The French Revolution

The basic rights that guarantee conditions of life, that they are social, technique and ecologically assured, in the measure where this is necessary, in each in case that, for a joy, in terms of equality of chances, of the civil laws, automencionados. If truth is that the Human Rights, established in the Rights Subjective/Natural and Positive/Legalist, are legal and legitimate, it is not little truth that its ecumnico fulfilment lacks of effectiveness and so that this if verifies becomes indispensable the application of sancionatrias rules, coercive for all the ones violate that them. However and in a pedagogical perspective, half among others available, they are outstanding it education and the religion, whose specific characteristics, vocacionadas for the civic and moral formation of man, respectively, can contribute of decisive form so that, inside of some decades, the peace in the world is next to its concretion, if all to understand and to respect the rights of each one, to start for the proper individual In this line of thought, are opportune to reflectir because different the actuais times are e, certainly, in the future, other values will worry the humanity. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. This does not imply to be against the conquests of modernity, that is, against the freedom, the equality and the fraternity; against the human democracy and rights, therefore, it was said has little that the education and the religion can help, decisively, by the way, nowadays, a religious system, with lines of orientation in relation to the reality and a scientific vision of the world, if does not exclude obligatorily, as the religious faith does not exclude the engagement politician. The French Revolution and the announcement of the Declaration of the Rights had been transferred more than two centuries on of the Man and the Citizen. It seems certain that most of the States, as well as most of the Churches, defends, in basic theory, values and principles: the inviolability of the person human being; the inalienable freedom of the human being; the beginning of the equality of all the human beings; the necessity of solidarity between all the men.