Barca Coach

The Barca coach is subtract pressure in his Champions debut. The Catalan team is measured to Milan on Tuesday at the Camp Nou. He has called all the players available; Puyol points to 11. PEP Guardiola, the Barcelona coach, has ensured that dnder the title of Champions League not forces you to nothing, which, on the contrary, is an honor, although he has insisted that fundamentally in a competition like this is to start winning. Guardiola has indicated not having any weight dnder the title. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information. It’s an honor, it is better dnderlo than not. Win it not forces you to nothing, not I consider nothing else, just make a good match, he said.

In any case, what is transcendental is begin the competition with a victory, especially if the premiere is at home, as well as tomorrow before the Milan at the Camp Nou. It is essential that House points, do not escape you start winning, said Guardiola in press conference. The technician has ensured that emotionally, despite the tie in San Sebastian, his team is well and that he is waiting to see how will react tomorrow its players. In any case, Guardiola has commented that what has been achieved in the past doesn’t matter. You always have to think about the next game, has insisted the technician, who does not believe that the draw against Real Sociedad may have influence to the Milan. It is true that if you win, you increase your self-esteem, but the party has nothing to do with the other day. Milan is a team that has seven European cups.

In the era of Sacchi and Capello, it won everything and more, remain the same leaders, have all the stability and thats a great luck, he insisted. Guardiola has lamented the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has been injured in Milan. Swedish in the past criticized the way of making the technical azulgrana, which even christened the philosopher.

Coaching Thing

It enters those new opposed ways the traditional one, would be possible to emphasize the one to make/think always requesting approval or permission, or of the professor towards the student, coaching towards the trained one, etc. The Coach becomes a figure that does not speak from the pulpit, neither from the platform, nor from the vestibule, because it does not have anything to say, nor either nothing that to teach, but tries to question from the place of " no-verdad" or rather from topoi where the truth or the certainty is absent. In this sense, the Coaching speaks from irony of Scrates when it said this one that " it only knows that nada&quot does not know; but in totally different sense. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Viacom by clicking through. While Scrates makes to denounce the ignorance of the questioned one, of its student, of trained his; the Coaching nevertheless executes from the same origin an action opposed, that consists of elevating to the needed one training or knowing, to the Mount Olympus of autosabidura. The certain thing is that the ontological Coaching applies to knowledge or own techniques of the PNL (neurolingstica programming). Whose relation with the practiced method is clear, since coaching ontological works on three dominions or means: the language, the body and the emotion.

In such methodology, one treats to the language like a generative function, in contrast to the classic and traditional analysis of the language in as much " functor" merely descriptive. In such a way that the language is creative of realities (subjective) that can get to be objective. The distinction between the objective and the subjective thing is lost. The language of the linguistic sign like language of sema somatic (corporal) works like producers of subjetivizada reality. The language no longer then is considered like a tool of representation of the real thing, but like tool of production of the real thing. .

Correa Coaching Fried

As you know, many are asking for that it is serious with a specific tax to sugary soft drinks, and that’s fine, given high rates of obesity that are on the rise, and according to my article published yesterday. What surprises me if it is that nobody is talking about putting a tariff to fried food. Learn more at this site: Mashable. Yes, they are delicious as anything of that kind, but they are also very terrible for their physical and emotional health.In a recent conversation I had with one of our associate doctors, author of some books on health, as well as books on relationships and weight loss. We speak around delicious food, which indeed cannot be, in good conscience, enjoy very often. Among other things, he gave me some tips on how to prepare food so that they can reach that fried seductive crisis and while you retain to some extent that is good for you also. But, why not to the fried food? Experts warn against eating foods fried for two main reasons;First; because frying adds calories to foods (fat has nine calories per gram compared with only four grams of proteins or carbohydrates) the second reason is more troubling; It is impossible to fry food without at least something of oxidation in the oil, which is what creates free radicals repugnant that contribute to heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, and other problems of salud.Como for thinking twice about what truth? Carlos Correa Coaching.