Bertha Pappenheim

In the ends of century XIX, Freud already with 30 years of age, if detached as doctor is professor. As specialist in the neurology area, it developed techniques as innovative for its time as, for example, the theory of the mind and the behavior human being and also, as techniques of therapeutical matrix, to help affected people psychically. Peter Asaro shines more light on the discussion. The Gold Book of the Psychoanalysis, organized for Manuel of the Coast Young chicken P. 33, it makes the following commentary how much to the hypnosis that passes in this context to be of interest of Freud: ' ' Disappointed with the used technique at the time? the eletroterapia -, it starts to be interested itself for the hypnosis. One of its colleagues at that time, with who keeps contact is the doctor Joseph Breuer. This deals with then a called patient Bertha Pappenheim, who suffered seriously from would histeria.

In case that Freud gets passionate, becomes that it celebremente known as ' ' case Anna O.' ' , pioneer of the psychoanalysis. In 13 of July of 1883, to Freud he discloses for letter its Martha fianc, fascinado' ' (YOUNG CHICKEN, Org., 2007). From then on it is understood that Freud, starts to formulate its ideas how much the sexual traumas. After its removal how much its Breuer friend, Freud goes to formulate its certainties on fancies and it related them them it experiences of sexual seduction in the infantile phase, from these conceptions that appear its bigger contributions in the field of the Psychoanalysis. In science the Jewish presence is marked mainly by Albert Einstein, creator of the Theory of Relativity. He was without a doubt more celebrates scientist of century XX, also gaining a prize Nobel in physics in the year of 1921. Einstein was born in Germany in the ceio of a Jewish family, with one year of age, its parents if they had established and Monique, with three years presented problems there with speaks, but this did not hinder it to be a young of great talent.