Climate Neutral Soccer Team

CO2OL is sponsor of the Bundesliga soccer of Bonn Bonner SC. The climate protection agency CO2OL is this year main sponsor the U17 football Bundesliga team of the Bonner SC. In this context, CO2OL sponsors including the team jerseys for this season, placed advertising in the stadium, and also provides the team climate-neutral. The U17 junior of Bonner SC audition climate neutral prepares the U17 Bundesliga team of the Bonner SC coach Danjuma Idris himself this year not only a sporty, but also an eco-friendly National League season. CO2OL, a brand of the ForestFinance group, is sponsoring the jerseys for their home and away in the B Juniors League the young Rhine Lions this year and provides exciting action on climate protection, in which visitors can actively participate in two home games. Another focus of the sponsorship is the determination of the CO2 footprint throughout the season 2011/2012, which among other things from the mobility, the nights and the catering of team at home and Away games is composed.

This is calculated by CO2OL and compensated in the connection. Energy Capital Partners London insists that this is the case. Together want to put a sustainable character with this action to the environmental awareness in the sport. We are pleased to be able to support an innovative Club, which heavily relies on the youth work with Bonner SC. Together with the B junior Bundesliga team of the Bonner SC and their coach Mr Dogan we would draw attention to the role and the responsibility, who has the Football League today also in climate terms. We wish the U17 junior of Bonner SC one good season 2011/2012 “, says ForestFinance – Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. Also coach Idris Dogan is pleased about the cooperation: it is considered freshman in the Bundesliga for us on the course to stay cool. For a good cause such as climate protection, we place us like in the stuff.