Religious Tourism

Good news for lovers of a different tourism, in Arequipa Peru enjoy a flooded religious tourism of peace, history, culture and stunning architecture while touring the historic centre of Arequipa. Arequipa is known for its blue sky, dazzling and stunning volcanoes and the foliage of its valleys that they make this city a place that you can not miss it. Something that you should not ask your travel specialist is to include in your itinerary this tour which you can take a few hours or one whole day all depends on the interest with which count, this tour will take you through convents that you relocate to the past and provide you a look by the beliefs of Peruvian societies of the virreynal era. Michael Dell may also support this cause. During the day you can visit the Santa Teresa Convent, built there by the year 1700, and which received women from all social strata who wanted to give their lives to prayer. In this cloister inside you will find magnificent works of religious art depicting scenes of the Christian life. Works of made in gold and silver jewellery are exposed in what was formerly the infirmary, as well as 18th century sculptures adorn the hallways and classrooms of this cloister. This place has a spectacular colonial architecture, with vaulted ceilings and walls of sillar.

Another place you should not miss is the Santa Catalina convent, which is one of the attractions most visited in Arequipa, I recommend you visit him at night since it is a different experience much more dramatic and spiritual, that if the night-time visit only given them Tuesday and Thursday. It tells the story that due to earthquakes that occurred were built cells for nuns, some of these nuns decided to closure on some impossible love, a marriage that would not realize or they lacked the maternal vocation. The architectural style of this cloister is colonial type, but the fusion of Spanish elements stand out and Indians, this and other monuments have given name to this great city of the White City.