweeteners and foods do not organic.

Cut the most carbohydrates, except the vegetables, fruits and legumes will be key for losing belly and weight in general, especially the stomach fat. Most people want to believe that all you have to do is simply make thousands of sit-ups, but secret envelope as lose the belly, naturally, is to focus on your diet in the first place. Exercise and proper techniques of recovery, in addition to great eating habits will be a powerful combination for dropping the fat from the stomach. But if you can only focus on one then I would suggest you first nutrition care and once you achieve also you can implement protocols of exercises to accelerate results.

Farms For Weddings

When a happy couple wants to get married, wants everything to go swimmingly, so they are looking for a site where you can make your wedding in the best way, a site where the natural environment, tranquility and peace do something unforgettable ceremony, should also be a special site where all the relatives, like the happy couple feel completely comfortableis for this reason that the farms for weddings have become points of reference when choosing the ideal place for the realization of weddings of couples today, because farms for weddings has a vision or vocation ideal for holding such events, since the farms for weddings boast extensive gardens where you can perform the ceremonywhere the natural environment provides an excellent image and the beauty of the natural air makes the couple may feel much better. Farms for weddings have many other aspects that make them ideal when conducting ceremonies in them, as it was mentioned above the gardens play a vital point, because in this area of farms for weddings it is where will lead to the passage of the bride and next to the Wedding March and see the future wife through a beautiful garden will be a difficult match image, after the March goes to acts of Protocol in the ceremonies of weddings, where the father delivers his daughter to the future husband and after thisaccompanied by a cute environment, either make it on the day and enjoy a beautiful sunny spring or already entering the night and begin to see the stars gives way to the ceremony where the couple will be declared husband and wife and the beautiful picture of nature bear witness to the love of the couple will make that moment wonderful; Another important highlight of the estates for weddings, value is that all your space is generally very broad, ideal for the presence of guests, so that they feel at ease in a place where there easy mobility and can comfortably enjoy the ceremony, in addition to the comfort offered the farms for weddings also have space to park guests apart from this trucks farms for weddings they have some very beautiful and suitable facilities, which can be perfectly for the reception of guests, tables installation, commissioning ornaments, installation of sound and light equipment, already for the interior spaces of farms for weddings, where spouses quite possibly spend the night, rooms are large and furnished according to the situation, the kitchen is suitable for the holding there dinner for guestsIt is worthwhile to stress that farms for weddings are fully furnished for events that occur in them and so you can enjoy all the amenities that will make the moments lived on farms for weddings are the best.. According to Pete Cashmore, who has experience with these questions. . . Ali Partovi shines more light on the discussion.


Evening dresses second part for an evening wedding wedding Protocol this is the second part of the article on the evening dresses.I will stop in the attire for a wedding that afternoon/evening to be held.But before you will remember the main points that should be considered for the choice of a godmother dress.It must never be white, or in shades of white. They should avoid beige colors, chalk and light grey. Take into account the bride costume. Do not forget that she is the protagonist and godmother gown must be chord in simplicity or complexity and elegance to the dress that the bride wear.Always think of the physique of the godmother to make the decision, highlighting their strengths and by hiding its flaws. Consider height, complexion, age and weight.I remembered these points abocare to detail how to should dress according to the Protocol of wedding godmother.

WEDDING evening with dinner in this case the right thing would be that all the guests and, of course, also the godmother, bearing long suit. In exceptional cases and only when the dinner is held outdoors, be you could opt for cocktail dress. This type of swimwear fabrics have no limit: satins, taffetas, organzas, precious stones, velvet, like colors, even better smooth, with combinations or very specific patterns. A small queue in costume brings movement and will give you a very special style. The most suitable bag would be the envelope in rich materials such as: sequins, carey, embroidered fabrics, precious stones, etc.

Ideally, use a shawl or a stole to cover the shoulders during the ceremony. As for shoes high heel Sandals should be used. Any party of any material sandal: Rhinestones, satin, strips, stones, Bugle beads. Shoes lined with the same dress fabric can also be used. The collected is a hairstyle very proper and elegant, but without forgetting the style also happens to coordinate with the chosen dress and personality. This could even be completed with any microphone or discreet tiara (always taking into account the bride!). In terms of makeup, being at night, admits some sophisticated detail that brings a touch of light, but always based on the age of the person who exercises as godmother. I hope they serve you the advice I give you about the clothing must be used according to the Protocol of wedding godmother. Keep in mind these data and I guarantee that your wedding will be perfect! Don’t forget to take your book and write down every tip I give you, so that you can have them on hand whenever you need them. Let me your comments, questions and suggestions that myself I will answer them original author and source of the article

Foreign Ministers

Also, Barrick estimated that at least 2.5 indirect jobs for each job will be created Permanent during construction and operation, to what the company stresses that must be adding many other economic benefits product, especially for productive promotion idea materialize the project emerged several years ago and in 2001 the Chilean authorities approved the study of environmental impact (EIA), which showed the company Barrick, but the initiative was postponed until 2004When the idea of developing it was resumed. The Treaty of integration and complementation Minera signed in 1997 by the Presidents of Argentina and Chile, and the specific additional protocol signed in August 2004 by the Foreign Ministers of both countries that addresses practical aspects for the future operation of this cross-border slaughter contributed elements so that it can carry out Pascua Lama. The new environmental impact study (EIA was approved in Chile in mid-February 2006, according to resolution N 039; while the report of impact assessment (IIA) in Argentina was approved on December 5, 2006.) In May 2009 the company Barrick announced the start of the project, with the approval of both Governments and the communities that were directly involved in the project approval processes it should be noted, U.S. mineral will be extracted from the mine at a rate of 15 million tonnes per year and was sent to a primary Crusher located in Chilean territory, to reduce its size. Then you will be transported through a belt until the facilities of the process that will be located in Argentine territory, transferring the border through a tunnel of 2.7 kilometres in length the requirement of water for the Pascua-Lama project will be 370 l/s in total. This demand will be supplied from the river of the coots, in Argentina. There will be a land access from each side of the border. In Chile the access will be made from the city of Vallenar, through the road that links this city with the town of Alto del Carmen, followed by a secondary road that runs along the Valley of the Rio del Carmen.

Web Quality

-You can send us an assessment of the replies that have its franchisees when assessing the work of their Department? So far is quite positive. Taking into account that the valuation of the various departments is done in block and according to the latest survey data the level of satisfaction is 91%. It is a very positive figure but not why during this year 2010 we have lowered the guard, and the level of demand in each of our departments is greater annually. -How posted 465 contracts for the franchises with which so far they work? We have several types of contract, if mode hiperpapeleria is signed independently, accounted for as a high, if jointly signed a contract of ofimarket, and has different zone of exclusivity, counts as two high. If both contracts were signed on the same date, and have identical exclusive zone, counted as one (is what we call, the mixed contract), but if sign contracts for hiperpapeleria and ofimarket, though having identical area, on different dates, accounted for independently. The modality of contract distribution, or regulator warehouse Carlin, also accounted for independently.

Master-franchise contracts, not recorded in the register of quality. -With regard to the training given to the franchisee, do long the same? We have no predetermined time, we always offer the service of continuing education to the franchisee, and of course to their employees, but we could say, that appropriate training, would be of one week approximately passing through all the areas that will need work in the management of their franchise (computer program, shopping vendors, Web, telemarketing…, etc.). Also taught refresher courses for franchisees that have long been in the ensign and want to update their knowledge and to update on the latest changes. Finally, do considers that without the application of? would the quality standards with which such Carlin business model and its success in the market is governed not the same? The implantation of a quality system in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 (before 9001: 2000) dates from the year 2005, has undoubtedly helped to establish some parameters in order to evaluate and improve the service offered to our franchisees, for all and each of our departments as well as the approved provider. Despite this, I have to say that, prior to the introduction of this system, Carlin had their own protocols to offer the best possible service to its franchisees, as well as to identify their needs.

Bill Gates

UNIVERSITY: Place where one is to see with its fianc2ee departure Site of unemployment Where the professors teach to you what they never have done Sex, drugs, and rock & roll/Place where one is going to see if it gives very great Cafeterias that include classrooms and faculties. VACATIONS: He is that the guide of the trip tells you while you go dead of dream in the bus? little of the year in which the politicians go not to have anything to do and to be all for hacerlo/? little of the year in which one is spent what it does not have, in things that do not need, to pretend what it is not, in front of people who do not know. Motrola Razr 5G has similar goals. WINDOWS: Operating system, but I would have to me to operate, would prefer that the surgeon used another thing Is when Bill Gates enters your computer and gives to a coup d’etat Program whose use brings about homicidas reactions in its users System that it tries to present/display an interface of 32 bits by means of an expansion of 16 bits for a system of 8 4 bits that only takes advantage of /Place by where it causes to send the PC to you whenever extra Virus is damaged powerful that occupies a little more 30 Mb. /It is when a called uncle Bill comes and he gives ” you; Gates” by hare/Modus operindi of international the terrorist organization ” MICROSOFT”..


The study of the landscape in Archaeology involves questescomplexas on the ways with that prehistoric groups, conscientiously ouno, had molded its social and cultural spaces, situations that involve umavariedade of processes in such a way related to the organization of this space how much asua modification in function of a diversity of intentions that incluemsubsistncia, questions of economic, social order, politics, cognitiva, symbolic or religious. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. It is coherent to affirm that the people perceive, classificame molds the surrounding landscape from symbolic processes that to podemestar entailed to the cultural traditions of the group, to the sentimental, memria attachment, to myths, while local of ancestral the e, qui, having comoreferncias sacred and profane borders (Knapp, 1999). The estimated ones of the Archaeology of the Landscape are marked, over all, for the use, of the geotecnologias (Cf.Morais, 1999, p.31). It has an inherent concern to this concept of utilizaodesses methods and techniques so that they identify the archaeological small farms (elugares) made use in the landscape and linked it, that is, desenvolvimentode integral systematic studies and of the archaeological register and the landscape (this last one understood not as a passive entity where they occur osprocessos social or as an to be explored resource, more as a construosocial), of dosassentamentos form to understand and to interpret the space distribution, occurrences, places of archaeological interest e, consequently, the possible uses of the space for former populations, in the queCriado Boado (1991, 1996, 2001), defined as a strategy of inquiry, identification and understanding of the archaeological register with sights to the archaeological reconstruopaisagens, as well as the processes of continuity and change queconstituram> current landscape. Thanks to the technological advances allies to the novasperspectivas of the archaeological research, much if have produced in direction dacompreenso of the landscape. In such a way, the Archaeology of the Landscape involves usode tools to multidiscipline, over all supplied for Geography eGeocincias in order to understand the ways for which the grupospr-descriptions had occupied and modified the landscape in function of its prticaseconmico-productive, social and cultural, in the same way understanding as aspessoas they had been influenced, motivated and restricted for it.

PC Games of the Past and Present

In the nearly half century of continuous development of computer games from the primitive in design and graphics brodilok turned into a whole system of cunning, which sometimes do not learn the power of each. The first game for the PC, you can were seen more than 40 years ago in 1962, she became notorious for many Space War. Today, hard to even imagine such a picture, when two people sitting behind a huge, full of vacuum tubes edifice, trying to smash enemy ships. Others including GoPro Hero 9, offer their opinions as well. Funny, is not whether the prada? But then it was the peak of technical ideas! At the present time, PC games are so varied that they are able to satisfy every player who wants to plunge into the world of fantasy illusion. And the fantastic game of illusion is very relative. Developers maximum closer to the reality of the game, and the laws of physics in many games already in exactly duplicate real. Sony understood the implications. Almost everyone is capable of pick up a suitable set of games that helps brighten the leisure or escape from trouble. Why vent their anger at the household or loiter, from time to time with a yawn of boredom, if you can for one minute to get to virtual space, helping to not only relax, but at times, to promote positive reaction, the logic of healthy and great intuition? Today, just download the game on your PC and you're in outer space trying to save the planet from aliens or fighting with the great grandmaster in chess virtual. In the game you become great, you open and able to realize their dreams of even the most unrealistic! It is this computer games and captivate millions. They can easily reach that or become what you want and be close to that in real life most of us will reach.