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Order now: the free FR AnalyzerPro 4.0 demo version CRST GmbH which company CRST GmbH offers a free version of the FR-AnalyzerPro 4.0 which is FR-AnalyzerPro 4.0 demo version is a free available software combination for the analysis and simulation of FlexRay and CAN bus systems. The FR-AnalyzerPro 4.0 demo version contains two programs: FlexRay and CAN – raw data acquisition the FlexCard Cyclone II/SE of the company Eberspacher as interface to the FlexRay / CAN-bus (FRAnalyzerProV40Demo.exe). FR-AnalyzerPro full version with a simulated “FlexRay or CAN-bus (FRAnalyzerProV40Simulation.exe). The free FR AnalyzerPro allows a real recording data to the FlexRay / CAN-bus 4.0 demo version on the one hand, on the other hand the entire functional scope of FR AnalyzerPro 4.0 full version can be evaluated. With the paid full version FR AnalyzerPro 4.0 leave nothing more to be desired.

Is online as in the offline mode the entire feature set available, for fast and convenient data acquisition and post-processing on FlexRay and CAN bus systems is necessary. Both the demo version and the full version of the FR-AnalyzerPro 4.0 are available now. For more information, see company info: CRST GmbH from Gauting near Munich offers advanced monitoring and simulation software for FlexRay bus systems as well as tools to create and edit FIBEX databases. CRST customers include BMW, Bosch, Conti TEMIC, DaimlerChrysler, dSPACE, ETAS, Gigatronik, Siemens and TTTech. Contact: CRST GmbH Munich str. 4a 82131 Gauting email: Media at

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International expansion in the focus for 2009 Karlsruhe, December 08th January 2009 since the mid-Update4u Software AG, provider of software for IT service management, with the Asseco group a strategic investor. Together with Asseco, the Karlsruhe software company wants to continue the strong growth – both nationally and internationally and further expand its position as one of the leading providers in the field of IT service management. Internationalization and strengthened leadership are top on the agenda at Update4u. With the commitment of the Asseco group we have won not only an attractive investor for our company, but above all a strategic partner”, explains Herbert Uhl, CEO of Update4u Software AG. Particularly with regard to our expansion plans in Europe and America we are can benefit from group of Asseco”, Uhl is convinced. The Asseco group is one of the ten largest, listed IT companies in Europe. With over 8500 employees, the company provides innovative Solutions for all sectors of the economy on.

By joining the Update4u Software AG, Asseco expands its portfolio in the area of IT service management, which already the new Isenburg software company, Matrix42 AG, belongs to. With our investment in the Update4u Software AG we can offer for the first time a holistic – and especially market-proven – solution for the IT systems and service management from a single source”, explained Jacek Duch, Chairman of the Board of Asseco Poland SA. Already close partnership between Update4u and Matrix42 is further intensified by the membership of both companies to the Asseco group. This brings the users in the future”further advantages in the use of both systems, promises Uhl.