Children And Psychology

But if the child is really a genius, he is without your help to prove themselves. A typical child to learn too much, too bad. Children tire quickly. And the more you'll be forced sit at the books, so much the worse. In this case, the child perceives the school as a nasty heavy duty and agrees to do their homework only under the lash. Preparing a child for school should be the development of cognitive processes – attention, memory, thinking and perception. Do not try at all costs, as early as possible to educate a child, numeracy and reading. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. All this he has to learn in school, and very quickly and easily.

The main task parents – to maintain interest in knowledge as a whole. Also, do not forget that first graders are going through tremendous psychological stress. For the child's new life began, and he was unable to immediately come to terms with the new role. Put yourself in his place: a new band, instead of teacher – teacher and new responsibilities. And parents, instead of helping, begin to show first-graders are too high for a child physically unable to perform them. In addition, adults who are afraid that the child will be idle wander down the street and try their best to get children's entertainment.

They give the kid a few sections and require him impossible. Rusty holzer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Not every adult in a position to meet the demands of parental ambition, not to mention a seven-year kid. The most common problems are first class: the child can not concentrate and skips from the one case to another, a child needs to be monitored.