Yoga For Computer

Years ago that I use my computer for writing, accounting for home, read newspapers, watch You-Tube videos, listen to music, send and receive e-mails, chat, play and evading the thorough exposure of discomforts of my beloved mother who is very fond of my wife, which, by definition, indicates that I live in a dysfunctional family.I went through the branches. Really much use the compu and sometimes it breaks, stops functioning, it is wrong, it disorients, he Harries, becomes bobita. It is on these occasions that I go to an expert in my trustworthy computing.Noting how this girl works, I came to a conclusion that seems to me to be so valuable to enrich the wellspring of wisdom that flows through the web. I think that the discovery does not to add it to Wikipedia. I do not know. You could say.The matter is that the main difference between a computer and a common user, is that they know.

They know that they have to lose much time looking for the fault. They know they have to waste much time looking for the solution. They know that they must have patience with hysterical types like me.Users, on the other hand, we do not know. We don’t know that we know and, above all, do not know what to allocate many horas-culo to solve the problems of the compu. Revelation I received directly from the gods who live in Silicon Valley, is that engineers do not study computer science: are emotionally prepared to have patience as possessing the Dalai Lama or any other serene spirit who walks out there.This conclusion that I share with you, does not seem to a divine illumination? Tell the truth! With regard to the Wikipedia that I do? Original author and source of the article.

Computing Architecture

Common sense is a key element in organizations, but more important is to unify all the people who make up the Organization’s common sense and not be exposed to a single point of view although it seems obvious an element that has to be analyzed carefully in order to have success, the management has to be in constant evolution that future demand new ways of actingorganizations have to function as a system, since the beginning of time the animals and plants have worked as a system, the result was a world in total balance when we humans started to intervene in the world makes us a terrifying parallel because at this time the world is in danger that we never got to thinking how we could work as a system with each of the ecosystems that offers us the Planet because we lack a systemic thinking with the exception of a few people that work for the environment environment, organizations that do not work as a system to this articulated to the competitive context in which we We operate are destined to disappear in this century XXl in the market due to the lack of effectiveness and we will be destined to failure, this concept is clarified by the companies that copied management models generally fail for that do not consider that the copied model was developed to be applied in another competitive context, we need to develop our strategic process based on simplicity; Four vectors on which we base entrepreneurship related to the points that we must diagnose the Organization and subsequently take respective actions, firstly there is the passion for the client that it must have all persons both which interact with the customer constantly as this will not, give you an identity to your company becoming organizational culturethe itinerant management I am very interested by listening to consumers and members of the channel is vital to establish a relationship with the organization that generates links to encourage the two parties because we cannot only with a serve that in many sometimes does not satisfy the maximum customer for something as crucial as the lack of accessory, for these reasons it is very important to answer the questions that he enunciates the document you live the passion? and if share it all within the company? In the case of my organization creation 3d (name of the organization that I’m owner) if we share all persons working in the company finally in our Organization we have contact with our customers by means of the website of the empre4sa 3d creation with our contact forms, polls and chat, this document is too applicable to everything that lives the Organization; The next dimension that will analyze what sustained differentiation seeks is to generate a differential advantage that distinguishes it from the competitor in order to create identity for the product or service, it is important to understand that differentiation is not an isolated fact everything otherwise is the sum of small differences that are complementary to generate impact, it is important to constantly generate value added, but these efforts are failing the moment in which the customer and consumers do not recognize it, so it is necessary to count with a diagnosis to guide us at all times, innovation is necessary to have a differentiation by which markets are increasingly more dynamic, must generate incentives that the company’s external and internal agents to actively participate in the innovation process, the speed you garantirizara a comparative advantage, and finally the winning culture, we managers are responsible for generating the synergy that must have all the organizations with open and systemic thinking through strategies that encourage the relationship and strengthen their links permanently. .

Major Changes

1 November 2008 the amendments to the law on GmbH. Not all of the government's proposed changes were adopted Zakonodatelem.V particular, contained in the draft law proposal to reduce share capital of 25 000,00 eur 10 000 eur was not supported and therefore the size of the share capital, as before, equal to 25 000,00 eur. The legislator offered another option of establishing a company – the so-called Unternehmergesellschaft. This option is interesting for people who are at the moment creation businesses are limited to cash sredstavah and can not make the charter capital in full. When you create Unternehmergesellschaft share capital can in principle be equal to 1 Euro. Thus, the legislator has decided to create a competitive form of English ltd.

A feature of this form of organization of the enterprise is the condition that the company can not make full use of the profits – 15% of the profits remain in the share capital until such time as the amount capital will not reach the required level of 25 000 Euros. After this Unternehmergesellschaft be transformed into a fully GmbH. In addition, facilitated base GmbH one founder. So, when you make half of the share capital, is not required provision of guarantees to make the remainder of the share capital. Founders can now decide the question of the amount of their shares in the share capital on the basis of their financial capabilities and desires.

Minimum amount of participation can be equal to 1 Euro. When you create a simple GmbH can be used samples of constituent documents, which are annexed to the Act. Using the data of samples significantly reduces the cost of flotation, tc sample contains both articles of incorporation, minutes of the appointment manager and a list of founders, whereas previously these data were contained in three separate documents. As before all the documents are solely responsible to be notarised, registration of companies in the Commercial Court by a solicitor. This article serves the purpose of general information and not a substitute for individual consultation.

William Shakespeare

A tradition in Spain on April 23 by the commemoration of Sant Jordi, which says it gives women a rose and the men there is a book. But economically speaking it may be best to only give roses. Because let’s be honest; all like to have a new and fresh adornment in his bedroom than a book that would make space and accumulate dust. For me on 23 April always will be the day of the book, remember that it is the date in dies William Shakespeare from the year of 1616, in the Gregorian calendar, which with the death of Cervantes has brought a bit of controversy, already do not know if he was 22 or 23 of the same month. There are people who also claims to be the day: Copyright Day of language among others. We are going to take a little history of how it has revolutionized our book; At the beginning of writing, these are painted in the clay tablets, which is believed the first to use them were the peoples of Mesopotamia, the Sumerians and Babylonians. Following these, we have to the Egyptians with the Papyrus, which was made from the stem of a silver with this same name, all his early sacred books, are obviously written on Papyrus. But nobody outdoes the enduring us Chinese contributed: the paper.

Controversial, that we made, the paper dating in historical records from the year 105 ad, but of course, some say that it is older, let 105 d.C. to give us the idea. This is made of a material that is manufactured interweaving of cellulose vegetable fibres, is used both in writing and in the printing press of which we will see later. Now, back in the new directions of Europe in the middle ages began to use parchment which had the advantage that you could write on both sides, were grouped into several spreads and it sewed to form codices were well, giving life to what we call today as a book. And as everyone has the right to transparency is to say, the right born namely, printing, and the use of incunabula (the Bible is one of those), but for the 16th century were left of use. And with the arrival of the technology comes the eBook, which I have but I am final against this. Nothing like reading and feel rich words leaves filled with sadness, excitement, love, joys and thousands of feelings experienced for the soul. Happy day of the book, buys a book, rent a book, open a book, reads a book. Source: The revolution of the book.