TERCUD core business are developed by their main research groups, including geography of the identities and Development, Geography and Development identities and Sociomuseologia, composed of members of the School of Architecture, Design Urban Geography and Art at the University of Portuguese speakers. Complementary activities, as well as those that are of strategic importance in achieving the objectives are achieved by TERCUD associated research groups, such as natural and technological hazards and Architecture Laboratory (Labarta), which are open to teachers of other Schools and Schools of the ULHT.TERCUD main activities are the design and implementation of projects of national and international research and production of publications as the Journal of Sociomuseologia in the city, and Journal of Architecture and Lusophone Education, evaluated and integrated into international networks of scientific journals as BiblioSHS LATINDEX, books and other documents. In addition, the TERCUD organizes scientific conferences, such as PECSRL GeoForum 2008 and other events. It also promotes the integration of students through the program introduction to research, organize study tours to national and international level with students of Geography and Planning, participate in the cooperation and partnerships with organizations, national and international networks and companies and the provision of specialized civil society.The Core Group Research Geography identities and Development focuses on: applied research and focused on territorial identity as a resource for development, development and application of models and tools for participatory development planning in different natural and social cooperation and collaboration in international research projects and publications in the fields of Geography and Development Studies.The core develops Sociourbanism Research Group and Regional Planning: research on the urban reality in Portugal and elsewhere, about the practice of higher education and urban planning, dissemination and technical assistance in Portugal in collaboration with the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration and the Habitat Agenda – Best practices, cooperation and collaboration in international research, publications and projects in higher education for the Study of Urban Development.The Core Research Group Sociomuseologia dedicated to: research and provision of services to public and private entities in the field of museum planning and development of local publishing / regional Sociomuseologia Notebooks, original publication in Portuguese, devoted to museum studies, produced in cooperation with Brazilian researchers, association with minomees – International Movement for a New Museology, integrated into the ICOM – International Council of Museums, UNESCO. The Associates Group of Natural Hazards Research and Technology is devoted to spatial analysis and identification of elements at risk (population, infrastructure, natural and cultural heritage), the application of geographical information systems for preventing and managing emergencies, and human resource development in the areas of Civil Protection and Regional Development and Local.Laboratory Technician Group study of architecture (Labarta) is dedicated to the conceptualization, theoretical diffusion and application of architectural research, emphasizing the application of complementary skills in designing architecture and design, and research in the discipline specific architecture.

Resurrection ethics

Today we focus on sensible words of Edgar Morin. She said that the concept of sustainable development is an ethical fund. The ethical background comes from a concern not only for other societies and the planet, but also denotes an ethical concern for future generations. It must integrate the best features of the concept of ethical development for a generation, but integrate with a larger, more generous we might call a civilization policy. Solidarity and responsibility are the two prime sources of ethics, the other is understanding towards each other. The resurrection ethics need to remove the idea of development closed. Do not soften it enough to sustainable development. We are facing a complex problem: organizing the convergence of various pathways that lead to the resurrection or the development of ethics.First, we must integrate the best of Western civilization (human rights of men and women, democracy). But against democracy is individual autonomy to eliminate the worst: the hegemony of profit. We must go beyond the egocentric ethic with an ethic for society, which is needed especially in democratic societies with an ethic for humanity, which today is very important because that is at stake the fate of mankind. Everything leads us to speak of the way of necessary educational reform. We must re-educate the educators. Chopped education components of knowledge and must give an overall sense of solidarity. It also requires self-critical rationality. ALFONSO MAYOR


OR NOT Well let’s take 5 minutes of our valuable time and read this text and enteremonos why we are the country with more money and no poor in the world .. what happens is that we complain about everything …. but less popo, and read: URIBE They have us living like rich people. I sent an email with a question to a Colombian friend, who is based in the U.S.Why Colombians are poor Answer my friend who lives in the U.S.: Hey old man, how is that trees do not let you see the forest. How can you call poor, when you are able to pay for a gallon of gasoline more than triple what I pay. When you give yourself the luxury of paying electricity tariffs, mobile phone and 80 more expensive than it cost me to me. Paying fees for banking services and credit cards three times what they cost us here, or when a car that cost me my 2,000 you can pay for it the equivalent of 20,000.Because you can splurge on themselves to give her 18,000 dollars to the government and not us. No shit, I do not understand! We are poor, people in Florida. By that the State Government, given our precarious financial situation, we charge only 2 VAT (there is another 4 Federal, total 6 ) and not 16 like you rich people in COLOMBIA. Furthermore, it is you who have ‘luxury tax’ taxes such as petrol and gas, alcohol, cigars, cigarettes, beer, wine, etc..Reaching up to 320 of original value, and the other as: EARNINGS (income tax and wages), tax on new cars, PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX (tax on business property), tax on car use . And happy that you still give the luxury of paying a 16 VAT for these taxes, plus all the paperwork and national and municipal payments.Because if you were not rich, what sense would have a tax of that caliber Poor , Where A country that is able to collect INCOME TAX AND PERSONAL PROPERTY (through advances) COLOMBIA IN ADVANCE as necessarily have to live in affluence, believing that the affairs of the nation and all its people always make money in spite looting and assaults, bites, earthquakes, drought, winter, corruption, looting and flooding fiscal course of insurance that everyone should win big. The poor we who live in USA that do not pay taxes on Income If we earn less than 3,000 a month per person (about 6,000,000 .- Colombian pesos).

Depersonalization Depersonalization is

Depersonalization Depersonalization is an alteration of perception or experience of oneself so that one feels “separated” from the mental processes or body, as if you were an outsider to them. can be considered desirable , for example in the recreational use of psychotropic drugs, but more usually refers to the severe form found in anxiety or in the most severe panic attacks. A person suffering from depersonalization and feel you have changed the world has become less real, vague, dreamy or meaningless. Can sometimes be a rather disturbing experience, while many feel that it “living in a dream.” The term “chronic depersonalization” refers to depersonalization disorder, which is classified in DSM-IV as a dissociative disorder.The term “derealization” is similar and often used interchangeably, but more specifically, the derealization is feeling that nothing is real, while depersonalization is the feeling that one is “removed” from your body or world. Although these feelings can happen to anyone, are most prominent in anxiety disorders, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, sleep deprivation and certain types of epilepsy.

Superbikes Return to

Following its ups and downs in MotoGP for the 2006 season returned to the Superbike World Championship Ducati’s hand in his official team. This suspuso its resurgence to lead the table after the first 5 races with a streak of 7 straight wins. Finally won the 2006 title at Imola. Despite the victory as guest driver in the final MotoGP race of 2006 in Superbike decided to continue to defend his title in the 2007 season. In the 2007 season failed to defend his title against James Toseland and had to settle for a 4th place finish in the season standings. By 2008 still driving for the new Ducati Ducati 1098. Superbike Champion 2008, with pole and victory in both races in the last race on the calendar in the Portuguese Algarve, a “perfect”. After more than 10 years on bikes finally decides to retire.


LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN WOMEN OF LIMA Cancer is a disease that claims more victims in the world.Each year, about 600 new patients with breast cancer are referred to the National Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati Martins EsSalud “said Dr. Theodore Hiromoto Hiromoto, chief of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of that hospital. This disease is characterized by abnormal and disordered growth of breast cells. Although 75 of breast lumps are benign, the remaining 25 may endanger his life, so it is important to prevent rapid detection and timely information that allows the cure rate is raised to 90 . As part of prevention is basic a mammogram from age 40 every two years and from age 50 once a year. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast that can detect those lesions that, being small, can not be touched. “Remember that every breast lump should be examined by a doctor immediately”, said Dr. Hiromoto. However, the most practical way to diagnose it in time is in the hands of women themselves, who should perform monthly breast self-examination, which takes only 15 minutes, allowing the early location of any “package” suspect in this part the body. “The advantage of this self-examination is to detect tumors, since women are familiar with their breasts and can detect any small change, then take to the medical consultation,” says the specialist. It is recommended that this review take place 10 days after menstruation and that women in menopause should associate with a day of the month. Although breast cancer does not appear to cause a stroke, some aspects of the lifestyle of women can affect their chances to develop.So for EsSalud is important to publicize the benefits of new lifestyle with physical activity, healthy eating that does not include plenty of saturated fat, eating more fruits and vegetables and performed breast self-examination and mammography. Avoid becoming victims of the most common cancer in women that has become a major cause of female mortality. If you’re a woman, has over 40 years and family background, watch for possible candidate for that cancer.Decide to change their living habits and opt for prevention.

Investor Discipline: Developing the Attitude to Win – Mark Douglas

A comprehensive and logical manner, Mark Douglas shows you how to examine and limit their behavior to negotiate and how to develop the mental discipline possessed by a small minority of winners who make money consistently (weekly, monthly and annual). Some of the skills focused on in the disciplined trader include: learning the positive dynamics of reaching goals and recognition of achievement need, and skills as a trader or investor (and how to stay aware of them instead of just the by-product money-acquired ) .. . Adapted to respond to fundamental market and change … identify your “comfort level of risk” and learn how to enlarge … acting immediately on opportunities in the market game, say when their perspective is well-controlled movement of the market. And much more. Do not forget to get the best content for entrepreneurs directly to your inbox you can subscribe by clicking here (Remember to activate your subscription). Download Link: Click to download Investor Discipline in Spanish Mark Douglas: “Developing Attitude to Win”