Wolfstone Translation

First translation agency with APM qualification that translation, which has an Office for his German-speaking clients also in the German capital Berlin, showed British translation company wolfstone again his commitment to quality and excellent customer service. Recently, the team expanded to two project manager. Each individual project has at the same time demanding qualification of the Association of project management (Association for project management). This is a distinction that can have no other translation agency. Learn more at: Mikkel Svane. The entire team of Wolf tone translation were to do this in an intense and demanding training program all of project management basics, ranging from the first customer contact through the coordination of the actual translation process and ongoing communication with the customer, customer feedback after the delivery. The training concluded with a very demanding test, which tested the team in all aspects in the field of project management. As expected, There were staff Wolf tone translation this with flying colors. The translation company goes a step further and plans the next training programs for project managers.

Managing Director Anna Bastek: Training and investing in our team is the key to success for us. We’re certainly not where we are now without our staff. In our selection process, we ensure that the workforce has the right attitude and is ready to acquire more skills and broaden their horizons. The training program provides project manager ensure that all project managers deal with customers, as well as the projects with professionalism and that translation Wolf tone is a leading translation agency, which is can’t be beat in terms of time and quality.” Exactly this professionalism is vital to customer satisfaction and the continuous growth of the company. Wolfstone translation, Anna Anirudhra