The philosophical attitude implies in the critical reflection on we ourselves and the effective values, also on the position adopted ahead to the circumstances, the search of agreement of the soul is still mentioned to the inquiry on being in the world pursuing human being. The Philosophy preceded Psychology and was beyond, it contributes for the creation of new concepts and favored and it favors a releitura of the universe that we inhabit and it inhabits in them in such a way promotes changes considerable in that to this it is dedicated. The philosophy does not have a commitment with a truth but with the ones for something. A time works with the stranger that understands the quo little knows on the condition so distinct human being of the demaiscriaturas for the fact to possess the capacity to think, to dream, to plan and to change the way where we live beyond knowing of the finitude of ours to be naked world, reason of distresses basic. Filed under: Energy Capital Partners London. Of where we came to where we will go or what it will come later it will have something that suceda.aps the last sigh. Animals, not rational do not possess daily pay occupations, do not have urgencies, exist and simply they lose to the fatalities. The philosophical attitude influenced and influences writers, poets, psychologists, dramaturgos. , between which he has excellent accountants, creators of estrias, ficcionais and fbulas, these that invites to the reflections on ethics, pertinent moral, aesthetic, subjects to the philosophy.

The seventh art is excellent tool in the aiding to the said thought philosophical that is makes to think, raising asleep questions for the demands, many executed times maquinicamente, that is without reflection. Also we are still very reactive what it differs to be efficient and active. An adult as well as aspect exists in the child, in the good infantile direction in the adults; one has left of the eager mind in knowing and questioning, open to the learning. .