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Lake 4000 online TV shows from your PC. No need of a TV tuner Ines system announces friendly live TV system Deluxe non, Thailand, 13 February 2011 – Ines system has published new software – watch live TV on own computer. All you need is a PC and ISP (Internet service provider) and our Internet TV software, which hosts television channels. You can find a few no charge sites or you may purchase a service to join one of the many sites catering to that market. Many want to of your favorite channels so allow you to connect to their programs and see them. If you missed on episode of your favorite channel, don’t give up, sometimes you may search it and view it on Internet. Most people can’t afford the expensive television system often associated with suppliers who provide a wide range of series.

This is where comes in. With this affordable and accessible commodity for your your monthly bill home, you can cut drastically and only worry about internet costs. Some stores such as coffeehouses and bookstores even offer internet for a low price or of no charge depending on where you are. Internet television is simply being able to connect to a webcast in real time from anywhere around the globe. Many of US discovered online Internet television during this past presidential campaign while we were, as a people, nearly glued to some form of media in order to keep updated on the progress of the election. Some of US were acquainted to online IP television because we found it on excellent way not only to stay informed with the news, butalso weather and sports news.

There are lot of Interenet portals that allow you to watch television stations. Did you miss your preferred station DEMA? Or if you prefer to view archives of old channels? No. swet to recall them. You can find them on video websites such as Internet TV products, or social networking portal like MySpace. They always show you one or two parts of the favorite or most viewed shows. So are available shows that presented only on the online. They end for a short time, but are worth watching. AVAILABILITY-friendly live TV system Deluxe program can be acquired for free at the INES system web site at: ABOUT ABOUT INES system established in January 2011, Ines system design applications to Lake online tv on any pc for additional data on the business and its services please visit its web site at contact: Ines Thongkam,

Electric Cars

In these days the media have echoed the submission of the plan of action on the part of Mr Zapatero Prime Minister and Minister of Industry Miguel Sebastian to promote the implementation of the electric car in Spain. Can this government and successive governments spend all the public money they want in these matters but the reality is different. With current technology, the electric car has no future except for people who are willing to buy one of these vehicles only and exclusively for use by the city. The electric car will be an option when we have a range of energy equal to or above the engine fuel. These vehicles appear to only have a range of 130 kilometers.

The battery should be charged at the same time or less than what it took to fill the fuel tank. Who will be willing to wait two hours or overnight to recharge the batteries?. Solved the problem of time repostage, should have the same access to recharge or better than what we have, with service stations. The electric car should not have fewer limitations in speed, power and comfort of vehicles we currently have. Who or those behind this technology is not developed enough to enjoy the environmental benefits of electric car? The image that politicians want to sell us is to be committed to a sustainable economy, but if this technology was developed (not to be stagnant) the goose that lays golden eggs from the oil industry and this would end Who interested? Why not drive the hybrid car? We can alternate fuel and electric power to maintain the same driving performance. Imagine a smoke-free cities and noise? When we were in road fuel would use the engine and electric mode population. In no way would charge the batteries fuel for use in town. Who is not interested?. Official site: Steve Case.