All the truths that inspired me until now, proved to be a grand hoax. What they wanted to achieve the filmmakers? If their intention was to excite people, then we can say that to a large extent they succeeded. The film refers not to the UN, not to Greenpeace or more some organizations. He appeals to every citizen of the world, showing how each of us is responsible for the future of the planet and their own destiny. The world does not destroy the bankers – they are the only catalysts for the overall process development. It seems to us that they rob us of money and power, manipulate our lives. But in reality, we create more and more difficult living conditions, they force us to confront them, and at the same time to develop, improve knowledge of the world and themselves.

However, 'normal' person is in no hurry to be omniscient and omnipotent. Instead, he uses all the ways to pay off and not engage in the most complex and difficult – the cultivation of a man. It is also interesting conclusion of the film on the need to consciously bring people together, because a fragmented society, it is very easy to manipulate. And if humanity is not united on their own, we combines identification radiochip, giving the manager unlimited power over us. In the film are the beautiful words that only a conscious transition from hatred to love can change our world. But it is unclear how to achieve this love and the basis on which to unite.


I suggest the reader who has not accepted preset ideas, but construct its proper ideas, through the reflection, not only opens possibilities of the existence or inexistence of God, but he searchs answers concerning the universe of its daily one. He also has those beliefs that depend on the angel-bad one ahead to form of its fidiciary offices absorbing the problem of the believer in an alienation process, nailing the fatalismo, as Karl said Marx (1818-1883) ' ' the religion is the opium of povo' ' , that is, the individual transfers its pain moral e, in some cases, until its physical pains so that it is decided definitively or solved provisorily by a superior Being (the fidiciary office) in this to transfer, some of them, they ignore until the proper reality, becoming this one ' ' dependence optativa' ' diving in one ' ' fidesmo fundamentalista' '. For a subjective point of view, if they allow me, the religions would have to be entities that despertassem the human being for the knowledge, that is, for the opening of its horizontes, as it said the Greek philosopher and daily pay-socrtico, Hrclito (540-480 a.C) ' ' the faith, as condition for true conhecimento' '. Scrates (470-399 B.C.) said ' ' I only know that nothing sei' ' this socrtica irony always takes in them to search the knowledge wants either in the primary sources, in the secondary sources, the sources of the sources, or in the empirical and/or theoretical sources. However what we observe is literally the opposite, the religions imprison and limit the creativity inserting the man in one ' ' positivismo tico' ' , that is, in rigid moral laws that stop the current context is obsolete. The religions must be modernized, but not a technological modernization, of the type ' ' show' ' that entorpece to the eyes and degrades the mind, luxurious that it invades the media, coated with ' ' new aparncia' ' changedding itself into products, for the consumption of the mentally ill masses, that are poured to the eyes and ears, for the senders of radio and television, beyond the Internet.

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