Proper Dog Training

To properly educate our dogs not only many times the difference between enjoying them or support them, in the same way brand difference brand among that same dog we enjoy or us support to us, since the communication problem is bilateral. Without a good education of the dog, we understand them nor they understand us to us. The idea that the dog knows what he did is just a humanized interpretation of canine gestures. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. The dog just knows that something is very wrong, and to his mind must be his stance towards the master, why attempts to correct his gestures by doing all kinds of bow so that they do not damage. Credit: Bobby Sharma Bluestone-2011. What of the Chair? Oh, that? No longer remember.

It was in a moment of separation anxiety that all his activity of children learning came to mind. In certain age wild Cubs must learn to tear the prey and find the meat inside. If we pay attention to the documentaries of wolves and other predatory carnivores, the first thing that eats at a dam are their visors, and that opens the abdomen and extracted intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas, stomach with rumination, all rich in enzymes and vitamins elements. The armchair, so open in your belly and emptying their visors of latex foam and upholstery fillings, is not anything other than the body of the dam that just serve element of practice to learn how to use hands and mouth in the art of butchering. Juan threatens his bodily gestures to a dog that can only relate their threats than the now, that is, with your form submitted to a superior in the hierarchy of the herd, and why your pet tries vainly to correct your posture, adopting other more submissive to relieve social tensions.