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For being the River Pequeri or Pepiri above of Uruguay-Pit Rio Branco showed in its exposition that the three different rivers, was applied successively by the Spaniard in century XVIII, the name of Uruguay-Pit, and that Pequiri of 1749 map was above of the first one of this name. It is observed in OAK, 1998, p.195, a continuity of this reasoning of Rio Branco, and it says that it also proved in its exposition that the old River Pequiri of the maps of the Jesuit ones was a river below of the jump, more occidental person, therefore, that the Pequiri of the map of 1749 was of the treat one to 1750. The position of the estuary of that Uruguay-Pit, below of the great jump, and the longitude of the Pequiri or Pepiri, second work made under the direction of Levasseur, French scholar contemporary to the time, shows that the official document of 1749 (the Map of the Cuts), in the favorable age. in agreement still with this reasoning of Rio Branco, the instruction of July of 1758, that Rio Branco says to have joined in Simancas, showed that the stretch that the Argentines walked citing was invented by the Spanish commissioners the second landmark, of 1759. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. It disappeared of this form, very easily all the base where the Argentina Republic seated its pretension (vide: AMRICO JACOBINA LACOMBE – Rio Branco Rui Barbosa, Rio De Janeiro, 1948. P. 24-25). After all this proceeding, covered since the moment of the act of receiving on the part of Brazil and Argentina, the inheritance of the dispute around the sovereignty of the missioneiro territory; of Portugal and Spain respectively, it is counted there, the first moments of independence in such a way Brazilian politics as Argentina, in the start of century XIX. When the region of the Missions started to have a economic importance strategical greater.