Industrial Engineering

You must obtain them more dynamic, practical knowledge to ensure quick results and which cooperate with the company in the participation of the conquest and permanence of the markets. They must avoid staying on continue ancient knowledge, tools not adapted to the reality, delete subjects within the curriculum that does not provide benefits for your training. Basic considerations is very valid when discussed, that the industrial engineering also called the profession’s productivity, positively impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of production systems and services. Indeed, the same definition holds its importance. Industrial Engineering is a set of disciplines and oriented towards the design, improvement and installation of systems composed of people, materials, information and equipment, with the aim of improving productivity. Since then, productivity must give way to that products, services offered are backed quality, comply with national and international regulations guaranteeing competitiveness.

Therefore it should not surprise us that it points, constituting it as a career that will save the technological backwardness in terms of quality and utilization of resources of most of our productive industry. Continue to learn more with: Ali Partovi. The advance of technological development has led to great transformations in technology that simultaneously generated substantial changes in production processes, maintenance, life cycle of the machinery, as well as training, training, skills, skills of the staff involved in the processes, leading to many times that is them opportunity technicians bring your creative, innovative potential that benefits to productivity. Here, companies that have been prepared for it, with competitive technology, developed, qualified personnel, as well as indices of well defined, controlled, processes that ensure quality, they become highly competitive enterprises capable of conquering and ensure permanence achieved markets.

The school of industrial engineering at the present time, especially in Venezuela that presents a turbulent, uncertain, risky, scenario where there is also a dependence on imported technology, where little attention has been paid to research and national technological development, to the dynamic linking between the mechanical and industrial engineering career, requires rescuing the industrial engineer, define your objective, mission, commitment to the training of these professionals. Remember as very well specified the Instituto Tecnologico de Celaya, you need to train, train professionals that integrate customer, product and process, offering quality organized systems of research, management and production, which make the plant competitive in productivity the required profile to ensure results should be emphasis, not only provide modern knowledge of the Administrative Sciences, of the processes of production, everything to do with the management of quality, statistical control, continuous improvement, but everything that collaborate with the personal growth of the professionali.e., introduce them to the knowledge, tools, scope, impact is generated with all regards self-help enabling it to properly handle interrelations human, give way to the motivation, effective performance, team cohesion, spirit of belonging and therefore productivity achievements must be attentive in the graduates of this race to achieve: to design and implement national and international quality optimizing regulatory compliance optimal production and inventory control systems the use of productive resources such as: raw materials, machinery and equipment, labor and capital. Integrate properly with the human resources under their disposal, motivate them, define their functions to play, preactivarlos based on performance, achievements.

Define the standard times for production and working methods. Be attentive in the projection of the growth of the plant. Selecting the right technology according to the behavior of competitiveness avoid conflicts organizational production systems, knowing use properly all you step to a good organizational behavior in your production area. Maintain a dynamic integration with markets function, share opinions and find solutions favouring them towards their goals.


Comfortable? Sure. If another annoying pop up menu, do not have to frantically search for a mouse or go to the touchpad. Poked into the screen with your finger – and voila. No such that "without stylus as without hands, hands now on their own stylus. In this case, use your fingers to really convenient. For example, to switch between applications.

In Windows 7 taskbar buttons seem designed for the finger did. To know more about this subject visit Ali Partovi. By the way, implemented here and right click functionality. To do this, put his finger to the screen and hold it. After some time, draw a circle around the points – if at this moment to release your finger, then the computer will perceive this as Clicking the right mouse button. Yes, we have to wait (somewhere a little less than a second), it can shoot down a fast work rate, but what to do? It is worth noting one feature associated with the work to the screen with your finger.

I always thought (Apparently, after the CCP), which screens the first concerns of the thumb directly under the nail, but in fact the point of tangency is located below, somewhere in the center of the finger pad. Therefore, a small button at the first attempt to get free training very difficult. Somewhere for a week and a half to get used to it and begin to properly raise a finger. Also, the touchscreen is not always held down, it's important when you drag obektov.Nakonets, the screen is surrounded by a low frame, due to which is not very easy to click on objects in the corners.

SQL Server

In mine blog, the dotDicas () I in general write articles on development .NET. Another day came until me a desenvolvedor, reading friend of mine blog, with a SQL doubt. Answered the question of my friend, I decided to write an article, to help other desenvolvedores that can come to have the same doubt. However mine blog is focado in development .NET, then I decided to look another space to publish my tip. With certainty, at some moment the majority of the desenvolvedores, that uses SQL Server, already was come across with necessity to bring up to date a register in a table, based on the value of a register in another table. The ones that had not yet had this necessity, still will pass for this. will have the same doubt that I had: How I make this? The reply it is very simple. Update with inner join is alone to make one, thus: UPDATE prices SET field = t1.campo FROM prices T1 INNER JOIN prices t2 ON t1.campo_chave = Very simple t2.campo_chave, not? If one join not to be enough, makes how many joins will be necessary..


Riders arrive safely. The new app for your WindowsMobile Smartphone. Follow others, such as Robotics expert , and add to your knowledge base. After the successful implementation of the navigation software ride & route for GPS outdoor systems in October 2011 FootMap this now also offers solution for smartphones. Only systems with the WindowsMobile operating system are supported at the moment. The navigation software is shipped micro SD card GB on an 8, which other data like music and photos can accommodate. No installation is required for the use, simply insert a memory card in your phone and launch the program. Ride & route has the Routingprofile riders, pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers. Thus, the system can be used also for other outdoor activities.

Record, save, representing and managing GPX tours with their own information in the text format for each tour is also possible. The maps based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”and is updated by FootMap every 14 days. The RIDE-mini cards subscription contains the cards from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Tyrol and can be used for only 15 euro per year. The cards contain not only on roads, trails and paths, but also points of interest (POIs), which take into account the needs of the rider. Bridle paths, as well as prohibitions and obstacles such as stairs, bollards, cattle grids, Gates remain, etc. included. So riders can work with the Routingoption”to find the optimal way. For details and examples on the topic of navigation for riders”, see and

Wage System In The U.S.

Since most students never worked before coming to the U.S., the wage system, and indeed demands placed on employees, they seem to be confusing and strange. While in Russia recently began to appear American companies (McDonals), where as in America uses hourly pay system. What does this mean? You will be paid as much as you worked. And while the manager is determined not made up schedule, and in fact spent many hours, which is determined by the accounting system of the time. Typically, companies use automated computer control system, when your pass and reference tool at the same time working time is just a plastic card. Your day begins with a straightforward procedure Clock-in, and this time becomes the reference point of working hours.

At the end of the working the day you have to do Clock-out that is to stop the "counter" of the working time. But that's not all: if the work you are allowed to break, you need to do or clock-out, and the return clock-in, or with you will automatically deduct the daily time break. And there are some tricks! Typically, machines programmed so that the check-in is rounded up to 10 minutes in a big way. A check-out at the smaller one. Example, you have check-in at 7:02 and check-out at 16:09. At the end of the week in the print you will see (in the case of issue), that check-in – 7:10, and check-out at 16:00. It turns a trifle, but a day lost 20 minutes of billable time, and that the check for two weeks salary reduction for 3 hours x $ $ $.

Information Technology

TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION IN the NEW SOCIOCULTURAL DYNAMICS Summary: The Technology of the information makes possible the interaction with the information and the transmissions in net shorten the geographic distances the point to become them insignificant. According to Ianni. (1996, p.169) ' ' the citizen of the knowledge does not remain in past, real place, leaving the same that its look floats for many places, next and remote, gifts and imaginrios' '. Please visit Peter Asaro if you seek more information. The development of supported educative programs in multimedia makes possible the desterritorializao process. Word-Key: T.I, Multimedia, Sociocultural, Education in the distance.

Abstract: The Information geographical Technology enables the interaction with the information and broadcasting network shortens distances you relieving them meaningless. According you the Ianni. (1996, p.169) ' ' the subject of knowledge you donate not stay in one place, letting his gauze float will be many places, to near and remote, present and past tenses, real and imagined' '. Educational The development of programs supported by multimeasured enables the process of deterritorialization. Keywords: T.I, Multimedia, Sociocultural, Distance Learning.

1. INTRODUCTION In the process of learning, the subsidy of mechanisms TIC? s existing has contributed throughout the years for the formation of a democratic space of knowing, fomenting in such a way, the exploitation of collective intelligence in the implementation of interactive methodologies objectifying the circulation of the pedagogical practical knowledge and the construction of more flexible. The conscientious and creative appropriation of these ways has sped up the paradigm in addition in the form to teach and to learn, allowing that the individual assumes a role of active agent in the construction of the proper knowledge. In accordance with Freire (1981, p.79) ' ' Nobody educates nobody, nobody educates itself exactly, the men if they educate between itself, mediated for mundo' '. We live in a society already shaped by the technologies, directed toward the information and the medias, in this scene, a number each bigger time of people if uses of resources multimedia and the Internet for interaction and facilitador element in the learning processes.

Marketing Strategies

Facebook reached its crucial point in this expansion of entertainment in 2010 just ended, the audience for games like Farmville or Mafia Wars has not only been completely faithful, but it has been able to consolidate itself as a meeting point for optimal to identify new needs and interests, which places the games on Facebook as the main objective for marketing firms and the media. According to the figures analyzed in a new report from emarketer, revenues from these applications ascend above the billion dollars, only in 2011. But how will generate economic benefits with these applications? There is no doubt that the analysis of this business model is of great relevance to analyze the future of social networks in relation to their impact on results of brands accounts and in this case, this analysis leaves no room for doubt; the astronomical revenue provided for social games from 2011, are ideal platforms for determine business models, market and target audience niche. 61.9 million users, will acquire virtual items associated with the games, this represents a market share of 27% of U.S. Peter Asaro often says this. Internet users and projections placed this percentage 29% for the coming year, 2012. Beyond astronomical figures, the most relevant is the unpredictability that has been the expansion and addition of users to social games, just two years since they saw the light. At the present time, expected business figures are not equivalent to those presented since its launch up, but undoubtedly have the right relevance to capture the attention of developers, editors, investors and companies providing goods and/or services. According to data from the report, figures fell during the last four months from 2010 in relation to active users monthly usual 15 best games consumers, although the figure returned to peel in this January thanks to CityVille and its immediate success.

Social games are transformed into powerful tools for success with a branding campaign, and obviously and hand, optimal platforms for different online marketing strategies. With respect to its use by enterprises, there are basically five clear well defined marketing strategies to increase the presence of brands and their business goals through social games: * integrate the presence of your brand within a game through virtual goods. * Use image ads or sponsorships in an existing game. Create a hybrid campaign that combines the elements of these approaches to brand. To develop your own game oriented and integrated with media and social networks. * Actively participate in groups and discussions that take place on the most popular and prestigious games.


It searchs a form incessantly to improve its profits offering conditions so that the economic and social development if processes. One knows that its environment is permanently dynamic and inside this dynamism it needs to adjust itself in order to survive. The innovation occurs in search of the profit, it is the stimulant. Main insumo scientific for the innovation can be in the structure of education and knowledge inside and outside of the firm. In a word: knowledge. It must have permanent stimulaton to the technological development, where engineering reversa is one of the bases of the innovation, by means of which if it disassembles the product, and, it is retraced with improvements demanded for the consuming market. The activities of Research and Development (P& D) they are basic, where the firm keeps an annual investment of sum in relation to its directed invoicing the P& D. The innovative firms use the P& D as strategy of long stated period stimulating each time more innovative processes.

Strong correlation exists enters innovation and P& D. How much bigger the innovation, I give birth passu, increases the return and the participation in market (NELSON and WINTER 1982; ALBAGLI and BRITTO, 2002). By means of the technological elections, the economic system and the market where the firm acts, make the firms to search the process innovative. The technological innovation is not given, is constructed, the technological innovation starts to have a regularity, a innovative process where the search of other possibilities is constant. To develop new, or the best one, product, or new productive process, it must be had elements accumulated for the search of the reply. The technology is stimulated by the elections of the market and if it develops under? trade offs? economic. The technology exactly has an intrinsic connection with the intra-firmariais routines that in day-by-day innovate, that most of the time is not conscientious.

Tips For Motorists

Voltmeter pointer. Device drivers can be useful for measuring the accuracy of the voltage at the battery, although he could find, and other applications where required to control the voltage in the range 10 … 15 V with accuracy of 0.01 V. To measure the voltage with an accuracy necessary or digital voltmeter, or voltmeter pointer with extended scale, which allows to control the interval of interest to us. Oscilloscope. At investigation or finding of electronic devices often need to make ham measurement of signal parameters, or at least observe the input and output signals to produce their record and it is likely transcript. To solve these problems in the analysis of digital-analog circuits usually use a number of devices: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, recorder, logical analyzer / generator.

As a general rule, any device urges the presence of an independent interface connector (usually LPT) and comes with its own power supply. In addition, because the skillful measurement technology, for example, produced under the brand name and Techtronics Adgilent, can not afford to solely ham developer, but including and not very reputable companies. Also, while the release of the latest microcontroller (C8051F321) with a splendid set of peripherals and support for high-speed channel communication (USB) with a computer does not require additional power sources are allowed to make a compact device combining all these functions are higher for very low cost. Immediately this device and is represented by USB oscilloscope. Buy oscilloscope is possible in any service center measuring equipment. Multimeter Arran. High-contrast LCD display, allowing you to no problems with the display reading to read in bright sunlight, and when built-in lighting, in unconditional darkness. To increase battery life, backlit display has a function timeout.

This series designed to meet the most stringent ergonomic progressive aspirations. The front panel of the housing performed in the absence of excessive bends and protrusions in order to provide a comfortable work with the device with one hand. Hold the device in hand and your fingers in the absence of specific tasks will be able to reach out to each button or in the absence of tasks to turn the mode dial. Each meter is equipped with 70 ARRA guard, has a stand hole for hanging, and limited lock probes. This cover ensures a high degree of security and ease of use device. Devices in this series are equipped with RS-232 interface with the optical isolation, providing not dangerous and easy integration to a PC for calibration and transfer of accumulated data.

Valley Sport

It has twenty years, Royce Gracie shocked the world overwheling champion forts, weighed and turned in aggressive of fight and consecrated techniques world-wide, everything this only on the basis of the tradition of its family and a Kimono. In the end of the events that participated, magrinho Brazilian won and in such a way it adversary leaves how much it the confrontation without no scratch, total clean, the interesting one is that the looser and the public did not understand what he had happened, remained only one feeling to them of frustration. The Jiu Brazilian Jitsu (JJB) also demonstrated with other Brazilian exponents that to be a Gracie were not the indispensable predicate for the success in the events of Valley-Everything, but yes that at that time the JJB was a martial art very adapted well to neutralize with easiness, the diverse types of aggression in a radical scene of fight. The Valley-Everything radical evolved and if it became in popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a before clandestine combat with few rules (was not allowed to perforate eyes, to pull weaveeed and to bite, but until attacking virilha spine was allowed) changedded into a sport with diverse requirements, professionalizing the activity that media according to specialized, is the esportivo event that more grows in the world. The proper national media that much relutava in divulging the event, surrendered it the sport duly warned to be stops backwards, therefore the world all already has much time appreciated the MMA, while in Brazil very little he was divulged the respect. Except in the way them martial arts, the Brazilians in general did not make the lesser idea of that its countrymen are dolos international in this sport, whom they usufruct of the world-wide admiration, also of princes of the Middle East, that is, had become true heroes, legends, common wealths, while in its native country they did not pass of anonymous.