Enebral Fernandez

So, if we add the possible lack of quality information with the tendency of the brain (for his many "filters") to deceive, the result could be unreliable. Definitely it needs good information culture, which the companies manage properly, instilling in all its human resource which identifies and learn to operate, where the data banks of information rest in a user-friendly information system soon to learn and to generate good outcomes. To the extent that knowledge is more Dynamic product for the working of the enterprises, their competitiveness, thanks to new technologies, developed new styles of managing, we must not neglect this incident that forms on productivity, employee performance and motivation towards innovative talents to benefit all. All this no doubt thanks to all these developments, the changes in the economy, to marketing has led to the release of a new knowledge worker, as noted Enebral which requires, of course, a good dose of "informational dexterity "… in this regard stresses the importance, that Peter said about it, who lay their profile indicating areas: Visible degree of personal and professional development.

Information and digital dexterity. Autonomy in performance and in lifelong learning. Capacity creative and innovative attitude. Loyalty to the profession and quality of work. This worker is, for all that, says Enebral, a valuable asset to the economy straight know, but let me also remember that the manual worker is not necessarily out of the profile, because there are crafts that require great deal of knowledge, without recourse to the example of the dentist or surgeon. All work is needed in society, and most of them require a specialization to be updated regularly, probably without the assumption of new roles and responsibilities for workers.

Neither identify the worker with university-based knowledge: most of us have to learn continuously and therefore suitable to manage particular information, this manifests a knowledge economy where one must be prepared to operate effectively in them and ensure that organizations with a participation to enable them to get the results you demand that economy. Consider what Enebral Fernandez says that the economy demands professionals who are permanent learners, with their individual competitiveness, contribute to the collective. We must develop all our abilities and strengths of human beings, and the need to become valuable knowledge and apply the available information. But if there is a gap between knowledge and information, as there is between it and technology, we also found gaps between knowledge and high performance, and between knowledge and innovation. Improve our productivity and competitiveness would, without ruling out other challenges to be resolved but these four hiatuses in each company.

Computer Clone Or De Marca A Dilemma At The Time Of Buying

When we want to buy a computer are points that we must consider, exist several options like: Laptop, netbook, desktop, but in this case we will speak of mark computers or the well-known clones (armed). What offers each to us? Why to arm a computer if they already come assembled? Points important to consider when we want to buy a computer and to make the correct decision with respect to a one from mark or clone. These equipment has different functions, in some marks if the computer with the manufacturer buys itself directly can be armed with the characteristics that the specific user for an suitable performance, on the other hand the calls clones give the facility to adapt of one more a more customized way, the manufacturing marks handle a standard of parts generally and not always they adapt to the performance that the user needs. What is a mark computer? or Of mark: These equipment comes from factory assembled by the first house. What is a computer clone? or Clone: These equipment is armed with parts acquired by separated, usually they are economic and they offer one more a lower guarantee.

We see a comparison between the computers of mark and the calls clones. Computer of Mark Computer Clone (Armed) Is more expensive because their parts are certified by the manufacturer. They are possible to be armed according to the needs of the user without certification of the parts and therefore they have minor price. It is known that characteristic and that component they have, offering a guarantee on the matter. One does not know the characteristics his components and guarantee is not had exceeds they. Security is had of which their components are compatible to each other and offer a greater quality on watch. Security as far as the compatibility of the components is not had nor in their quality.

PVC Sandwich

Despite significant differences in these technologies, the basic principles of production "Sandwich" panels in both cases are virtually identical. Both method can produce any desired panel thickness and size, with traditional locking connection of the "thorn-groove" or with special fire retardant Z-lock. Poster technology involves periodically pressing the "sandwich" panels. It allows you to produce a "sandwich" panels for window slopes, window sills, balcony doors, panels, based on SIP, ceramic materials, of course, the insulating modules with metal plates. Periodic lines are not demanding for the large size of the production area and it is cost effective in the performance of small and medium-sized orders.

The technological cycle of the stand equipment includes a series of sequential and discrete operations, the main ones being: profiling and cutting sheets of steel – plates "sandwich" panels – in the case of building panels; application of the adhesive composition, the combination of insulation from the plates, pressing the panels. Of course, all these stages are separated in time. As the adhesive can be applied one-and two-component polyurethane compositions of foreign and domestic production. Among domestic note the company TOP-SD" purposefully producing polyurethane adhesives for the production of PVC-, OSB – Sandwich" panels, including metal, ceramic plates. On bench technology is about 30-40% used in the construction of the "sandwich" panels. It is noteworthy that competition in this market segment is very high. If the 5-10 years ago, the market vendors stand for lines production of "sandwich" panels dominated by foreign companies, the Russian producers are now competing with them closely.

Movie Maker

Simply it consists of which you speak and expresses to you of natural way since it beams habitually, treating the subject that you have chosen for this aim. Chema, and all those that we followed to him we had ours first time, and we watched, we are here, gaining outstanding positions, presenting to us to those who are interested in our products or services of more personal way and eliminating that " frio" that it has a simple page Web, a mail or an article. But the best thing of everything is that we transmit confidence and credibility, and creme that in the businesses in Internet is fundamental. When the boom of Internet in the middle of the 90 began, there was a phrase that &quot said; If you do not have page Web not existes". Nowadays one is changing by this other.

" If nonbeams videos in Internet not existes". As far as the technical part, as it comments previously is not necessary to be a professional of the recording and edition. At present all the computers bring integrated in their operating system a small edition program, in case of the Windows the Movie Maker, or the Ilife 09 for Mac. Both very simple to use, with aid in Spanish and sufficient to introduce us in Marketing with Videos in Internet. Even during the last trimester of year 2009, Youtube, the platform of videos in Internet par excellence, has added the functionality to be able to title your creations without needing additional software. Another point important to consider for the accomplishment of Marketing in Internet is the optimization of all the work so that this he is effective. If we realised a familiar video, homemade, for the known friendly and it is possible that about equal like the personalices, but when you deal with which this video has a hearing makes specific and you want that it is seen by the greater number of people you must consider certain details like the title, description, key words, tools that to you among others the work of distribution of your videos facilitates. You can obtain more data to start up your promotion through videos through following connection: Marketing With Videos original Author and source of the article