Integrated Automation

In any press release or an advertising article, you can see, "1C: Integrated Automation 8 – a modern system and …" then all she can do. And after reading the question, "What can I do? What advantages of this system will give me? "Well, let's look at them: All information is stored in a knowledge base. A single database is easier to maintain, faster backups are much easier to keep track of security. Of course, different users can restrict access to certain subsystems. For example, a sales manager may deny access to accounting data.

Phased implementation. You can choose which subsystem at this point for you is more important to them and to begin implementation. Information system in the first days should benefit. Then you can gradually incorporate more and more subsystems. Follows from the first points. Once we have everything in one database, then we will not have two (three, four …) enter the data. Entered once and use the information in various subsystems.

Of course, you may ask, "What about the transfer of data between 1C configurations? "This further. There is no need to transfer data between different databases. In order to configure and implement the transfer required a specialist. So, have to spend extra money and time. K Moreover, according to Murphy's Law, between the date of reporting may break something. And not the fact that the specialist can quickly come and fix the problem. Centralized management of settings, parameters, and accounting business processes. A more flexible approach to building accountability. Through the mechanism of "Custom Reports" You can develop a user-mode variety of reports. For example, the built-in reporting system to add several speakers. Or join two of the new. And, of course, a new report from scratch. All this can be done on the fly and do not spend extra money on completion. So, do not forget to ask the programmer if he knew the new mechanism? Of course, the system 1C: Integrated Automation 8 – not a magic wand. And it is unlikely to solve all your problems. But something effective and useful it will bring to your business.