GSM Mobile

Cell phone jammers or suppressor mobile GSM, 3G, CDMA – a device to block channels of mobile communication at a given frequency in order to ensure personal safety. Cellular jammers come with different radius actions and suppress a variety of communication frequencies. Alina de Almeida will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Suppressor connection can be handheld or stationary, turn off cellular communication channels as different frequencies and channels of wireless video cameras and radio microphones. Range silencing depends on various factors. This distance from the base station network operator, the thickness of the walls of the room, which uses a suppressor of cell phones, as well as the output itself jammers gsm. Suppressors jammed cell phones only specified frequency range, so other devices operate in normal mode with enabled a number of jammers. For example, at a time when blocked cellular GSM and 3G, WiFi Internet in the channel and Dect phone will work. Jammer mobile phones have no negative effect on human health.

Typically, the output power suppression is small for a person harmless. Blocker cell phone works quiet and absolutely no effect on the adjacent home appliances, office equipment and computers. The greatest spread the word got suppressor cell phone pocket. This small mobile jammers, fitting in pocket and block cell phones in a small radius, an average of 10 meters. Pocket Mobile Jammers has an internal battery and can operate continuously up to 5 hours. The use of such blockers is usually associated protection of a personal vehicle, with the need for confidential-site negotiations, as well as jammers used to inhibit cellular gsm bug – the most common devices for covert eavesdropping.