Annual sales between one hundred thousand (100,000) tax units and nine thousand one (9001) tax units. 2 Medium-sized industry unit of economic exploitation made by a legal person which carries out activities of production of industrial goods and related services within the following parameters: 2.1 plant workers with an average yearly not less than fifty-one (51) workers nor more than one hundred (100) workers. 2.2. Annual sales between one hundred thousand one (100001) tax units and two hundred fifty thousand (250000) tax units.

In Venezuela, according to the focus Office of statistics and Informatics (OCEI) a microenterprise has fewer than five employees, a small has between 5 and 20 between 21 and 100 employees and a large median has more than 100. The number of employees of a company does not reflect its production capacity or the value added to their products and services. Two micro-enterprises may be equal in number of employees but are very different if one produces software and another green plantains. Why some countries using measures of enterprise sizes other than the number of employees. It is very difficult to know how many companies there are in Venezuela, especially because many micro-enterprises are part of the informal economy and not go be moonlighting. The number of people in the informal economy (four million, half of the active population) makes more difficult the registration. An indirect way of knowing how many there are is based on Social insurance contributions.

For example in 1997 there were about 211000 companies. 78% of which 14% were micro-enterprises, small and the rest medium or large. A typical small industrial enterprise has less than 10 workers and equal amount of employees, and is managed by two or three owners, most with secondary or higher education. It does not use unpaid family. Half has one or two managers, in the other half, the owner is the sole Manager 60% has more than ten years of operation.

Low Cost Releases

The press releases about a new business, web site or a new product offered by an established web site press releases is a method of advertising pay that can be very effective. It is important to remember that a press release must be written correctly. If you aren’t familiar with this style, it would be good to have someone who knows the style so you can write your press release by ti. There are companies that perform this service for a reasonable cost. Further details can be found at Kai-Fu Lee, an internet resource. They will normally ask you that you supplied information and details to make a ghost writer write your press release from the correct way. You can find these companies using your favorite search engine and typing the words drafting of press releases. Many of the companies that offer drafting of press services, also distribute press releases. You can also find lots of information about how to write your own press release on internet, and even software is available for writing press releases, but even when you same you write your press release, probably need to hire a company to distribute it for you, and sometimes costs the same as write you and distribute that only send him to write.

You can, however, save a few bucks if you write your own press releases. These press releases distribution companies can publish you press release both online and in newspapers or printed magazines that are associated with your business and products and services for which the press release is made. Press releases are also discharges into the RSS feeds that are related to your industry, which provides you with instant publicity. Co-registration prospects you ever wondered how it is that marketers have opt-in lists that are so long one hundred thousand several hundreds of thousands? Many of the most important internet marketers have such impressive (impossible?) lists because they are subscribers to co-registration services.

Bombo Center

Regardless of the software, the audio mix criteria transcend this issue. The first thing you need is to make a levelling of all the tracks, this is what would be called a raw audio mix. It is customary to perform an automation levels overall. Subsequently it is advisable to locate the audible material on the horizontal axis, i.e. perform the panning.

In where some elements will be at the Center (the sound by two monitors in equal intensity), other sounds could be located to the left or right of way drastically or subtly. The following would be examples in mixing audio to pan. Suppose a format of a rock band of battery, two electric guitars (one rhythmic and one alone or melodic), electric bass, lead vocals and 3 voices as choir, keyboard. Lead vocals: 12 (i.e. to the Center) electric guitar solo: to 12 to 1 or 11 (slightly towards left or right) rhythmic electric guitar electric bass: 12 keyboard: as opposed to the electric guitar at 5 or 11 (to achieve balance with guitars) voices of choir: spread evenly 1 voice at 2, the second voice at 3 and the third voice at ten o’clock. Battery: Bombo Center 12, snare or box at 12, hi hat at 11 or 1 (depending on the perspective that you want to handle), overheads or dishes depending on the perspective.

Techniques to pan battery in mixing audio there are two perspectives to the panning, 1. Perspective of the audience 2. Perspective of the musician taking into account the perspective of a right-handed drummer the panning location would be as follows. To the Centre: bass drum, snare, or right box: hi hat, tom left, left crash: Ride, tom 2, floor tom. Otherwise it would be for the perspective of drummer (drummer perspective). Subsequent to the panning is important to follow re leveling signal and correcting automations. Dynamic processors would be the next step forward in mixing audio with noise gates (or gates), this is necessary to relate to instruments with each other dynamically. Compressors can also help in a surprising way to achieve a good mixture of audio and have a mooring of instruments, giving one of them a more or less thick sound. This allows us to have control of the sound, and so handling it properly. Ringer processors would be the next step in audio mixing, through filters that build the equalizer. It is highly recommended to do so with a parametric EQ 4 bands. With this we can sculpt the sound masterfully. It is important not to abuse these processors, since there is a risk of unwanted results. Space delays and reverb processors would be the next step in the audio mixer where it is imperative to spatially locate different sources of sound. All these steps of mixing audio must be carried out in a very careful manner, and each step should be checked after the previous stages, since any change results in a mismatch of other steps. If you want to make mixture You must be very patient, sometimes even notice the changes, but until the end, you will feel without any direction, and when less you think you will have a great mixed product.

Bogota Mental

For example a bluejean offers greater protection that a sweatshirt, is advisable to also carry Shin, elbow pads, knee pads and helmet to offer greater protection. A pair of shoes with strong zuela and enpeine abollonado protect feet and give more security to the practitioner. If you would like to know more about Peter Asaro, then click here. The mental attitude: the most relevant aspect for success with this sport art is the mental attitude and without a proper mental attitude can not arise in practice of the flatland since as mentioned above falls are the bread of every day and can range from very mild falls that will leave only slight scrapes up much more severe falls where there may be serious fractures. In practice I have noticed that the severity of the fall is going according to the degree of fear may you have at the time of the action by which a very positive mental attitude is necessary. Must also be very persistent to get to learn the tricks that are increasingly more difficult. Spaces: one of grades them advantages of this sport is that it is not too demanding in terms of spaces since all that is required is a flat and wide, enough land preferably not infer to a few square 10mtrs. How to learn the flatland: being a sport that now in many places only has the support that parents can give their children the flatland, has no record of many schools where you can go and learn from an intructor, reason by which the flatland learning takes place in the way more informali.e.

watching videos and exchanging ideas with colleagues who practice it. Andres Sanchezflatland colombia I’ve played for more than 6 years as administrator of Linux and microinformatico systems. I am a fanatical apacionado by free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline of the known as flatland BMX. Currently recido in Bogota colombia from where development projects based on free software. Related blogs Video: Just Cause 2 stunt: guided missile air Video: Just Cause 2 stunt: outstanding vehicle SOS El Ciudadano Codelco’s supervisors valued that Minister of the affected by the actions of PHALANX and tradition valued LOS La Sevilla bicycle SMS: “Seville is beautiful because it is always professional champions of Guayas and Pichincha the blog of my summary January and February (2010) Honeywell Second stage low-pressure compressor rotor AD 2010-06-11 bmx flatland tricks Argentina.” Livestock nervousness by rumors of brakes to the


Is that an aurtoresponder? Put in simple words is a program or application whose main task is to automate responses to requests for information which are made by e-mail and allow you to keep informed to everyone who requests it. Is also responsible for providing reports of offers, promotions, discounts, reminders of a business or to keep students informed members of a team, a corporation etc. The use that can be given automatically to hundreds of clients are limitless.AUTO-RESPONDEDOR (Autoresponder or Mailbot) is a Software used to automate certain actions that occur in a communication between a client or prospect and the company, via electronic mail, a sort of voicemail or virtual secretariat which is responsible for all the task of communication with our clients that we previously programmed. An Autoresponder is a form that you put on your page webo on your blog in which people who visit your page request information voluntarily come to fill their data that are usually the name of the visitor and your email, before the visitor fill out that form one can offer you free of charge a book digital in exchange for that information in a way to barter, the idea of the auto reply is that when visitors fill out the form and click sendautomatically the will be sent to a page where is the book or digital product that you’re going to give away in exchange for the information they leave you. Currently, there are many companies that you bubbies auto service answer or auto responder for a monthly fee but also there are companies that provide it to you for free with very good capacity to have informed your clients or prospects.

Senator Larrain Pet

Natural remedies such as Calendula and Plantago are used for the legs of dogs and cats, preventing bruising, cracking and infection, while encourage healing of minor cuts and wounds, and the reduction of inflammation. Keep your pet prepared correctly, because the matted hair will not protect against the cold. Last, but very important: be aware of the surroundings of your pet. Samsung may find this interesting as well. Many people think that the garage is a safe haven for pets during the winter months. However, the antifreeze is a hazard common pets, because the dogs and cats are attracted to its sweet taste. The chemical can be toxic even in small quantities, so you be sure to check the radiator of your car and ensure that all containers are stored. Also, be cautious about carbon monoxide.

Never heat or turn your car into a space confined as the garage without first removing your pet. Taking a little extra care at the beginning of the winter, you can provide a strong health and happiness Foundation for your pet in the coming year. Engineer by profession but with a great interest in health issues and alternative medicine. I think that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I publish a blog with these issues because I am sure that an informed person is potentially a person more happy and healthy. Blogs similar hoteliers reported a 50 per cent on the reservations by the hair loss: natural remedies Natural cats medicine: perro:mascota: mimosos: enigmatic animals: adorable animals They also suffer from allergies. en Universal teams home remedies for earache sociology tries to explain the good behavior of the Conference Gedi Capeluto passage: Software for secure access to the party can change Senator Larrain news ensures that arrangements in irrigation exceeds the $4 billion

Leonel Morales

Research In Motion will present in November a tablet to compete with Apple iPad, reported on Friday July 30, 2010 Bloomberg News, citing two people related to the company’s plans. Research in Motion (RIM) whose head office is in Waterloo, Ontario-, called Blackpad to your new appliance, one of the sources said. The Blackpad would be similar to the iPad’s dimensions and a value close to the $ 499 (382 euros) which costs Apple equipment, said the report. The American Apple has sold more than 3 million units of the iPad since its launch in April. Tuesday August 03, 2010, RIM could present a new version of its Blackberry, hoping to compete more efficiently against the Apple iPhone and other smart phones. e throughout. The career of the new tablet-pc moves one step such that all companies manufacturing of hardware and software of the world want to get a percentage of the same, since the appearance in January of the Apple iPad, until August 2010 more than 10 companies announced new portable equipment including highly well known companies such as: HP, Sony, Lenovo, among others as well as software vendors willing to equip these tablets to name a few: Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Eset, etc. By Leonel Morales. Article retrieved from the international press, every day. (No longer available in the network blog). Visit to start in the business of internet with or without web page.