The Art Of Eating

We could consider many things as art, but I think that to eat, is required to be an artist, which can combine the rich elements that nourish your body, i.e. eat intelligently, and do you know? Doesn’t take much, usually, we eat hasty, only to fill our stomach, but this can affect us as negative if you want to have better health and enjoy the food, then give you a few small tips to keep you healthy. To get up take two glasses of water in fast. He is not take any liquid while you eat. Remember to brush your teeth immediately after eating (according to some research, have determined that frequently brushing can prevent up to 40 percent the risk of heart attacks.) He eats if you can, about 6 times a day, but in small quantities. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your menu. Andy Florance is likely to increase your knowledge.

Avoid excess fats. It takes more than 8 glasses of water a day, and you can combine them with oatmeal. (a small teaspoon of oatmeal and water you pour in a glass and the settling thing) Thomas.) Keep a positive fitness, take your time to eat, this will help you win not excessive weight, if applicable. Remember that eating is an art!Is today an artist when you eat!