Mulla Nasrudin Man

In fact, everything is everything else. Here's what happened: at the local dog Mulla Nasrudin won the prize – but he was is concerned because for one thing. He was worried because of human clothing. And he said: "What happens in this world! Look at that sheared man with a cigarette in his mouth, standing there with two puppies. I'm lost and could not now say – man or woman, boy or girl. " Standing beside the witness said these words: "This is a woman – because it's my daughter!" Mulla Nasrudin said: "Excuse me.

If I knew you were her mother, I would not say this. And got the reply: "I'm not a mother – I'm her father " Now the case of meetings of the sexes. The clothes, the lifestyle – meeting takes place. This is a good sign. Style of clothing for men and women is unisex – it is a very good sign! There is no need to make such distinctions, as they were before. No-difference – and there is reality. Distinction was created by the mind, and she has created problems, because you do something, and more. But if you're staying on the fact that you're a man, – what will you do with my woman inside? A woman there.

Sometimes a woman wants to cry, you also can not cry – you're a man, and you should behave like a man. You do not listen to their nature, are you listening to men by the theory of how should be a man. But nature has created in your eyes tear glands – if nature wished that man never cried, she would have created these glands. If nature did not want a man to feel, she would not put it no heart. But the man feels no less than a woman. But he suppresses her femininity, and he continues to suppress it, and this creates internal conflict. Better use of opposites to flow, use the two polarities in order to create tension between them, which makes you more alive, than to crush one of the polarities that umertvlyaet you, make insensitive, because if the man at the same time and not a woman if it is only half circumcised, half of his being, then it is suppressed. And suppression of take revenge. This person will sooner or later come to mind – the suppression of the eventually reset the one that dominated all time. Policy is not only outside, policies that are outside established policy and within you. They have created a schism, they have led to what you're fighting with yourself. And the woman has long suppressed his male part – now it's manifested. She again and again asserting itself, because it's always been there! Instead, to create harmony between these polarities, you make them quarrel, fight. Everything would be so nice if you could create a harmony, while the highest quality of life would arise within you.

The French Revolution

The basic rights that guarantee conditions of life, that they are social, technique and ecologically assured, in the measure where this is necessary, in each in case that, for a joy, in terms of equality of chances, of the civil laws, automencionados. If truth is that the Human Rights, established in the Rights Subjective/Natural and Positive/Legalist, are legal and legitimate, it is not little truth that its ecumnico fulfilment lacks of effectiveness and so that this if verifies becomes indispensable the application of sancionatrias rules, coercive for all the ones violate that them. However and in a pedagogical perspective, half among others available, they are outstanding it education and the religion, whose specific characteristics, vocacionadas for the civic and moral formation of man, respectively, can contribute of decisive form so that, inside of some decades, the peace in the world is next to its concretion, if all to understand and to respect the rights of each one, to start for the proper individual In this line of thought, are opportune to reflectir because different the actuais times are e, certainly, in the future, other values will worry the humanity. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. This does not imply to be against the conquests of modernity, that is, against the freedom, the equality and the fraternity; against the human democracy and rights, therefore, it was said has little that the education and the religion can help, decisively, by the way, nowadays, a religious system, with lines of orientation in relation to the reality and a scientific vision of the world, if does not exclude obligatorily, as the religious faith does not exclude the engagement politician. The French Revolution and the announcement of the Declaration of the Rights had been transferred more than two centuries on of the Man and the Citizen. It seems certain that most of the States, as well as most of the Churches, defends, in basic theory, values and principles: the inviolability of the person human being; the inalienable freedom of the human being; the beginning of the equality of all the human beings; the necessity of solidarity between all the men.

Bertha Pappenheim

In the ends of century XIX, Freud already with 30 years of age, if detached as doctor is professor. As specialist in the neurology area, it developed techniques as innovative for its time as, for example, the theory of the mind and the behavior human being and also, as techniques of therapeutical matrix, to help affected people psychically. Peter Asaro shines more light on the discussion. The Gold Book of the Psychoanalysis, organized for Manuel of the Coast Young chicken P. 33, it makes the following commentary how much to the hypnosis that passes in this context to be of interest of Freud: ' ' Disappointed with the used technique at the time? the eletroterapia -, it starts to be interested itself for the hypnosis. One of its colleagues at that time, with who keeps contact is the doctor Joseph Breuer. This deals with then a called patient Bertha Pappenheim, who suffered seriously from would histeria.

In case that Freud gets passionate, becomes that it celebremente known as ' ' case Anna O.' ' , pioneer of the psychoanalysis. In 13 of July of 1883, to Freud he discloses for letter its Martha fianc, fascinado' ' (YOUNG CHICKEN, Org., 2007). From then on it is understood that Freud, starts to formulate its ideas how much the sexual traumas. After its removal how much its Breuer friend, Freud goes to formulate its certainties on fancies and it related them them it experiences of sexual seduction in the infantile phase, from these conceptions that appear its bigger contributions in the field of the Psychoanalysis. In science the Jewish presence is marked mainly by Albert Einstein, creator of the Theory of Relativity. He was without a doubt more celebrates scientist of century XX, also gaining a prize Nobel in physics in the year of 1921. Einstein was born in Germany in the ceio of a Jewish family, with one year of age, its parents if they had established and Monique, with three years presented problems there with speaks, but this did not hinder it to be a young of great talent.


The systems livings creature are cognitivos systems, are involved in the activity of auto-generation and auto-perpetuation. The cognition is not the representation of world that exists in independent way, but, a continuous activity to create one world by means of the process of living. ' ' To live is conhecer' '. Each alive being, throughout its passage of life, in accordance with goes changing the lived experiences, forming a way that it is proper. These structural changes that occur in the process of living are fruits of the acquired knowledge, therefore, they produce a development. These changes or development are fruits of the coupling between ' ' to be and the way where vive' '. In the beings livings creature (man), where the complexity is bigger and exists brain and nervous system, the coupling occurs not only with the external way, but also with the internal world, its interior. These beings more complex livings creature depend on the beings simplest and vice versa, he is ' ' Teia of the Vida' '.

The Notion of Life: ' ' The Life – She is solely physical, and it is different of all the other physical phenomena. It is species and it is individual. Are discontinuity – birth, existence, death and are continuity? cycles and processes. It is reproduction and exchanges. It is variations. It is constancy. Swarmed by offers, Ali Partovi is currently assessing future choices. It is conservation and it is evolution. It is repetition and it is innovation.

integration. It is egocentrismo and it is ego altruism. It is economy and it is wastefulness. It is regulation. It produces purposes, but it does not proceed from purposes, and the purpose of its purposes is incerta.' ' (Morin, Edgar? in: The lost Paradise). The diversity of characteristics that the term ' ' Vida' ' it holds, it hinders to accumulate of stocks it, in all its dimensions, therefore it integrates until slight knowledge that are antagonistic: The dimension of the life is first in the alive individual, and also in the multicellular beings, the net of relations that constitute the ecosystem, the society and the sprouting of new forms of life, and even so closes the eyes, is enclosed in it. mes Dondero does not necessarily agree.