Your Rights

In this very troubled world in which we live, where it seems that you vouchers or you have, is good to take time to remember that we are the beloved of God children and that he gave us everything that we are happy. Currently many people feel lost and unsatisfied with his life. They always want more and do not know how to achieve it and feel unsuccessful because they do not have what they want, as if things wishing could give them happiness, but that’s a falsehood because everything you are looking for is waiting for you inside yourself. What you want is yours already, you should only open up to receive it. In life you can have everything what you have right, provided that you pay the price to create the mental equivalent of what what you have right. I.e., you can get everything you want, provided that you’re mentally prepared. You have a right to everything that is good for it, anything that benefits you, make you happier, freer and more prosperous.

This is the Declaration of the rights of God. Everytime you think; I would like to do this or be that, or have What, is the voice of God in your soul which tells you that it has time to take a step forward. Keep in mind that you only have right to those things that would be beneficial to it and that would make you happy. Which means that under no circumstances can qualify for something that belongs to someone else, or that would violate the rights of others, for example, to force them to do something that does not wish to do. When you want something to that, inside of you, you know that you have no right, you are simply misinterpreting the channel. What you actually want is not that thing itself, which is only the channel, but the happiness and freedom that you think that you could reach to get that particular thing.If case presented you as well, you must think this surely cannot be the road, because I have no right to this, but there is another way that God can give me all this happiness and all that opportunity without usurping anyone’s rights.