Fire Department

Using the built-in real-time object control, security-relevant areas are optimally protected. ‘S unique online access control of Traka, on the base of the door-POD can be easily and very easily connected to any kind of electronic doors and locks, both new installations and systems already installed. Over the door-POD, the safety officer has immediate access to each sheath separation unit, hinged door, sliding door etc. that is connected to the door-POD without interruption. The same applies to the feedback that he sees in a matter of seconds which door or lock which is operated.

In special situations he can grant directly a temporary access over an once-PIN a specific person, or he can make a personal remote release, including an emergency release for the Fire Department, etc. All actions are logged continuously and personal. Each door-POD can save the access rights of 16,000 people and each type of permission media be connected, i.e. PIN-code, RFID reader, biometrics, etc. Also the four-eyes principle can be activated for a higher level of security for sensitive areas. As a novelty, the door-POD with a real-time object control can be fitted. About the real-time object control the door, locks opening, all key cabinets or specialist equipment the door-POD, queries above, whether the person has or not returned all the keys and objects (documents, weapons, radios, etc.).

Positive feedback opens the door or lock. Negative feedback is communicated to the appropriate person, is which object is still in her. The real-time object control is based on the industrial CAN bus and uses standard CAT-5 cable. Through the integration engine the door POD integrates Traka in each external facility-management system and security management system. TRAKA has for its interface to the OnGuard system Approval of Lenel received and is member of Lenel open access Alliance program. The world famous Lenel OnGuard is an integrated security and building management system for companies of any size. The interface between the two systems is carried out using an integration module in the access management software Traka32 of TRAKA and realized a homogenous integration between the OnGuard access control and electronic key cabinets and specialized systems of Traka over an IP network. The communication is bidirectional, i.e. all inputs and alarms within of OnGuard are immediately forwarded to contacted key cabinets and specialized equipment. Equally all alerts and access key cabinets and specialized equipment will be communicated automatically and immediately the OnGuard system. OnGuard is the communicative interface and offers the users a single and already known it environment.