The Main Sources Of Raw Materials Used In Lime Production

The main source of raw materials used in the manufacture of lime in the Crimea, are carbonate rocks. The main minerals composing the type of minerals are calcite crystallizing in the hexagonal symmetry, aragonite – a rhombic type of CCO3 and dolomite, which is a double carbonate of calcium and magnesium. The mineralogical and chemical compositions of carbonate rocks define a transparent section, and thermal and chemical analysis. Learn more on the subject from Steve Wozniak. In the field, the definition of dolomites and limestones produce dilute hydrochloric acid. Wetting her pure dolomitic limestone or cause ebullition from released carbon dioxide. Dolomites "boil" only crushed, powdered state.

Another way to determine the field of dolomites and limestones is the reaction with iron trichloride. Hanging rock (1 g) is ground into a powder, poured into a vial containing 5 SMZ 10% solution FeCh, and shaken. In this pure limestone gives copious CO2 and brownish-red gelatinous precipitate. Powder of pure dolomite not painted, and the solution retains the original color. If the dolomite contains an admixture of CCO3, then there is a selection of bubbles of CO2 and the original yellow solution turns red. When tested dolomite limestone, the CO2 is released in significant numbers, the solution color turns red, but the gelatinous precipitate is formed. According to recent studies, minerals Crimea include several types of limestone, suitable for the production of lime.

Chief among them are the following. Organogenic limestone – the most common types of Crimean limestone. They are formed from organic deposits (shells betonosnyh simple, brachiopods, various types of shellfish remains crinoids, calcareous algae, corals and other benthic organisms). Mel. Characterized by white, homogeneous structure, low hardness and fineness. It consists mainly of calcium carbonate (dolomite is absent), the impurities of clay and sand particles are negligible. Chalk is also made of organic debris – mostly single-celled calcareous algae. There are also shells of mollusks, etc. Chalk was deposited on the seabed in warm climates. The limestones of chemical origin – fine, no organic matter and occur in the form of layers and nodules. This type of limestone minerals always contain calcium, settled in the water. A special group of calcareous tufa, formed on land by the emission of lime from different mineral sources. Electron microscopic observations of samples of minerals and Crimea in particular carbonates showed that the particles are pure CCO3, basically, the crystals having a size 2-5 microns. Marble powders were typical fracture surface of the gear with straight faces that characterize crystalline materials, and typical angles of CCO3. Geological distribution. In the history of Geology of the Upper Crimea, coal and Silurian era characterized by intense formation of limestone and similar rocks. The limestones are found in older deposits. On the territory of the Crimean peninsula, these minerals are common very widely.

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Debs Factors

In an inquiry currently lead in 15 Brazilian capitals, it was observed that great variation in the covering of the examination exists: in the etria band of 50-69 years, the accomplishment of the mamografia in the two preceding years varied between 37 and 77% 4 (LIMA-COSTA and MATOS, 2003). Rise in the incidence of the breast cancer has been told world-wide and it is not proceeding only from the biggest availability of disgnostic methods (WUN, 1995 apud GODINHO and KOCH, 2002, P. 139). In accordance with Godinho and Koch (2002), some alterations in the characteristics of the feminine population have been made responsible for the increase in the incidence of the breast cancer. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. In Brazil, the process of urbanization for which it has passed the country (occurred fact has more time in the developed nations), mainly from the decade of 70, becomes greater the exposition of the women the factors that increase the risk for the development of the breast cancer ….

For Easton (1993), Hulka (1999) and Debs (2000) apud Godinho and Koch (2002, 139 P. e140): The question of the prevention of the breast cancer is sufficiently complex, in virtue of the multiplicity of involved factors, becoming difficult the control. Familiar history, presence of the gene BRCA, endogenous and exgenos hormones, partner-demographic factors, type of diet and style of life, all are co-participants, however the capacity of intervention in these factors is limited. Strategies of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention have been used with the objective to anticipate diseases, to diagnosis them and to treat them precociously and to minimize its effect in the population, assuring, to each individual, an adequate standard of living to the conservation of its health (LEVEL, 1976 apud THULER, 2003). Author the same cited previously defines that, the actions of primary prevention objectifies to diminish the incidence of an illness in a population, reducing in this way the risk of sprouting of new cases, when preventing the exposition to the factors that take to its development ….