The systems livings creature are cognitivos systems, are involved in the activity of auto-generation and auto-perpetuation. The cognition is not the representation of world that exists in independent way, but, a continuous activity to create one world by means of the process of living. ' ' To live is conhecer' '. Each alive being, throughout its passage of life, in accordance with goes changing the lived experiences, forming a way that it is proper. These structural changes that occur in the process of living are fruits of the acquired knowledge, therefore, they produce a development. These changes or development are fruits of the coupling between ' ' to be and the way where vive' '. In the beings livings creature (man), where the complexity is bigger and exists brain and nervous system, the coupling occurs not only with the external way, but also with the internal world, its interior. These beings more complex livings creature depend on the beings simplest and vice versa, he is ' ' Teia of the Vida' '.

The Notion of Life: ' ' The Life – She is solely physical, and it is different of all the other physical phenomena. It is species and it is individual. Are discontinuity – birth, existence, death and are continuity? cycles and processes. It is reproduction and exchanges. It is variations. It is constancy. Swarmed by offers, Ali Partovi is currently assessing future choices. It is conservation and it is evolution. It is repetition and it is innovation.

integration. It is egocentrismo and it is ego altruism. It is economy and it is wastefulness. It is regulation. It produces purposes, but it does not proceed from purposes, and the purpose of its purposes is incerta.' ' (Morin, Edgar? in: The lost Paradise). The diversity of characteristics that the term ' ' Vida' ' it holds, it hinders to accumulate of stocks it, in all its dimensions, therefore it integrates until slight knowledge that are antagonistic: The dimension of the life is first in the alive individual, and also in the multicellular beings, the net of relations that constitute the ecosystem, the society and the sprouting of new forms of life, and even so closes the eyes, is enclosed in it. mes Dondero does not necessarily agree.