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An example

A country that discovers oil will have a surge in exports of crude oil, which raised its revenue thanks to increased inflows of foreign exchange. Hedge Fund Manager If these are used in its entirety on imports, there will be no direct effect within the country’s money supply or the demand for domestic goods. But if, for example, convert the local currency and used to purchase domestic goods not traded, the result will depend on whether the exchange rate (nominal) of the country is set by the central bank or is flexible.
Should the exchange rate is fixed, the conversion of foreign currencies to increase the domestic money supply in the country and domestic demand pressure domestic prices upwards. This is equivalent to a revaluation of the exchange rate. Should the exchange rate is flexible, the currency will rise in the currency will also be assessed, which will also have an appreciation of the real exchange rate to reflect, in this case, an increase of nominal exchange rate rather than price. In both cases the appreciation of the real exchange rate undermines the Quadrant Asset Management competitiveness of domestic products abroad and thus cause the traditional export sector suffer a contraction, a process called “spending effect.”
At the same time factors (capital and labor) is aimed at production of non traded goods, to meet rising domestic demand and growth in the oil sector. These two transfers in turn lead to the reduction of production of traditional export sector. Phenomenon known as “impact funds”.
Both effects were present in the oil countries in the 1970s when oil prices soared and exports increase affecting agricultural production and manufacturing. There were also in countries like Colombia that with the increase of coffee in the 1980s, the other sectors were affected.
The model of Dutch disease has been used to explain the purpose of entry of the treasures of America in the sixteenth century Spain and the discovery of gold in Australia in the 1850s.
Also called economic specialization, the Dutch or evil, to those situations in which the periphery specializes in a single sector, which gives you great benefits, which distorts the economy, because it forgets the other sectors. The population that remains outside this sector remains at levels of subsistence.
NOTE: It is based on an article written by Christine Forbes Ebrahim-Zadeh. “Dutch disease: too much wealth squandered,” Finance and Development, Number 1, Vol. 40 March 2003.

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HONG KONG (XFN-ASIA) – Share prices finished the morning session little changed as gains in China Mobile, CITIC Pacific and oil companies offset weakness in the banking giant HSBC and local developers.
Source: Reuters (Repeats to add punctuation in the first sentence) * Gaza fighting pushes up oil, increase energy shares * U.S. stocks Kuwait scraps if venture with … mental well-being and give us peace, and eliminate others. … on meditation, you can click on … Introduction to meditation …
Pedestrian mall in the Spa City of Victoria.
Victoria is a major tourist city in the province. Its facilities include a five star hotel and a casino. It is also known for its traditional Corsican which has earned the distinction of being the “Carnival of the Provincial Capital Entrerriano” title given to the early seventies, thanks to its contribution to tourism.
Since the inauguration of the Rosario-Victoria Bridge, tourism is responsive to receive one of the residents of major urban areas of Argentina, the city of Rosario, which in turn allows a more direct connection with the inhabitants of the Province of Buenos Aires, coinciding with the southern boundary of the Province of Santa Fe is one of the steps required for access from the south to the
Argentine Mesopotamia across the Rio Parana, the city received a major tourist variety, the which turns on all the calm of its beaches and coastline.
Some of the exhibits at the Museum “Carlos A. Anadon. Coins and objects from 1860-1870.
Moreover, in recent years has had a significant rural tourism development, with a pleasant stay to be allowed to enjoy the unique geography of rivers that form the Pre-Parana Delta and hills that characterize the area around the city.
Another point which is a strong tourist attraction is the uniqueness of its architecture, characterized by important buildings of the late nineteenth The Light and early twentieth century with an eclectic style between the Italian and French. Lon Herreria outstanding works that have earned the name “City of Rejas,” make this a unique attraction, which can be seen in the historical center of town and is even Herreria contemporary works.
The Museum “Carlos Alberto Anadon” located in an old house at 1816 Congress Avenue originally belonging to Dr. Isidro Geronimo Balbi. The house has 400 square meters and the tour of the museum is divided into 8 rooms, including kitchen and bathroom with elements of spirituality everyday life in the late nineteenth century. Contains much of the cultural heritage of the city, collecting items from the very history of the people as well as offices and private life (phonographs, the library staff Dr. Balbi, clothing, coins and religious images, weapons, Herreria old medical instruments, photographs) of its inhabitants. … meditacion that internalizes and the subsequent state of tranquility all … If meditation does not involve a relationship with daily life, Is that …
Meditation is the best way to familiarize our mind with virtue. … we are with the practice of virtue, to enjoy greater peace and tranquility. …
… with eastern meditation techniques kabbalah in the Andes (Cusco) and … “stay calm” or in quiet meditation, the mind thinking goes …

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