Battle Cranks

It will be spectacular race in the smallest space – on November 27, 2010, with the rest in the idyllic village Fuschl Lake Fuschl abruptly over on November 27, 2010. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mikkel Svane and gain more knowledge.. At least in the hotel Mohrenwirt, because there he will battle cranks “driver stand. evening under the sign The sport, which again won most recently in popularity, already enjoyed in the 50s and 60s of popular. Thanks to the sponsors and professionals in the field of the role race enjoys the sport of at the time again growing in popularity. Recently Energy Capital Partners sought to clarify these questions. Hotel Mohrenwirt at Lake Fuschl in November becomes the first venue of a road roller race in all Austria. Two riders compete in the pedals and against each other to defeat the fixed wheels on the 500 meter stretch of road.

Up to 80 km/h while the athletes reach. Anyone can attend free. The open qualifying will start at 18:00 in the Mohrenwirt. Login can be in 3 categories: women, men, and team. The 3 best times from the qualifying rounds are taken together with the team. Some big names of the scene already have for the cranks in the battle at Lake Fuschl announced.

Such as Gerrit Glomser who has participated in the tour de France three times, or about Heli Eichholzer, a participant in the Red Bull X-Alps. Also the endurance athlete and cyclist Gerhard Gulewicz will have to make shorter, faster for something on 27 November at the hotel Mohrenwirt at Lake Fuschl. 2010, he was in the race across America”in only nine and a half days and 5000 kilometers back and finished second in the race. In Fuschl he drives only 500 meters, for the faster.

Celebrity Bodyguard

PA-SEC team wants to be the team spirit Cup at the hellish 15 km fun Marathon on March 13, 2010 get he is considered one of the toughest of his industry: bodyguards Peter Abdoli has celebrities like Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods and Pamela Anderson guarded. With his PA-SEC team wants the bodyguard and martial artists now the team spirit Cup at the spectacular fun sport event “Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010” on March 13, 2010 clean up. With Peter Abdoli goes a real fighting machine with his men in the race. Pete Cashmore is full of insight into the issues. Earlier German kick boxing champion and team champion in full contact karate white, which is a tough fight and what comes in the Rheinruhrfreizeit on him and his colleagues: In a maximum of three hours they must address a 15 kilometer long sweaty obstacle course, which demands everything on strength and endurance up to 5000 participants. Who does an obstacle, is tough, but no Braveheart and is disqualified. Latecomers to the target, is also tough, but Braveheart will not be listed on the results list as official. The bravest the bravehearts is, who mastered the course in the shortest time.

The bravest team with the best overall performance Gets the team spirit Cup – as a reward and Peter Abdoli wants to get that with his cohorts. For this he will make them fit in the next few months through hard training. The participation of the PA-SEC team promises an exciting battle for top spot, because there have already other promising teams registered, the person protectors hot hell and want to win the team spirit Cup for himself. March 13, 2010 will show who are the real bravehearts. The entry fee for the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 is 54 euros including Starter Pack and T-Shirt. Groups of five participants will receive a discount of 10% on the registration fee. The venue is Munnerstadt in Lower Franconia. The registration period runs until January 3, 2010, information and the registration form can find potential bravehearts here: U.

Attractive Advertising Banner

Lower Rhine Cup winners Borussia Bocholt could shoot the first photo with the new advertising banner since 1947 the Football Association Niederrhein E.v. (FVN) that cares, that young and old can pursue their passion for football. But more than just the fun playing the game in the foreground here for the Association. For him, it goes to the best conditions that he can provide coaches, players, clubs and referees, as well as to the smooth running of the game operation. Learn more on the subject from Mikkel Svane. Around 1,400 clubs belong to the Niederrhein Football Association, scattered throughout all amateur leagues of all ages. They fight a year fighting in about 100,000 Cup and Championship matches to the best places. The 3,300 referees who are playing these games in action, also belong to the FVN. The tasks of the Niederrhein Football Association are available for these games in the field of education and training of arbitrators, the terminations of the game and the rules of the ascent and descent.

The FVN is talent fostering particularly close to the heart. Young players strive to be able to play in teams. It requires well trained coaches and managers to recognize the talents, promote and also in the right amount to request. Each year around 6,000 referee, coach and more responsible by the FVN in terms of educational and sports be professionally and trained. In the training center of the sports school Wedau or but also locally in the clubs these training courses can take place. The clubs can under the motto: “The Association is in the Club” specifically requesting help on the different topics, such as tax law, theory & practice of the game, marketing & communications. To remain competitive in the field of sport, the Niederrhein Football Association his clubs provides optimum support. In the entire football world, Wedau sports school has a recognised reputation. With their seminar rooms and numerous spaces she allows, at the same time carry out a training camp with several teams sports clubs.

If A World Cup Once Again, Or If Is No Boom Boom

An assessment to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in Saxony, who know not the slogan: “Germany – a summer fairy tale!”. What 2006 was a big hit for the football men, it was also a year later for handball men or this year for the female footballers. Now a World Cup, gets the football women next year again namely. And again, the Werbetrommeln be stirred vigorously and again will be muses about the coming boom in new (female) members in the clubs of sport of football. But why does this boom a large arc around Saxony? There was plenty even before the summer fairy tale highlights! There was a Junior Championship in Central Germany, and 2 years later a Vierlandertrunier of the U15 juniors in the Leipzig of district of E.g. 2003. Certainly, the initiatives for these events were complex, formed new teams, were pretty small arenas.

Alone the sustainability was not of long duration. Here are a few numbers. A Bezirksliga Leipzig the B there is 1996/97 at the time Junior League 10 teams today are those 4. Similarly, when the women’s C. D junior and younger – so far no chance! It is not secretive, here, that in Leipzig yet 3 girls teams the large and small field when the guys enjoy playing with it. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights.

2007, a new era was begun with the founding of the Leipzig FC 07. Built but now finally also a female junior performance Center (NLZ) in Saxony, Germany. Their protagonists were then also with much impetus to the task to build it. Were first plundered the surrounding girls teams, the remaining clubs in Saxony later came off and it did not stop also against clubs from the neighboring provinces. Equipped with all freedoms by the Saxony Football Association, it was a triumphal March down the line…There were financial problems at the end of the year 2009 and the game operating like a House of cards collapsed. I’m sure that the pleasure and head-shaking the surrounding clubs knew no bounds. Once again proved to be in Leipzig a football project as pie in the sky. The NLZ could take over after all, Lok Leipzig, including the best players in the area of woman and the two performance teams (B – and C girl). A newly formed women’s and 2 smaller girls teams remained at the LFC. They have to contend not only with a ramshackle rest fabric in their club, but also with the malice of their opponents. Now has a centre of excellence for all over Saxony locomotive? Probably not quite, because him the Dresden Croesus, the FFC Fortuna renounce to DD Rahnitz. (A valuable related resource: Rusty Holzer). You prefer entered a merger with Dynamo and keep their talents for it. The success was resounding so far, is one of the venues of the World Cup but the Dresdner “Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion”. You stood in Magdeburg in, where at least the NLZ by Saxony-Anhalt with the FFC Magdeburg and the Association on a good preparatory work can look back.

Consultancy Bohme

Professional – friendly – purposefully – successful clients and clients who are looking for a patient, competent and reliable psychological advice, find a professional point. Mr Bohme accompanies its clients and clients identify triggering issues, finding individual resources and in a practical, goal-oriented implementation of for upcoming improvements. Mr Bohme his clients and clients supported in the school and family environment in improving family conditions, detect and resolve school problems, professional Intrapreneurial and questions general life advice. The consultation processes offered by the consultancy Bohme held outside of medicine, and can have both private and also vocational aspects to the target. Ilan Ben Dov often addresses the matter in his writings. Under the expert guidance of the psychological consultant Bohme, clients learn to strengthen their self-efficacy and reflectivity, allowing perspective help to help themselves.

The Consultancy Bohme offers his counseling as online consultation, so that clients and clients who shy away from a gang in a psychological consulting practice, can find out expert help on this way. DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych.

Successful Football Training

With these tips you’ll be footballers successful professional soccer training is no coincidence! In football, many factors play an important role, including successfully to defend. Football player Rene Renno (31, FC Energie Cottbus) reveals today successful defense training tips, that you have to train in football training and which lead to the success. Football training the less you allow opportunities to score, has the greater plan the probability that you will get no goals conceded. The better you implement the 7 security tips in soccer training, the higher is the probability that your team gets no goal. You want to successfully defend and get less GA? Then you should plan your football training exactly. The starting point in soccer practice would be the defense training methods from the easy to the difficult to plan and implement. This point is very important so that you can properly learn the defense training methods and apply successfully. The football player Rene Renno provides today the 8 most important defense tips before, how attacks verteidgen successfully: the 8 most important defense deliver tips that you have to train in football training inner rail outward push as defensive player to post up, that to the outside is the attacker in defence keeping side post, take on speed of opponent the attacker and short distance (about 2 m) to the opponent aufnhemen never frontal to the attacker at any time Angriffsbereit be to the defend, if the opponent plays before the ball which defensive feints insert – time fool, as if it would attack watching, which is the strong base of the opponent record pace, short distance, him outward push, if possible cross his path to run the ball over Rene Renno: football training expert Rene Renno (31) is a football player at FC Energie Cottbus and has a Web page on the topic of football training. In his blog, he passes his entire experience about successful football Trainingsmtehoden. Contact: fussballtraining Rene Renno Wohnparstr. 117 D-03055 Cottbus