Souza Development

Another point to be detached, is the cause of the proper popularizao of the sustainable development, or the main reasons, therefore if this conception if popularized and transformed all the relation of the thought antagonisms, and later it will transform the debate into the geography book, has, then, some reasons for this. These reasons are well clearly in the words of the Fertile valley and M.L of Souza, who show the ambition of the sustainable development of being a conception that she intends to be unanimous and to get a consensus. Thus, we find first in the Fertile valley words: ' ' It will be that somebody could be against? sustainable development? It is enough to make this question so that if it perceives that the notion already one harvest of coconuts unanimidade' ' (FERTILE VALLEY, 1991, p.3). Nobody, supposedly would be against the ideals of sustainable development, for the great propaganda that is produced vendendo an image, that for signal, does not belong to objective Reals of the sustainable development. Thus, we could question in the same way that the author: ' ' who would not preserve the environment? ' ' ' ' Or who would not be worried in conserving the resources for a future generation? ' ' Or still, ' ' who would not desire a economic development for all, with an ambient support? ' ' The sustainable development still is born in a context of ambient crisis? or of ambient problems in diverse scales with serious intensity? has the appearance of being a panacea, therefore it loads I obtain persuasivos arguments and seductive ideas, that appeal increase it the acceptance the idea. It would be easy to agree to the proposal of a sustainable development to this optics, however who if risks to analyze the details of this conception, as it is the Fertile valley case, that for signal it writes in 1991 (inside of this I appeal for the acceptance sustainable development), perceives that it does not have a linking profcua between economic development and ambient support, and that if it cannot label a historically unsustainable development, and still, that this conception presents a iderio unsustainable, incapable to take care of to all its proposals, and at the same time presents surreais strategies, as to take care of the necessities of the future generation without if asking: ' ' what they are necessities? ' ' (only to relembrarmos the words of Galbraith), and ' ' which the necessities of the future generation? ' ' (what it is a task of the adivinhao, in case that were possible).