Philibert Commerson

The hydrangea is hard to beat at colours the hydrangea is hard to beat at colours: under more than 100 different color variations, everyone will find his own favourite. With their large, colorful flower balls she fascinated for centuries, today flower friends can be and Dekofans inspired by the splendor and are excited by their diversity. The hydrangea is an absolute champion of color diversity. With a variety of shades of red, pink to purple, white, green and blue with or without colored flower borders offers inspiration for individual design for every taste. The cut hydrangea is a modern eye-catcher in bouquets, flower arrangements, or as a single flower. What is special about the hydrangea is that the timing of the cut will decide the final color scheme.

The section between March and September, takes place the flowers are still not dyed. These hydrangeas are as fresh “and colored flower edges. Follow others, such as Mashable, and add to your knowledge base. They impress with their fresh look that perfectly fits to the spring and early summer. After the cut, the hydrangea will no longer changes colour. This unique property lends a distinctive charm and character of the hydrangea. Be cut hydrangeas between June and November, the flowers are dyed.

Within this tonality is the classic cut hydrangea”called. In contrast to the flowers in the spring is the classic”hydrangea well to dry. This possibility still for months to take pleasure in the quick-change. In Asian gardens, the hydrangea is common for many centuries, but in Europe, she found the due attention until mid-18th century. The two still commonly used name for this showy flower have its roots in this period. ID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman to learn more. The botanists Grovonius saw similarities to a jug of water in the plant and named hydrangea (hydro ‘= water, angeion’ = pitcher). Her second name, however, is both a declaration of love to the “Flower itself as well as to women: Philibert Commerson, a French botanist, chose the name hydrangea” allegedly after a young woman named hortense. A mystery will probably remain whether it says is how the legend to the homonymous daughter of Napoleon’s. You can find more tips, tricks and information around the hydrangea under. About Flower Council of Holland flower Office, Holland is the marketing and sales promotion organisation of the Dutch ornamental plant cultivation. Its mission is to support the marketing of ornamental plants (cut flowers, potted plants, bedding and balcony plants) in favour of Dutch producers and wholesalers. The non-profit company creates an overview of the main flower and plant markets in Europe with extensive market analyses. Various marketing tools, we advertising and PR activities, promotions or events in the aftermath of this market soundings used, to promote the sales of flowers and potted plants from the Netherlands.