Tyson at a conference after a dinner.
In June 2003, was indicted on charges of assault, harassment and disorderly conduct after starring in an altercation with two men in a hotel in Brooklyn. my best song, with two of the greatest, Michael Jackson and one of the best duets I know of In August, after a multitude of financial struggles, Tyson announces bankruptcy 65 after having spent nearly 300 million earned in their struggle for mismanagement.
This year the magazine was placed by Ring Magazine as the number 16 on the list of 100 best gluing of all time right behind Sonny Liston.
On July 30, 2004 in an attempt to redirect his career as a boxer and as a result of accumulating large debts, Tyson faced the British Danny Williams. The early rounds were dominated by Tyson assault in the fourth but lost by knockout. After the fight it was revealed that Tyson was injured in the leg and the first assault was a torn ligament in his other knee which had to be spoken days later. His trainer, Shelly Finkel, said later that Tyson was unable to fight after the injury.
On June 11, 2005, Tyson lost his last fight before the Irish Kevin McBride, being in a bad state of being in shape and tilts the brunt of his career, 105 pounds. After losing three times in his last four fights announced its withdrawal from the quadrilaterals after 20 years in business. Tyson said: “I can not continue with this. I can not keep lying. I’m not going to continue ruining the game. It is simply my final. We conclude. “
As a curiosity, at the beginning of 2006, the doorman of the Ottawa Senators, Ray Emery, placed a picture of Tyson on his mask in a bag that before the party’s leadership team told you it was not appropriate due to the Tyson reputation. On December 29, 2006, Tyson was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona for driving under the influence of drugs, as well as possession of these. According to a statement from police in Maricopa County Superior Court Tyson admitted using drugs, he was an addict and I had a problem. On January 22, 2007 in the Superior Court of Maricopa County, he pleaded guilty to a felony for drug possession and two misdemeanors for driving under the influence. On February 8 was part of a treatment program for addictions several positions while waiting for his crime.
In May 2007 it was rumored that Tyson could be the technical assistance of the Russian boxer Sultan Ibragimov into the bout that was disputed by the world heavyweight title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) against the U.S. Shannon Briggs.
On September 24, 2007 Tyson was convicted on charges of possession of narcotics and driving under the influence of drugs. In November 2007 held that the sentence was 24 hours in jail, 360 hours community service and three years of probation.
On January 20, 2008 was announced in the world press that Tyson would travel to South Africa due to a tribute to politicians and businessmen wanted to give the former world champion, but the trip was shrouded in controversy over his professional past. Finally, shortly before starting the event, the organizers of the banquet to be held charity announced that one of the most popular in South Africa, which was to lead the tribute, Jacob Zuma, could not attend for an “urgent” with his party which led the controversy again.

History of petrol in Spain

The first gasoline sold in Spain had no particular denomination. QuikCash units are equipped with touch screens noted ,head of Global Cash. This was to lead and 85 octane. In the 80 years and the evolution of the engines was increased to 91 octane, and in turn began to market a gasoline higher octane, 97, called the Super Gas. Thus, the previous petrol gradually began to be called as regular gasoline. In this way the gas stations for many years provided regular gasoline 91 octane and 97 octane petrol.
In 1988 he began to mass market engines using unleaded gasoline, which began with the marketing of unleaded petrol called Unleaded 98 and 95. In mid and late 90’s the use of unleaded petrol began to be significantly higher than that of leaded gasoline (end 1999 40 of all cars on the roads used petrol Spanish) so over the decade were withdrawn from the market with 91 fewer regular gasoline demand at a time, leaving only the Super 97 as Gasoline leaded gasoline.
When the European Union put the legislation on which it would withdraw all the petrol market before January 2001, Spain granted an extension given the number of vehicles that consume these types of leaded fuel, which still existed in national territory . As of August 2001 began to phase out the leaded petrol Super 97, and finally, in January 2002, to prohibit by law the sale of any gasoline. In April 2001, gasoline consumption super representing 28.5 of all gasoline.
Moreover, oil companies, offered a substitute for leaded petrol Super 97 that entered the market at the same time that they withdrew it. According to the common name was different oil: Repsol YPF “New Super 97”, Cepsa, “New super”, and BP, “BP Ecosuper 97 with replacement of lead.” These new gasoline, slightly more expensive, included an additive based on potassium (K) that replaces the lead. Yet despite being less polluting than the lead, the Government ordered its withdrawal by the end of 2005 . The main objective consisted in the mass withdrawal of vehicles produced and consumed too much pollution, largely due to not having catalyst (only possible to use unleaded fuel engines). Also the high price of this alternative ground for its withdrawal. In 2004, consumption of super petrol accounted for 12 of all gasoline.
Beginning in 2006 there were only unleaded petrol and 95 Unleaded 98. Those who wish to use engines that do not support or unleaded gasoline substitute, could acquire the replacement of potassium apart and mix with gasoline, although it was recommended as far as possible to prepare the engine for use with unleaded petrol, and develop a catalyst.