GREEN TECHNOLOGY is green technology to save energy and recyclable equipment out new, there are several projects and organizations that tecnologia.Se several companies are joining these organizations. 1 .- ‘The Green Grid is an open invitation, nonprofit, for any company that wishes to participate. The Green Grid is an open international organization whose objectives are supported by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA, for its initials in English) and the Alliance to Save Energy. Members of The Green Grid seek to reduce energy use in data centers and other computing facilities by identifying and disseminating best practices for the operation of data centers, as well as to its construction and design. AMD, HP, Sun and IBM join forces to carry out an interesting initiative to reduce the consumption of this resource, as well as the cooling requirements in data centers of enterprises. “For over 10 years, HP has sought solutions to the power and cooling needs of consumers,” said Paul Perez, vice president, Storage, Networking and Infrastructure Standards Server Division, HP.