The study of the landscape in Archaeology involves questescomplexas on the ways with that prehistoric groups, conscientiously ouno, had molded its social and cultural spaces, situations that involve umavariedade of processes in such a way related to the organization of this space how much asua modification in function of a diversity of intentions that incluemsubsistncia, questions of economic, social order, politics, cognitiva, symbolic or religious. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. It is coherent to affirm that the people perceive, classificame molds the surrounding landscape from symbolic processes that to podemestar entailed to the cultural traditions of the group, to the sentimental, memria attachment, to myths, while local of ancestral the e, qui, having comoreferncias sacred and profane borders (Knapp, 1999). The estimated ones of the Archaeology of the Landscape are marked, over all, for the use, of the geotecnologias (Cf.Morais, 1999, p.31). It has an inherent concern to this concept of utilizaodesses methods and techniques so that they identify the archaeological small farms (elugares) made use in the landscape and linked it, that is, desenvolvimentode integral systematic studies and of the archaeological register and the landscape (this last one understood not as a passive entity where they occur osprocessos social or as an to be explored resource, more as a construosocial), of dosassentamentos form to understand and to interpret the space distribution, occurrences, places of archaeological interest e, consequently, the possible uses of the space for former populations, in the queCriado Boado (1991, 1996, 2001), defined as a strategy of inquiry, identification and understanding of the archaeological register with sights to the archaeological reconstruopaisagens, as well as the processes of continuity and change queconstituram> current landscape. Thanks to the technological advances allies to the novasperspectivas of the archaeological research, much if have produced in direction dacompreenso of the landscape. In such a way, the Archaeology of the Landscape involves usode tools to multidiscipline, over all supplied for Geography eGeocincias in order to understand the ways for which the grupospr-descriptions had occupied and modified the landscape in function of its prticaseconmico-productive, social and cultural, in the same way understanding as aspessoas they had been influenced, motivated and restricted for it.

Souza Development

Another point to be detached, is the cause of the proper popularizao of the sustainable development, or the main reasons, therefore if this conception if popularized and transformed all the relation of the thought antagonisms, and later it will transform the debate into the geography book, has, then, some reasons for this. These reasons are well clearly in the words of the Fertile valley and M.L of Souza, who show the ambition of the sustainable development of being a conception that she intends to be unanimous and to get a consensus. Thus, we find first in the Fertile valley words: ' ' It will be that somebody could be against? sustainable development? It is enough to make this question so that if it perceives that the notion already one harvest of coconuts unanimidade' ' (FERTILE VALLEY, 1991, p.3). Nobody, supposedly would be against the ideals of sustainable development, for the great propaganda that is produced vendendo an image, that for signal, does not belong to objective Reals of the sustainable development. Thus, we could question in the same way that the author: ' ' who would not preserve the environment? ' ' ' ' Or who would not be worried in conserving the resources for a future generation? ' ' Or still, ' ' who would not desire a economic development for all, with an ambient support? ' ' The sustainable development still is born in a context of ambient crisis? or of ambient problems in diverse scales with serious intensity? has the appearance of being a panacea, therefore it loads I obtain persuasivos arguments and seductive ideas, that appeal increase it the acceptance the idea. It would be easy to agree to the proposal of a sustainable development to this optics, however who if risks to analyze the details of this conception, as it is the Fertile valley case, that for signal it writes in 1991 (inside of this I appeal for the acceptance sustainable development), perceives that it does not have a linking profcua between economic development and ambient support, and that if it cannot label a historically unsustainable development, and still, that this conception presents a iderio unsustainable, incapable to take care of to all its proposals, and at the same time presents surreais strategies, as to take care of the necessities of the future generation without if asking: ' ' what they are necessities? ' ' (only to relembrarmos the words of Galbraith), and ' ' which the necessities of the future generation? ' ' (what it is a task of the adivinhao, in case that were possible).

New User

Consequently, beyond the specific knowledge on the pertaining to school and educative processes, dealing with the contents of you discipline as the didactics and the methodologies, passing for the strategies of education and the theories of the learning, the pedagogia works mainly with individual and social values, in a confusion of questions of the world of politics and of the power (2001, P. 41). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Steve Wozniak. In the same direction, Burton affirms that, in a world without theories, all the phenomena are Geography truily desire to be considered as science, must appeal the comments of the regularidades in its field of knowledge. The changes of the societies and consequentemente, of the dynamics of the geographic space, impose for advances of the knowledge of Geography, as well as the methodologies adopted for are science, while it disciplines curricular.

Uruguay Argentina

For being the River Pequeri or Pepiri above of Uruguay-Pit Rio Branco showed in its exposition that the three different rivers, was applied successively by the Spaniard in century XVIII, the name of Uruguay-Pit, and that Pequiri of 1749 map was above of the first one of this name. It is observed in OAK, 1998, p.195, a continuity of this reasoning of Rio Branco, and it says that it also proved in its exposition that the old River Pequiri of the maps of the Jesuit ones was a river below of the jump, more occidental person, therefore, that the Pequiri of the map of 1749 was of the treat one to 1750. The position of the estuary of that Uruguay-Pit, below of the great jump, and the longitude of the Pequiri or Pepiri, second work made under the direction of Levasseur, French scholar contemporary to the time, shows that the official document of 1749 (the Map of the Cuts), in the favorable age. in agreement still with this reasoning of Rio Branco, the instruction of July of 1758, that Rio Branco says to have joined in Simancas, showed that the stretch that the Argentines walked citing was invented by the Spanish commissioners the second landmark, of 1759. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. It disappeared of this form, very easily all the base where the Argentina Republic seated its pretension (vide: AMRICO JACOBINA LACOMBE – Rio Branco Rui Barbosa, Rio De Janeiro, 1948. P. 24-25). After all this proceeding, covered since the moment of the act of receiving on the part of Brazil and Argentina, the inheritance of the dispute around the sovereignty of the missioneiro territory; of Portugal and Spain respectively, it is counted there, the first moments of independence in such a way Brazilian politics as Argentina, in the start of century XIX. When the region of the Missions started to have a economic importance strategical greater.

Canadian Parks

In 1893, in Canada, it is established reserve of fauna and flora in the Park of Algonqun' ' (2001, P. 113) Endorsed of gnese of the iderio of the sustainable development, we will focus at this moment in the importance of the sprouting of the term in itself, and all previous the geopolitical context the decade of 80. It has some possible reasons for the sprouting and the construction of the sustainable development, that are on closely to the main objectives of this conception, and will be, over all, consequences of the necessity of the dominant elites of this time. Read additional details here: Mashable. We share with some authors whom they affirm that the creation of the sustainable development is more ideological speech proliferated by the ruling class, having this speech the paper to place a smoke curtain in the ambient debate, attributing adjetivao to the development (that it is unsustainable, mainly in the capitalist system), and omitting the critical one of the same. However, we believe that the creation of this conception contains these objectives and another one, more complex, and important, perhaps very referring to the historical moment of the ambient debate and the necessity to reduce, or to suppress with the antagonistic thoughts between the countries peripheral central offices and countries, through a pseudo-solution directed toward the interests of the first ones. However, a question cannot be forgotten, that the debate around the environment and of its relation with the development, he was not proliferated as it occurs currently, then we will mention the debates of the decades of 1950, 1960, and 1970, with the conscience of its you reach limited, and being basically, platform of strategical speeches not very different of what it is visualized currently. Then, we will carry through a brief panorama of the ambient debates, from the second half of century XX, that, over all, they had been the premises for the emerso of the conception of sustainable development, I look with it to approach and to analyze the trajectory of the debates around the relation development-environment that will elucidate the divergent vises concerning the development idea.

Imperial Regal Letter

In this commanded occupation browse-quality, usually, it is disordered in the final setting of the human element. The example of this can be cited the city of Brasilia, that happened of a legal context, designed and arquitetada in the human knowledge did not obtain to around contain the accumulations of the plain pilot. Valadares governor is an occupation of the multiformica type. Of the wealth of ores and the rocks, to the legend of the ferocity of the botocudos, lendria occupation if made. Of the liberal ideal coated of legal conditions for the perfect exploration of the human element indian, legal conditions in the excuse of if being able to use ' ' ferros' ' as impeditive cause of continuity and as impulsionadora cause to the abandonment of the atrocities and anthropophagy; it appears in the legal form, around the Quarter of Dom Manuel (one of the six military divisions of the River Candy? Regal letter of the 1808) busy territory. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic.

Of the strategy of the commanded occupation idealized for Jose de Serra Rasp, with ample and parallel tracings, mathematically drawn, to use to advantage the existing landscape, the reason human being if makes gift in the idealizao of the occupation of the territory of Valadares Governor. Reason that also explains the posterior latent and disordered occupation in this exactly territory. To these phases of territorial consolidation, usually historically translated, they will be correlated to the existing economic cycles in the history of the proper humanity. To one to look at generic, in century XV, we perceive that in the gone ones of 1400/1500, the man survives in its historical context tangled legends and myths. In Valadares Governor thus it made also it. Myths of the land, myths of the wealth. In century XVIII, the exacerbada legality stops with all and any human act, the birth of Liberalism, the mercantilistas relations cross the Atntico and arrive in port in this valley, in the legality of the Imperial Regal Letter of 1808.