Self Knowledge

Use the mirror of relationships to guide your progress: The goal is total self-knowledge. All management has to demonstrate safety in their relationships, place trust in their human resources, as well as having cultivated a self-confidence, all designed to ensure a favorable climate in the performance of their duties. Wikipedia reminds us that in sociology and social psychology, trust is the belief that a person or group will be able and want to act appropriately in a given situation and thoughts. The trust will be more or less enhanced depending on the action The term reliability is generally used to express a degree of assurance that a device or system operates successfully in a specific environment for a certain period of time. The modern conception of the quantitative reliability had its origins in military and space technology. For even more details, read what Ali Partovi says on the issue. However, the increasing complexity of systems, competitiveness in the market and increasing competition for budget and resource have caused the expansion of the discipline at many other areas.

When reliability is quantitatively defined can be specified, analyzed, and becomes a design parameter of a system that competes against other parameters such as cost and performance. We add further that we trust someone when we know their intentions. Distrust of someone when we know their intentions even clearer when we know that we distrust his intentions hidden. In the first case, whatever you do and say what I say, we know that all correspond to his intentions. In the second case, do or say anything that convinces us that makes us not hide anything besides Mario Valdivia, which normally base our confidence in believing that we know the intentions of others leads us to trust and distrust the familiar unfamiliar. .


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Technological Development

CHANGE OF PARADIGM AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT Vera Silvia Person Port Leaving of the principle that the Seminary in ' ' Technology in Pedagogia and Construtivismo' ' it approaches referring subjects to the constant changes and permanent transformations in the society and the school throughout the times and making a retrospect to the last facts where the pupil was lead to the room, the subservincia and the unreliability, being the seen professor as detainer of knowledge and wisdom, it is easy to evidence that much thing moved until the current days even so very still needs to be made. The technological advances and with it are many the challenges for a society where the man constructs and reconstructs its learning based on the experience and the relations with the way, I obtain exactly and with the others, what he will favor a responsible and conscientious citizen in the exercise concrete of the citizenship. Throughout century XVIII, many had been the facts that had contributed for the social changes. With the industrial revolution, the necessity was born of ' ' a new type of homem' ' trained to take care of to the demands of the servile model of the invoicing industries and the traditional school she was seen as preparadora for the laboring futures. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. ' ' The only question the one that lacked to answer age the one that if realacionava with the type of school capable to give answers to the necessities of the industrial model, of social pacification and formation of a new type of suitable man to the requirements of the new model of production, and that he was simultaneously so cheap that disarmed the idea of education for todos' ' (I finish, 2000). In France the iluministas longed for a government system where all were equal before the law. Thus the modern society appeared, fruit of the transformations that had culminated in the French Revolution. .