Unified Messaging

servonic’s IXI-to the for the latest Novell Groupware Olching, 16 August 2012: now is the unified messaging solution IXI-to the 2012 released for Novell GroupWise: servonic’s fax and Unified Messaging Server integrates seamlessly in the latest version of the groupware system. Regardless of the client operating system and mail program can the user to receive in addition to his emails also faxes, voice and text messages with the usual email client and send. He intuitively manages the newly added message types: without much training effort he can apply the functions that represent him his emails available, also to his faxes, voice messages and short. servonic’s IXI-to the for fax and unified messaging is an Add-On solution, the integrated via standard in groupware systems such as Novell GroupWise: sending and receiving of faxes and short voice messages via SMTP, the access to the mailboxes, as well as the remote access of is realized via IMAP and checks the permissions via LDAP. The administrator is available with IXI-to the “for Novell GroupWise is a single point of administration” available: user management for the messages can be directly in the Novell eDirectory. For the conversion of the messages and the connection to the PBX or to the public telephone network is the IXI-UMS kernel responsible. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. The serVonic IXI-USM solution can work with both IP-based and ISDN-based or hybrid telephone systems together.

IXI-to the has a modular design and messaging system integrates as a complete unified GroupWise and Novell like as pure fax server. A company can select here exactly the combination of unified messaging features that it requires. Availability and rates the current serVonic IXI-UMS version available from 650,-euros plus VAT at serVonic and sales partners. More information at serVonic and. serVonic, headquartered in Olching near Munich is a manufacturer of software solutions with a current focus on unified communication with fax server, unified messaging and CTI. serVonic continues with their Communication solutions are avoided on existing standards like standard interfaces and standard hardware, proprietary solutions. The company places emphasis on market-oriented and future-oriented product development with focus on integration in available environments in terms of future extensions and improvements. In addition to on-premises licenses of the IXI products cloud and software offers serVonic as service provider fax and unified Messsaging for hosting as a service models. serVonic area, Microsoft, Siemens, SAP, TE systems, Teldat GmbH (formerly Funkwerk EC) and ZyXEL maintains strategic and technological partnerships with a variety of companies in the IT and telecommunications such as AudioCodes, Citrix, Dialogic, ESTOS, Gerdes, Huawei Technologies, IBM, innovaphone.

United Nations

Only in the year of 1998, in General meeting of United Nations, then President Fernando Enrique Cardoso if compromissou to adhere to ‘ ‘ Directive principles of Reduction of the Demand for Drogas’ ‘ , established for State-Member, assuming a pact politician, social, sanitary and educational of permanent character, in the investment in programs of reduction of the demand. In the same year it was created National Secretariat Antidrogas (SENAD), that it had as objective to co-ordinate the actions of reduction of the demand and was subordinated to the structure of the Cabinet of Institucional Security of the Presidency of the Republic. Still into 1998, the Federal Advice of Narcotics was transformed into Conselho Nacional Antidrogas (CONAD). In 2000, was regulated by the President the National System Antidrogas? SISNAD, being that one of the basic principles started to be of responsibility shared between Government and the Society (SENAD, 2004). Already in III the National Conference of carried through Mental Health in the year of 2001, it detached the necessity of (reverse speed) affirmation (reverse speed) elaboration of strategies and proposals to accomplish and to consolidate an attention model the alcohol users and other drugs, that its attendance for the SUS guaranteed and considered its multifactorial character (and not only health problem), alerting to the society and the authorities for the situation. Also it established the ten basic recommendations for action in the mental health: 1. To promote assistance in level of primary cares; 2. Disponibilizar medicines of essential use in mental health; 3.

To promote cares communitarian; 4. To educate the population; 5. To involve communities, familiar and using; 6. To establish politics, programs and specific legislation; 7. To develop human resources; 8. To act of form integrated with other sectors; 9. To monitor the mental health of the community; 10. To support more research.


What is the mission is not an advertising slogan. It is common to use the mission as such, although in these cases usually discover that the misnamed mission is aimed at customers only. There is a long term strategic vision. The projection of the company was called Vision, and must be complemented by the Mission, which explains what the company now. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi. It’s not what you want to make the company. The mission statement should not be used naively to transform the company. The mission should show the essence of the company, and a transformation needs to highlight the commonalities between the current company and the company sought. The mission is usually declared together with the vision, and both statements are the initial steps for the construction of a strategy that can be lowered to practice and serve to drive the company in the desired direction.


Engine Test Systems Seminar

The requirements for vehicles and engines/drivetrain rise steadily and lead to increasing complexity in the development. The engine test bench had and has a central role in the development process and must be adapted for this new who test bench must already in the design on these requirements. It is to understand the principles and to use from planning to implementation, as well as in the use of the system. Gerald Hankins, AVL in his seminar in Munich offers a practice-oriented introduction to the engine test bench technology, design, and configuration of a test bench, trends in the engine attempt and their impact on the testing technology and environment. The seminar participants receive a comprehensive overview of the structure of an engine test bench with the necessary facilities to a motor to develop and certify. After this seminar are participants able active to test plans and loads stapler position to participate and can allocate all system components required in a test.

The participants will be on the Future topics in the engine test area made aware and can position and explain these issues in their companies. This seminar addressed shopping, design engineers and project engineers to specialists in motor development, test engineers, test laboratory operators, technical from the automotive and supplier industry. As well as to students in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, internal combustion engines and automation. “The engine test bench systems Seminar takes place on the 2nd 3.12.2013 in the Haus der Technik in Munich. Information and registration: W-H130-12-038-3 press contact and more information: Eva Beldiman Head Branch Office Munich Haus der Technik r RT 302 80687 Munich Tel.


While the construction works, your engineers have to build another two extractor materii.3 generator. Order your commander to build them up as soon as the plant will be completed. Defense for your plant. Be sure to put a defense on your plant, it is cheaper and more efficient than stationary PVO.Issledovatelkaya station. They are expensive, but it is very good if you are able to build at least one of the most nachale.Oborona perimeters. Next, build defensive towers, before you build the extractors matter. Also protect existing extractors.

Plants as a turret. You can put any of your plants strong shields, anti-aircraft and long-range tactical missiles. All of these improvements is cheaper and more powerful stand-alone buildings (guns, shields). Thus, the best protection – to put three additions to the plant (air defense, tactical missiles, shields), also put some cannons next to the plant, and a dozen units. Shields protect all plants. Turn. Grip button Shift will allow you to turn on building (just press that still want to build with pressed button Shift and your engineer will begin construction, after the current job is finished). Marc Mathieu may find this interesting as well. Nevertheless, resources are spent as soon as you put the sledge structure, even if the engineer had not yet started.

So, a good strategy is to build in the queue, only two buildings. Construction. Once you select all of your preferred units, they postroyutsya in the right, in their understanding and order. They are wrong. Mobile billboards, for example, should not be lags behind the group, they should be ahead. So, select all the sheets, do Ctrl +1, and all the other units, will be correspondingly Ctrl +2. Then move the first group 1, then the group 2. Oborana of nuclear strikes. One nuclear warhead could destroy your entire base. If you have not investigated protection against strategic missiles, there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, once you have enough points of research – invest in their protection against nuclear attack. Once you build a defense against nuclear attack, order to make this building raketu.Oni not cheap, but the two times cheaper than nuclear missiles. Storage of nuclear missiles can produce Only one missile at a time, whereas strategic missile may release all 10 rockets fell swoop. As long as you build these buildings, the enemy will throw more nuclear attacks. Strategic missile will shoot down any nuclear rocket, which fell in the range of (your not knock, do not worry), even if the rocket flies not vas.Esli you play as a team, then it would be good if one of you will support the construction of a strategic missile defense, and you support it with care of their troops. TRANSLATION: SUPCOMGAME SOURCE: Computer and Videogames

Minoan Phaistos

This work builds on research Phaistos disc Russian historian and linguist aa Molchanov. That's already been more than a hundred years, as was found by an Italian archaeological expedition excavating the royal palace in acropolis of the ancient city of Phaistos on Crete, the famous drive that dates back to around 1600 bc during the heyday of the Minoan civilization. If you are not convinced, visit Samsung Electronics. Front and back side of the disc are covered with stamped marks, which form Spiral inscription. They generally are not decrypted until now, despite the hard work of many researchers. But they have done a lot.

There is no doubt the beginning of the text on side A and the continuation of his side in the direction of reading text, namely, from right to left, from the edge to the center, the nature of syllabic writing, the determination of the sign 02 "head, adorned with feathers" as a determiner and Cretan origin of the disc. However, the structure of the inscriptions are not considered, refers to the location of words against each other. The question arises. Once the text of the unusual, and stamped, then there must be some kind of text written by hand, reading that syllable for syllable, picking up stamps, slow did the corresponding prints on clay ancient minoets "printer". What kind of this text? The answer to this question, we get as a result of structuring the text of the Phaistos disk, in which groups of words and single words placed under each other, subject to the principle of symmetry Mystery of the Phaistos disk (Phaestos disk, Phaistos disk) disclosed? Text contents of this disc – the rulers of Crete initiation of high-god of the moon, copied, or inscriptions, made in the form of three bilateral axes, or inscriptions on themselves like Axe of the shrines. One of these axes, the largest, four-blade may be used as a lunar calendar. The disc itself – Moon full moon – a sort of portable version of the dedications and calendar.

Macromedia Flash

Google does not interpret Javascript javascript so the Googlebot does not index and therefore not read what is inside the pop up windows opened with javascript. Another mistake that can be found by using javascript is when you develop a menu with javascript redirect links. These links are not followed by Googlebot, so the pages which point the javascript links will not be followed. Flash Other topics that have filled post and more post in the forums is the use or non-use of Macromedia Flash. I have to admit that I personally love technology as flash with it can develop very showy Websites who manage to stunning visual effects which are impossible to do with pure html. Well, for fans of this technology I have very bad news as the subject of search engine optimization is very harmful.

Google can not read the content contained within Flash movies. Discouraging the use of this technology for full web development, I recommend using mixed with extracting html content outside the flash movie. You can see an example with my site, find the perfect blend of flash and html. Be essential to develop a website entirely in flash recommend a flash to make 2 versions and other html, blocking the spiders to the flash version via the robots.txt file with dynamic content sites often want to have a website containing a large amount of content and that this be renewed often. With current technologies, the most logical and convenient to use a server side technology combined with a kiss of data.

Search engines have many shortcomings to explore these pages and got almost none to solve this problem. Google is one of the best reading dynamic sites but very rarely can read urls that contain more than two variables. There are ways to eliminate the variables in the urls to make them search engine friendly: for example, servers with php apache module mod_rewrite can use a search engine to treat the dynamic and static url.