Is The Fear Of The Swine Flu Really Eligible?

Colostrum can before swine flu protect Aachen, June 2009: the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the first influenza pandemic of the 21st century on June 11, 2009, due to the swine flu. WHO decided the appointment of the highest six alert levels on an emergency special session, because more and more people with the new virus infected. Worldwide, 141 patients have died of swine flu in recent weeks, nearly 28 000 people in 74 countries have become infected. Now there is the infamous H1N1 virus cases in Germany heaped. Our Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt said: we need to be vigilant. I’m not in a panic, but worried.

\”Can you share in accordance this concern as a doctor with our Minister of health? Dr. e. med. Marco Prummer: Definitely no. Especially the campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO) stirs up fear and is no relation to the real issues. The facts: Of 6.2 billion people are so far approximately 141 dead have demonstrably died of swine flu. Worldwide Symptoms recorded the A/H1N1 virus in nearly 28,000 people with flu, 90 percent of them in the North American countries, Mexico, United States and Canada. So far about 100 cases of infection have been confirmed in Germany, the forms of the disease in Germany so far harmless to all. But 100,000 people die every day from hunger and its immediate consequences.

Every five seconds a child under 10 years starved to death. What pandemics are going? The statements of WHO are irresponsible. It is unacceptable that a leading who turns before the media representatives and said that two billion people are threatened by the new mutated swine flu virus H1N1. Never so much as with the fear of the people is been money. Also the pharmaceutical companies suffering from the economic crisis. Diseases such as the bird or swine flu, which supposedly worldwide epidemics are feared, rinse the pharmaceutical companies billions into the coffers.