Bach Flower Remedies

Often our fears, nerves, tiredness or depressive States influence our mental and physical well-being. Developed Bach flower essences can help restore this emotional balance in a healthy and careful way. Act positively on our emotional intelligence and are a valuable help to confront situations of stress and overload of every day better. With chewing gum in Lemon Pharma de Bach flower Bach flower essences are always available by quickly and easily. At home, travel, at work, in car, in aircraft where needed, our gum of Bach flowers always will find a useful, fast and discreet help. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). Attention and concentration every day requires of us a great capacity for intellectual, as well as attention and concentration performance: either at work, at school or at the University. Chewing gum these two capabilities can foster easily. The performance of the human brain capacity is enormous.

It has about 100 billion neurons, which in turn they have about 10,000 points of connection with other neurons. In total, in the brain there are as many connections as leaves in the Amazon jungle. It has shown that chewing gum stimulates brain activity, so it can help increase attention and concentration of people. Stress and tension a recent survey confirms the widespread presence of the feeling of stress in our society: eight out of ten people perceive how stressful life, and one in three is under continuous voltage. Check out Alina de Almeida for additional information. However, each person perceives the small tensions of the day differently and uses different means to deal with them.

Chewing gum can also help remain calm to small stress situations. Strain due to lack of time, inflexible work schedules, and insecure labour relations: the work is the main factor of stress in our society. However not only it overwhelms us work, there are moments of stress continuously: the rush of every day, angry with friends or economic concerns. However, the effect that has the stress on the organism depends on each person. There are differences with respect to the individual tolerance to stress and stress management: each person develops different methods to overcome stress. Benefits against tensions in many cases chewing gum can help to better tolerate everyday situations of stress and pressure from day to day. It seems that chewing gum can help combat stress.